another day, another decade

chapter 1

At the age of 25, Hannah was an up and coming star at her company. Her expertise in international finance and currency management made her a top tier recruit out of college. Wanting to stay on the east coast Hannah picked a prestigious company that was just far enough from home, that she could really feel like she was on her own.

Hannah was an attractive woman who was often compared to a young Elizabeth Taylor by her parent's friends. While she wasn't the most athletic or active person, she stayed in good shape by doing daily work out videos online. She had become accustomed living in a big city during college to being able to walk everywhere she needed to go. Her 5'4" frame carried all 120lbs of her pretty evenly giving her that ever so desirable hourglass frame.

While she has dated men in the past, Hannah has focused much of her attention on her work and career. Since moving to the area, she's started casually seeing a handsome young man named Mike who works in the same building as her. After casual glances and a few flirtatious exchanges he asked her out for drinks. That was a few months ago, and considering how busy both their careers are they decided it best to keep it slow and casual.

After a year of working with the company, Hannah was tired. She had been routinely putting in 12 or 13 hour days and working weekends. All of her hard work was paying off, and all of her superiors took notice. She was informed that she would be promoted to a new position, that would include her own office. Her direct supervisor congratulated her by telling Hannah, that her first directive in this new position was to take a vacation.

Thrilled and some what hesitant to take the vacation, she thought it prudent to stay some where close and still be "online" if she was needed. She found a cute little rental on the coast, just a few hours drive away. As chance would have it, Mike had some vacation time saved up and he was eager for a chance to spend some time with Hannah. Arriving to the cottage the two immediately worked their way to the bedroom where they promptly stripped each other's clothes off and had ferocious, almost carnal sex. Hannah loved seeing Mike naked, his strong shoulders and washboard abs made it impossible for her to keep her hands off of him. Mike couldn't take his eyes off of Hannah's perk and bountiful breast. He enjoyed watching their ever so slight jiggle with each thrust.

After a night of passionate love making the two were starved. They saw a small festival in town that promised the best of local foods, antiques, and crafts. Eating and shopping their way through the festival was ever the treat for both of them. The two were almost ready to go when she noticed a booth they hadn't seen before. There was a table set up with gorgeous jewelry that instantly caught Hannah's eyes. Approaching the table, she became fixed on one particular piece. She couldn't look away.
An older woman working the booth saw Hannah peering at the piece. "That's a Jinn's Gem." she told her. Hannah was admiring the minimalist piece of jewelry that had the slightest of gems in the center. "It's gorgeous.", Hannah replied. Almost with a chuckle the older woman told them, "They say that these gems grant wishes." Both Hannah and Mike let out a laugh. "That's adorable. How much for it?", Mike asks. "Oh for a couple of beautiful newlyweds, you can have it for $20.", the old woman responded. "Well we aren't married, but I'll happily pay that price.", Mike snapped back. "No matter, it's a deal.", the old woman said. Hannah thanked Mike and the old woman for the necklace, and the two young lovers retreated to the cottage for another round of love making.
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Supergordo 1 year
Es una de la mejores historias que he leído
Nativeguyjrl 1 year
Can’t wait for more
Growingsofter 1 year
Sure. Just wanted you to know that I ❤️ this story. I'd just ❤️ to 👀 details about their weightgains and aging. Bravo 👏
Bigbellyfan88 1 year
You got it! Thank you!
Growingsofter 1 year
Love it. Can't weight for the details.
Bigbellyfan88 1 year
Anything in particular you’d like to see?