amy the hairdresser

chapter 1



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Amy&apos ;s eyes were half-mast as she picked up the two liter bottle of Pepsi and downed the last quarter of it in a few satisfied gulps. She let out a long sigh as her stomach puffed outward, grazing the front of her desk with each heaving breath. A pile of empty pizza boxes and a couple of Styrofoam meal containers sat on the floor next to her chair. At first glance it would look like the remains of some sort of employee appreciation day celebration, but to Amy, it was just lunch.

Amy had always been a big girl. She graduated high school standing six feet four inches tall and weighing 430 pounds. She had grown up in Houston, Texas, where obesity wasn't nearly as uncommon or frowned upon as it was in the northern parts of the US. Her mother was the embodiment of the "jolly fat lady" stereotype, weighing over 500 pounds herself. As a child and teenager Amy was given food when she was sad, when she was bored, when she was happy, when she was hungry, whenever she wanted. When her doctors would complain to her about her constant weight gain, her mother would tell her "Don't pay attention to them, sweetie. You're perfect just the way you are."

Despite her appearance, Amy blossomed into a confident, bubbly, outgoing woman. She had heard the phrase: "She'd be so pretty if she just lost some weight." More times than she could count over the years, but having been fat her whole life, she was used to it. Her size had never stopped her from doing anything she wanted to do, and she had a surprisingly active sex life. With her big brown eyes, long black hair (with red highlights), and gorgeous smile, most guys would agree she was beautiful, from the neck up, at least.

After high school she immediately enrolled in cosmetology school. She'd always dreamed of becoming a hairdresser, and hoped to open her own salon one day. By 19 she was a licensed hairstylist, and weighed almost 500 pounds. Still, she worked tirelessly over the following ten years to make her dream a reality. You wouldn't expect a 500 pound woman to be able to handle being on her feet all day, but Amy's work ethic and determination were incredible. She'd always been surprisingly mobile for her size, probably because of her height. Every day of her often six day work week left her completely exhausted, but you wouldn't know it when she was on the clock. The customers at Ralph's Salon (where she worked for most of her career) loved her, and she got along great with all of her co-workers, one of which would become the love of her life.

Amy's lifelong weight gain finally began to plateau in her early 20's. For a few years her weight hovered around 530 pounds without any significant gain or loss. She still ate just as much fast food as she always did and got just as little exercise as she always did, but she stayed the same size until she was 24. That is, until she met Colleen.

Colleen Quivers was 22 when she began working at Ralph's, and became smitten with Amy as soon as she laid eyes on her for the first time. Colleen was a big girl herself, weighing 300 pounds, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pretty face. Her fat was very evenly distributed over her body, she was big all over. Her belly was perfectly round and supported two big, heavy (but perky), breasts. She had a big ass, but it didn't dominate her figure, and was proportional to her belly and tits.

She was practically a supermodel compared to Amy, though, who was nearly twice her size. Colleen had a thing for big girls, really big girls, and identified as a feeder. When she walked into the salon on her first day she was mesmerized by Amy's size and features. She watched as Amy shuffled around her client with a pair of scissors, cutting their hair while taking care not to smother them with her enormous breasts or bump them with her big belly. Oh my God, she's so... BIG!!! Colleen thought to herself. There was so much woman in front of her to take in, her sheer width alone was staggering. Every inch of her was layered in pound after pound of jiggling, round, curvy, soft, warm, blubber. That day Amy was wearing a long, flowing, black dress and a grey button-up sweater that looked like it may have fit comfortably a hundred pounds ago. The sweater was particularly tight around her flabby biceps, which didn't have the slightest hint of definition to them whatsoever. Colleen imagined how soft and comforting they must be to lay her head against...

"Colleen?" A voice called, snapping her out of her trance.

"Oh, um, yes! That's me!" Colleen replied, trying to hide her blushing.

"Welcome aboard! I'm Chrissie, nice to meet you. We've got your spot all set up, you'll be working next to Amy, she's the girl in the black and grey down there. If you have any questions about anything at all don't hesitate to ask her." Chrissie said.

"Thanks, Chrissie!"

