always stay on the yellow brick road (free preview)

chapter 1

In the luscious green grassy landscape of the fantasy world known as the "Land of Oz" a pair of munchkin elvish looking dwarves, an eccentric billionaire and his real estate agent, were eyeing the vast plot of land rich with the utmost potential for a bit of land development they had in mind for.

"You know what? I feel it. I feel like this is the perfect place to start my new medical company for free universal health care for everyone around the world. Hell, I feel like I can cure even cancer-"

The munchkin dwarf's train of thought would be derailed by the slight, minor inconvenience of a full sized house suddenly dropping from the sky landing on top of the billionaire.

"Well you can't cure a house falling on top of your head, now can ya?" The dwarf real estate agent would say before he too would be crushed by the door of the small house snapping off its rusty hinges flattening him, soon stepping out from inside the fallen house was the young woman named Dorothy and loyal canine companion.

"Oh no, Tito! I don't think we're in Kentucky anymore!"

"Bark-Bark! (My name's Todo and we're from Kansas not Kentucky, ya dumb bimbo broad!)"

The dog's inaudible yet snarky words were more true than insulting for in story book Dorothy was about as dumb as a doorknob but had a bombshell of a body despite being the splitting image of a Wendy's restaurant mascot reject. With long red hair wrapped in pretty ribbons and woven into tight little pigtails resting past her shoulders, fair skin peppered with flakes of freckles on her face, huge perky tits, and nice round peach shaped bubble butt wearing a simple red and white striped button down blouse, matching stockings, and black slippers with wooden picnic basket in her hands and always a smiling grin.

"Oh my, look at this amazing magical world we have found ourselves in. I wonder what fantastic wonders await us, come along Tito!" Dorothy would say before she began skipping away from the crime scene of two dwarves being crushed by gross negligence of an air headed house pilot with her dog quickly running after her to catch up.

"Bark-Bark! (5 bucks says this stupid bitch dies to something stupid like a wicked witch or some shit like that)."

And just as one would expect from a witless stranger in a whimsical new world of such fictional fancy fantasy, Dorothy would quickly grow bored traveling down the golden path lined with gilded yellow bricks rather quickly.

"Hmph! I'm getting bored of this stupid, boring, boring old stupid road!" Dorothy would say with a huff slowing her skipping to a sudden halt.

"Bark! Bark! (Yeah, that's exactly what the narrator just said, obviously.)"

Dorothy would soon place a hand to her chin pondering to herself for just a moment, for a moment was about her max capacity of cognitive stimulation at best.

"Hm, I wanna go someplace more fun,"

"Bark! Bark!" (You are in a world of literal gumdrops and rainbows, how can someone like you NOT be entertained by all this?)"

Dorothy's short attention span influenced gaze would soon fall upon a second path of cracked concrete pavement breaking away from the golden brick road at a fork and leading into a desolate muggy fog ridden forest.

"Ooooh, Tito, what do you think about exploring those neat looking trees over there?"

"Bark! Bark! (Oh see, now you got me fucked up if you really think it's a good idea to go into the deep dark woods of all places. That place has the word 'DEATH' in all caps written all over it!)"

"You think it's a good idea too? Ok! Then let's go! Adventure awaits!"
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