Chapter 1 - mrs chubby

My mom Annie is a very lazy lady. She had started to eat more and lay around on the sofa more. She looked lovely and so ladylike with her perfectly plump love handles, tiny round belly and plump chins. She wasn't a fat lady, just eating a bit more had added a small layer of chub to her ladylike body.

She loved desserts and cakes. She kept getting up to get snacks. Cake, chocolate, cookies, potato chips, all kinds of fattening foods went into her little tummy. She had also got into watching food shows on TV, and she lay down eating as she watched.

My dad came down and saw her eating. "Move along, chub!" he said to his lovely wife. "Hey you're getting fat too" she laughed. "Get me a cake please" the lady said. "I am the plumpest I've ever been" she thought to herself. "Maybe I should eat a little healthier ".

She ate her cupcake, her cheeks wobbling as she stuffed the cake into her lips. I could hear her making loud eating sounds. She really enjoyed her cake, licking her lips. She got up and got herself some potato chips. She sat down, opened the bag and put her hand inside. She stuffed a handful of chips in her hungry little face, licking her greasy lips. She loudly munched, hungry stuffing herself.

I looked at her eating "Maybe she's a feedee" I thought. "She's really becoming a good eater" I loved her, because she is such a caring lady, lovely and kind to everyone. I wanted her to be really happy in life. She really deserved it.

She got back up to get another little snack, as she got up she farted a little. "So unladylike" I thought. She looked for something to eat. She made herself a turkey sandwich. She came back and sat herself down on the sofa. She ate her sandwich, looking so chubby as she stuffed her face. "Could you please get me a drink?" she asked.

I got up and got her a soda. "Here you go, mom!" "Oh thank you love! Come sit with me!" she said, kindly. I sat next to her, looking at her growing belly. She had a beautiful body.

She laid back, letting her round belly relax. Her belly looked like she was pregnant. She watched some of her food shows, probably thinking about eating the food. She laid down and went to sleep with a nice well fed belly.
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Jordi 5 years
you must continue the story
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Please continue!!
Its really interesting!!