amalia's secret

Chapter 1 - amalia

Hi, my name is Peter and I was in high school when I met Amalia the first time, we became friends about 3 or 4 days from our first meeting, but since I saw her the first time I always dream her to be mine cause she was the smallest and cutest girl in my school, she had eyes that looked like planispheres, black and sky-blue, her face was incredibly soft and pure like her legs and waistline but she didn't like to show her figure in public, so it was rare to saw her with a nice dress that showed bit of the small and thin body she had (but I honestly loved her for other reasons), she came from an another city and we were both at last year of high school but, unfortunately for me she was rapidly engaged with a toned boy of our school, Steven, for some I always suffered that cause I though he wasn't a gentleman, he was rude, and I didn't understand how she could stay with him, except for his sexy toned body that showed all times he could... by my side I was a very skinny boy and I hated gym or workout in general so, at least, I surrender to his physical superiority... it was terrible, I could just saw them doing their's love affaires... and suffer. Honestly, I never stoped look at them to find something that could make them separate and, with a little bit of fortune, I found it! One day, I was able to listen them argue about a very interesting thing... He doesn't like how Amalia live her life saying, that day, she didn't follow him to gym cause she was too lazy and not only that! He insulted her telling her she loved staying home watching Tv and doing nothing at all except for eating food she ordered even when he wasn't there making differences between their diet's plan, most of all he wanted her stop wearing sweatshirts or hoodies.

She tried to say him that she love sweatshirt cause are comfortable and that she didn't want to follow the gym or their diet anymore cause she find them unless and a waste of time...but it was like he didn't take her seriously.

"ah! do you really think you can stay fit without our diet own the gym ?!"

""-She tried to speech mortified-

"I think you can't control yourself without me Amalia...

unfortunately the bell ring and I was bound to go in my Class.

The next day I saw her in the school garden:

"hi little Amalia how are you ?"

"terribly" -she replied- "I can't understand why my boy is so obsessed with the Gym, exercising and all other stuff...",

"it might be scared of losing his hyper toned body ahahaha" -I said smiling-

"yeah, I think so...but why he have to force me to do the same?" -she said angrily- "It seems like he have to control my body-line as if it were his own, damn... you know I love large dress, they are comfortable but for him they are shabby and I shouldn't wear them, now I have a dress code to stay with him..." -she eclipsed-

"don't say that, I think he just want to tell you to show your figure more, I can understand him, your body is amazing, so why hide it?" -I said blushing-

"do you really think that ?" -she replied smiling- "yeah, I know my body is awesome" -she said tightening the sweatshirt over his body in such a way that it can be seen (making me almost pass out)- "for this reason I'm going mad, Steven was always like hypnotised by my body, and I perfectly knew that I could control him as I want, but I never imagine that one day he could control me, you know, I wear large dresses to make him desire my body in the way that I can use it as prize for his obedience but now he want to control my body like an object... it really drives me crazy"

"i have to admit you are a little evil" -I said a bit worried-

"thanks sweetie, muhuhuahahah... but the problem still remain... I have to do something, this situation make me very strange" -she said with a suspected tone-

"what do you want to do about it?" -I asked (knowing was not a good idea)-

"I don't know... I have to convince him I don't need to go gym as he do... and he do 5 days a week... f**k! I've always done exercises and all other things by myself and now, since I'm with him... now exercising has become psychological torture, fortunately we have different gym... mhm... I never though about that... " -Amalia said smiling-

"what are you babbling ?" -I said confused-

"it's a secret dear" -she said laughing- "oh, we have to go back in class, have a nice day Peter" -giving me a kiss-

5 hours passed than we meet again at the school gate

"so, the secret ?" -I asked-

"it's a secret Peter, sorry, now I have to go... I have to go to the gym as he want" -she said chanting, like if she was making fun of him-

"bye Amalia, have a nice day" I said ironically

"I'll certainly do, bye"

From that day I always saw her with Steven, and I found her very happy apparently, cause I knew it was not true, I could not interact with her except for the basic greetings of everyday, for two weeks I didn't see her in recreation, sometimes I saw her buying something at the vending machine, I thought I saw 2 packs of Mars with Peanut Butter and it was strange, she never loved those sugary things, or maybe his boy didn't like them... I even rememberer when she make me throw the same Mars when I bought it some weeks ago...

The first time I saw this I thought it was for her classmate Clara, that I know she love this stuff but, when I saw her buy more other stuff by the vending machine my curiosity exploded and I started to change idea.

The crucial fact happened when one of my friend, that works at Mc.Donald at that time, saw here in there, knowing my love for her he decided to send me a message about. In that moment I certainly knew it's wasn't one of mine speculation, she was skipping the gym, she was eating what she wants, obviously she was doing it cause his hitlerian boyfriend ordered her to not doing it... I toke time to think about it and, over time, I paid a lot of attention to her body, that was not covered anymore by a sweatshirt, incredibly to say, didn't seem to change a bit.

Finally, in the school garden, I meet her alone:

"soooo, are you avoiding me?" -I said laughing -

"oh Peter, dear, it passed a lot of time since we talked how are you?" -she asked smiling-

"well, I miss you so much, I know you have no time, gym, exercise ... and your boyfriend to ahahah" -I said like a stupid-

-she was clearly in difficulty- "yeah, I have to maintain this goddess body" -looking at her sweatshirt for a moment, than smiled me- "I wish people stop to judge girls form their body..."

"oh not me!" -I strongly said- "I love girls with brain, smart, polite, regardless of what body they have"

"Peter, you are very sweet, I don't know how you are still single ahahaha" -she said laughing-

"tell me truth Amalia" -I said becoming serious- "I think I know the secret"

-she seemed to freeze - "I know you are skipping gym and also that you start eating fast food, and I know that it's all for Steven..." -I stopped a while, her face was still paralyzed- "I have to admit it's amazing that you didn't gain a bit of weight" I said smiling

"mmhm ...yeah! god... you got right!"-Amalia instantly feels better-"I'm doing it cause he can't decide my life and also, as you can see, I'm always perfectly in shape" -she said proudly-

"yeah, as I told you, I know this story began that day, after we talked, now four week passed and nothing change..." I was feeling strange telling her those words- "so, you don't need gym... is a fact ahahah" -I said laughing-

"ahahahah, yes, but you have to maintain the secret ok?" -she said smiling-

"yeah, trust me, no one will know"

From that day time pass as usual, than I start to notice something different in Amalia, it like she was tired, the same day I saw her crying cause she broke with his boyfriend, I couldn't talk to her in that moment and I didn't talk her in general for 2 weeks.

Fortunately for me I know one of her friends, Clara who told me what's happened to them, Steven became more aggressive and Amalia decided to leave him, simple!
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