amanda blimps up

Chapter 1

“Mom” wailed Amanda’s youngest daughter, Caroline. “What dear?” “Mom, Sarah’s dress is to long for me.” Just then Caroline burst into the kitchen, she was wearing only a bra and bikini panties. She was the same size as Amanda was in highs school, four foot eleven inches and weighed one hundred pounds. “What am I going to do Mom, prom is next weekend and all the dresses at Macy’s are too long or too big for me!”
Amanda thought for a moment, she had saved some of her “skinny” clothes from before she and Danny got married. “Caroline, I saved my prom dress from when I went to prom with dad.” Caroline giggled, “Mom, ah, you are way bigger than me.” Amanda patted her nearly sixty inch belly, “Caroline, you’d be surprised, but I was once your size.” “Mom, really, what happened?” Amada hefted herself up and started to waddle toward the bedrooms, “Follow me dear and I will tell you.” Caroline dutifully followed her mom, trying not to giggle at her Mom’s beach ball size bottom cheeks bouncing up and down under her house dress.

Caroline prompted, “You were going to tell me Mom?” “When I was in high school I was your size. I was captain of the cheer squad my senior year. I didn’t have a boyfriend first semester and I had a crush and this really fat guy, named Nat.” “Mom you were into fat guys?” “Well, duh, dear, why do you think I married your dad?” “Anyway, Nat was being teased by dad. One day after school, dad really tormented Nat in front of Grandma Sally’s neighbor, Mrs. Faber. Well Mrs. Faber, who is still rumored to be some sort of gypsy, cast an incantation on dad. He went home ate a huge dinner, getting totally stuffed, which was unusual for him, then. The next morning dad woke up with a fat pot belly, bubble butt and thick thighs. Grandma made him go to school. His “friends” teased him about getting so fat so fast. When dad came into the lunch room the only person he saw who would be sympathetic to him was Nat. He sat down with Nat, then I showed up, because I wanted to sit with Nat. I didn’t realize that Nat was into fat girls and he had no interest in me as a girlfriend, but just as a friend. I had seen dad for the past three years on campus, but he was, then anyway, a skinny baseball player. I was really startled when I saw him all of a sudden, kind of fat. We started talking and the fatter dad got the nicer person he became. He and Nat became best friends, they went to Mrs. Faber’s house every day after the bus dropped them off. Mrs. Faber stuffed them with rich food making both even fatter.
“But that doesn’t explain how you gained so much weight?” Caroline interrupted. “I’m getting to that dear, be patient. Here is the dress, now try it on.” Caroline pulled the little black cocktail dress over her head and slide down her little body, and fit like a glove. “Oh Mom this dress is awesome, it fits me perfectly.
“So Mom, what happened?” “Well of course your dad and I went steady after that. It was just before prom that Grandma Sally gained a lot of weight. She told me it was Dad’s and Mrs. Faber’s idea, that she get fat.”
“Dad and I went to state. I was on the cheer squad, all four years, Grandma Jane was the head cheer coach then. A year after graduation, dad and I got married. We found a house, got good jobs and settled down. But something was nagging both of us. While Dad was now up to three hundred pounds, and both of us loving his weight, I then only weighed one hundred and ten pounds. I felt guilty that Dad had put on so much weight and I loved it. I found out that Dad, though not minding at all being so fat, felt that I should put on some weight too for him.

We had a long talk about me gaining some weight. I was finding it harder and harder stay so slim. I didn’t have a lot of time to work out and it really annoyed Dad when I did workout. It was one thing to work and practice for cheer squad, but to work out, just to stay slim bothered him. I agreed that I would stop exercising and start eating more. Grandma Sally, when she found out that I wanted to put on weight, suggested that she and I go to Mrs. Faber’s to start my gaining , Dad thought it a good idea too.

A week later, after packing away any clothes I wanted to keep, like the dress you’re wearing, went to Grandma’s house. She had me strip down, to just, bra, panties and a t-shirt and we went across the yard to Mrs. Faber’s gate. We went in the house, I was startled by how fat Mrs. Faber was, she had an underbelly, sagging from beneath the hem of her house dress. She smiled and hugged me. “Finally, Amanda, you have come to your senses, let’s get started dear.” She said an incantation, sprinkled water on me using a weird branch. Then she offered me some sweet tea, it was fantastic, so sweet, I couldn’t get enough of it. I drank four glasses and then I was ravenously hungry, they showed me into the kitchen and the table was covered with very rich, fattening foods. I sat down with Mrs. Faber on one side and Grandma on the other and started to eat! I could eat fast enough, I was so hungry. They fed me, I stuffed myself, they fed me some more, I drank glass after glass of her tea, then ate even more. This lasted for over eight hours.”

