amanda's journey

chapter 1

When Jamaal the Second conquered Canada in 2026, he made quite a few changes. He turned it into a communist country, where the government would supply it's citizens everything they would need. Jamaal held most of the power, but he was a kind man, who did not establish any harsh laws. However, there was a catch. You see, Jamaal was an FA, or fat admirer. He found fat women, OBESE women, very sexy. He wanted to create a culture where fat women were not just accepted, but were treated as queens. The men, who themselves were skinny, in order to save resources for the women, would bow down to the women, and do anything for their fat Goddesses.
When a female reaches the age of 19, they are to be shipped to a 'Fat Academy ', where they are to gain huge amounts of weight, while in the process learning about the body, and how to gain the most weight. They are to gain at least 150 pounds in the two year span, and if they fail to do so, will be kept in custody by the Academy, until the lady gains the amount required.
While the woman are in college, young men take trips to the Academy to meet and mingle with the women, where they will build a relationship over the years.
The more weight a female gains while in the Academy, the more benefits they get afterwards. For example, a woman who gains 153 pounds may get a nice cozy home, with all the necessities they would need. Say a woman gains 207 pounds, they might receive a much grander house with higher quality food, along with many other upgrades.
To save resources for the women, young girls are raised skinny. But this is also for Jamaal's pleasure, so he can see the progress of a skinny bitch turning into a glutinous hog.

Our story begins in the year 2087, with a girl named Amanda. She is just turning 19, and will be shipped to the Academy. She is a frail, petite woman, standing at five foot four and weighing 102 pounds. Most young girls grow up wanting to be fat, looking toward to the day they get to be fattened, looking forward to rubbing their soft roles and squeezing their mighty layers of fat. But Amanda is different. She's one of the few women who find fat disgusting, and ever since she could remember, she loathed the day when her worst nightmare would come true.
Today is March 2nd. Tomorrow is her birthday. A day that she will not celebrate.
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