an unexpected change

chapter 1

This story is inspired by ‘’A new year, a new me’’ which is my obsolute favorite story on here. It follows a similar plot. Hope you’ll enjoy. It’s gonna be a long-term project so it might take some time for new chapters to come. Make sure to comment and give any feedback. English is my second language so sorry if the writing isn’t great.


Today I’m leaving for a year on the other side of the ocean. I’ve got an offer for my dream post-doctoral position in a prestigious Canadian university. This is a big deal for me who has always been in control of everything in my life. From my academics in which I always was I was always the top of the class, to my relationship which I always started and ended, to my body which is sculpted exactly the way I’ve strived for. I’m a 5’9’’ man, 180 pounds on lean and thick muscles and moderately hairy, just in the right places. I’ve always had a lot of success with guys, but I was never to one to get too attached. I left the guy I was seeing before leaving oversea. I didn’t want to have distraction from my goal of success and such a complicated relationship would be a huge distraction.

I made sure to find an accommodation with a gym so I wouldn’t have any excuse to miss my workouts in my new life. I train 6 to 7 days a week and I know it can be overwhelming moving out and start a new career, so I wanted to set myself for success.

I was ecstatic to find out my apartment looked even better than in the photos. A huge 1 500 square foot studio with all high quality furniture included. A beautiful view on the city and the biggest couch you’ve even seen, and god it is comfortable! Also, there must be at least 6 full length mirrors in the apartment. It’s always nice to have a glance of your perfect body. And the gym… wow ! Never have I seen an apartment complex with such luxurious installations. Seeing all this high-end equipment, all the space, all of this strangely empty… but I guess it is a bit late. I know I’ve made a good decision choosing this place to live.

I’m sleeping on my two ears for my first night. I wake up at 5:30 in order to do my morning workout before heading to university to meet my new research director. Once I got to university, I knocked to what I thought was my director’s office door, but I was greeted by the most handsome man I has ever seen. A 6’0’’ jacked, blond hair, piercing blue eyes, 18’’ arms man with the cutest smile was in front on m. For once in my life, I didn’t feel like the handsome one, I felt the need to please him.

“Hey there! I’m Ryan. I’m the lab manager. Your director is out of the country for a couple weeks. I’m gonna show you your office. Take your time to get installed. We’ll have lunch later.’’

His voice was commanding, and I found myself impatient to meet with him. I was surprised to see that I had an entire office for me alone. My computer’ screen would flicker a bit which was annoying at first but I quickly got used to it. I got lost into reading papers a in what seemed like less than an hour when lunchtime arrived. Ryan knocked at my office door. He had changed for lunch wearing the tightest t-shirt and shorts showcasing his round and firm butt.

“Let’s go! You’ve got to taste the most amazing burgers in town” Ryan says joyfully.

“I’ll make an exception for my first day I guess” I respond. “I’m usually watching my diet.”

“Trust me, you’re gonna want to make exception everyday after you eat there”

And I just stare at the glow in in eyes, feeling calm, feeling good, wanting to please him. “I trust you”.

“Let’s go then! You’re getting hungry”
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Nibler 3 years
great story man looking forward to next installments smiley
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very nice, i hope to find my ryan