“Around seven thirty, Dad waddled in. He smiled, “There’s my girl.” I giggled, burped, patted, my now bulging pot belly, “I’m here honey.” “Mom, you got fat in one day?” “That’s right dear, my once flat tummy was now bulging onto my thighs, my little thigh gap, was gone, squeezed out by a layer of fat. My bottom, was sagging over the edge of the chair. Dad helped up, I staggered waddled back up to Grandma’s house. She had a house dress to cover me up and Dad loaded me in the car and drove us home. I sat in car caressing my belly, feeling my body jiggle with every bump we hit I was so turned on. I had never eaten so much food in my life, it felt so good to just keep eating and eating, I couldn’t believe it.”
“I was curious how much I had eaten, so I had Dad help weigh me. I weighed one hundred and forty pounds!” “Mom, no way, you gained thirty pounds in one sitting?” “Yes, dear I did, I don’t know what Mrs. Faber’s incantation did, or all the food she and Grandma fed me, but the scale didn’t lie. I went to bed feeling like a balloon that was on the verge of bursting.”

The next morning and woke up. I ran my hand over my belly, bottom and thighs. They were all soft and jiggling, I was so turned on. Dad could tell, the first thing he said, “Amanda, let’s go out to breakfast.” We did, and lunch, dinner, breakfast , lunch and dinner the following day. It was Sunday and I remembered I had to go to work the next morning. We went to Wal-Mart and I bought some new lingerie, stretch pants, blouses and a dress or two. I was delighted when my sizes now read, size twelve or fourteen!

“What happened when you went into work, after gaining so much weight?” asked Caroline. “Well of course my co-workers all virtually freaked out, I mean here comes petite, tiny little Amanda, now waddling, with a big pot belly and bubble butt jiggling in stretch pants.” “So what did you tell them?” Amanda giggled, “I just told them the truth, “That I was putting on some weight.” I just admitted that I had gained and was gaining weight. A few of my closer friends at the office came into to talk to me.” “Amanda, everyone here envied your figure, now you’re putting on weight, why?” “So what did you tell them Mom?” “ I told them that Danny and I had a talk, and it was only fair, now that my cheerleading career was finished, that I should put on a little weight for him.” They were aghast, that a husband would even consider asking his wife to put on weight, when she had such a lovely, slim figure. But I stuck to my story. I did lose a couple of friends over this decision, but they obviously weren’t true friends, to begin with.”

“What did Grandma Jane, think of you gaining weight?” “That’s kind of funny, I called her before I went to Grandma Sally’s and Mrs. Faber’s house. I told her that Danny and I had talked, and it was time. She knew what I was talking about. Even in high school my mom spoke to me about Danny someday asking me to put on weight for him. I always brushed it off, because Danny loved me slim and petite. Then she said to me, “Don’t enjoy yourself, too much.” I thought that was an odd thing to say, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realized what she meant.”

“What did she mean?” asked Caroline. Amanda giggled patting her belly, “Well, I started to really, really enjoy eating! I ate everything that even came closed to my face. I gorged myself on ice cream, cake, sweats and pasties. Of course Dad loved watching me stuff myself and getting fatter. I had never been able to eat very much, when I was your size. I could barely finish half a cheese burger and maybe a handful of fries and I was painfully stuffed. Now, I could gorge myself. I would look a menus and pick out two or three entres to eat. I would always have dessert and I started to like beer too.”

Well all the eating took it’s toll. I ballooned to two hundred pounds in just three months. My co-workers were stunned, I was so fat, I had trouble walking and not just my thighs rubbing together, but I didn’t have much strength either.”
“Why mom, I mean I know gaining so much weight so quickly, but you should have been able to walk, I mean look how big Grandma Sally is.” “But Caroline, you have to remember just three month before I hit two hundred pounds, I only weighed, one hundred and ten pounds. My legs weren’t strong enough to suddenly haul around an extra ninety pounds of fat. Then things got worse, the holidays, rolled or I should say waddled around and I lost control, parties, baking treats, I couldn’t get enough, I got up to two hundred and twenty five pounds. I was so fat, my waist was fifty nine inches and my height was sixty, I was almost a big around as I was tall!”

“So what happened Mom?” “Dad and Grandma Sally were very proud on how I “stepped up to the plate” so to speak and gaining weight and getting fat for Dad. Now they were concerned that I was gaining so much weight and getting so fat, that I might become immobile at just twenty-four years old. We all talked, I had been in so much bliss getting to eat all I wanted, I neglected my mobility and to some degree my body. So I agree to back off eating so much and even try to get some exercise to strengthen my leg muscles. I started to walk/waddle in from my car in the parking lot at work and I even took the stairs sometimes. I knew I had to strengthen my leg muscles. I did get some snide comments at work from people I didn’t know, but I didn’t care.”

“So that’s how you got so fat? Mom” “Yes dear it is. I did gain more weight during my pregnancies and of course every holiday season as well. But I like being at around two hundred pounds.”
“Mom, may I wear your dress to prom?” “Of course, Caroline. Dad and I will be very pleased to see you wear it!”
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