allie indulges

Chapter 1 - allie introduced.

Allie is a petite young woman with dark hair, light blue eyes, and a full - lipped mouth. she is dressed in a pink t - shirt and yoga pants. she walks straight into the restaurant and sits down at a booth. " i know i don't need to eat, " she says, " but it's nice to have some fun. "

she smiles, her facial expression accentuating the dimples along her cheeks. i walk in, taking the seat across from her. " what 'll it be? " i ask, looking down at her menu. "I'm trying to go on a diet. so I'll take the salad." she laughs. " actually, on second thought maybe something a tiny bit more filling" I respond "are you sure? our food is known to be a bit heavy. " i grin at her as i look down at the menu again.

"But if you want my recommendation? id pick the meat mammoth. it's a triple helping of burger with a three cheese blend ." I pause to elaborate . " it's basically three burgers in one" i say. " and a double scoop of fries? " i add, winking at her. " that sounds like a deal. " she smiles. "well alrighty then! I'll be back with your food miss." as I head back to the kitchen I work my hardest to think up a plan to get this beauty home tonight. I think to myself that she could use a good meal, and a break from the monotony of diets and her constant efforts to maintain the appearance of perfection forced upon her by societal pressure.

"oh, hey! Allie. can I ask you something?" I raise my voice just enough so she can hear me from the kitchen. " sure. what is it? " she says, her voice a bit muffled by the distance. " Is it cool if I uh. get you a large soda. And maybe. y,know. since the meat mammoth is technically three burgers why don't we split that up? and I'll get you some sliders" this last statement was entirely false. as I had been planning instead to order standard sized cheeseburgers. once I finished with the food I return to the booth I left Allie in. allie looks up at me with her mouth agape, clearly shocked by the large amount of food sitting in front of her. "Ah, geez. I don't even know if I can fit all that in my stomach, " she says with an exaggerated sigh.

" no, no, no. of course you can! " i say with a nervous laugh. she begins to dig into her meal and unexpectedly her eyes light up, " wow. this is really good, " she says, her mouth full with food. "I'm glad you like it. this place might give off the appearance of a fast food chain, but it's really not like that at all. most of the recipes were designed either by myself or my great - great grandmother. she loved making these recipes and had even taught me how to cook for myself when i was in high school, " i say. "not the type of stuff you want to be eating daily. I mean, seriously Allie. I must've gained forty pounds with all that eating."Allie swallowed and looked from her plate to me. " Eating this daily would honestly be worth it though. this could end up being addictive . " allie takes a large bite and closes her eyes, moaning as she chews. i smile as she opens them again and replies " thank you for the food. But I J just realized something . I don't even recall catching your name. " " i'm michael. "
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TheWeedonist420 3 years
Remember folks, this is my first story! I've never written before in any way, shape or form. So the pacing might be off.. there may be a few type-o's. And if you spot these MAKE SURE to drop a little constructive criticism.