As Colleen made her way to her spot she could feel the butterflies begin to fill her stomach. She couldn't help but smile goofily as she approached Amy, who flashed her a quick smile as she finished up with her client. Colleen smiled back, fighting the urge to stare at Amy's big fat ass when she turned her back to her. As she waited for Amy to finish with her client she noticed the sound of Amy's heavy breathing through her nose and mouth, just from standing there. It sent a shivering jolt of arousal rippling through her body as her pussy started to get wet.

"Hi! I'm Amy! Nice to meet you!" Amy said cheerily as she extended her hand.

"Hi, I'm Colleen... Nice to meet you too." Colleen squeaked back.

Colleen had never seen a woman as big as Amy, and had to make a concerted effort not to stare longingly at her huge apron of a belly and giant breasts. Though she had a very feminine appearance, Colleen was definitely the more dominant and aggressive one in every one of her past relationships. When she saw someone she liked, she was very quick to let them know. Some girls were put off by how forward her advances were, but she didn't let it discourage her. She knew she had to take a chance with Amy, and she had to do it ASAP.

Eventually it came time for the girls to have their lunch break. Since they were next to one another, Amy and Colleen were let on break at the same time. Colleen had spent much of the morning debating whether or not she was going to do what she was about to do. She honestly wasn't sure she'd be able to maintain her composure if she got to see Amy eat. Naturally, temptation won in the end, and she went in for the kill.

"Amy, Colleen? You guys can go on break!"

"Thanks Chrissie!" Amy replied.

Amy didn't strike Colleen as the type to bring a healthy lunch from home to eat in the break room in front of everyone else. She was right. Amy's lunchtime ritual was to drive to whatever fast food place (or sometimes, places) she wanted, hit the drive-thru, and gorge herself shamelessly in the comfort and privacy of her SUV. Her hunch was solidified when she saw Amy pick up her purse and keys and prepare to leave the salon.

"Hey, Amy?" Colleen asked.

"Yes?" Amy replied.

"You uhh... Going out to lunch?"

"Yep!" Amy replied sheepishly. Colleen could tell she was about to cross a line, but Amy was too polite to acknowledge it. Lunch time was Amy's time to eat, to truly stuff herself, alone without fear of judgment from her co-workers. Each day she spent four hours hungrily watching the clock, waiting with bated breath for her chance to sit, rest, and gorge to her heart's content.

But not today...

"You mind if I tag along? Hey! Tell ya what! You show me where a girl can get a good burger around here and I'll buy you lunch! What do you say?" Colleen asked.

"Um, sure! I... Might know a good place..." Amy said, trying in vain to mask her disappointment.

"Awesome! I'll drive."

Colleen's heart was going a mile a minute as she and Amy waddled out to Colleen's car, an averaged size sedan. Amy, obviously, was not an average sized woman. Colleen was very eager to see how (or if) Amy would fit in her car. One of her biggest kinks was watching fat women squeeze themselves into cars. She kept her own seat adjusted just forward enough for her belly to graze the steering wheel every time she made a turn. She hoped to one day be big enough to honk the horn with her belly. Before Amy got into her vehicle she made sure to pull the seat all the way back out of courtesy. She saw the uncertainty on Amy's face as she opened the door. As soon as she got her left leg into the car Colleen felt the suspension begin to sag to the right, turning her on immensely. She was panting like a dog in heat as Amy swung her big fat ass into the car, her belly just barely touching the dashboard as she slammed the door. Her face was red with embarrassment and strain, and she tried to hide both to no avail. Colleen struggled to remain professional as she watched her big belly expand in and out with each labored breath.

"Oh! I meant to ask, you're not like a vegetarian or anything, right? We don't have to get burgers..." Colleen asked.

"Hah, no, I'm not a vegetarian... You ever go to Drive N'Dash?" Amy replied, giggling a bit.

"No, is it any good?"

"They make a damn good burger. Cheap too!"

"Sounds good to me!"

Amy led Colleen to a fast food joint across town. They got in the drive-thru line and Colleen began to browse the menu.
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Yuri33 5 years
Koudelka 5 years
One of the best stories I've read in a while.

I love how you deal with the girl's fatness - how they are so eager to get fatter and accept immobility and all the other issues just to get bigger and bigger.
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Would love her to go back and see aunt Mandy!
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Bruinsean 5 years
It is a good story. You are very descriptive. But, I am not sure I would have had her have a heart attack.
Taylormadexxl 6 years
Tweaked the ending to be a bit less of a boner-killer, lol. More to come soon guys. Thanks!