chapter 1

It was nearly christmas. Another year came and Micaela was still the same. The same problems, family and friends. She thought about all the things she had donde this year and nothing was too exciting. The next year will be her last year in high school so she thinks she needs to change something to make her life more interesting, but she doesn't know exactly what she needs to change.
Her mind? Maybe she should try smoking weed? She is not a fan of smoking so she discards that idea. Sitting in her bed wasn't the best way to make her creative.
- Mica! Dinner is ready!
She hears her moms shouting but she is not in the mood to eat. But she stands up and she sees herself in the full length mirror she has in her room. At 5ft 7 she's tall for a girl at her age. She had long blond hair and beatiful blue eyes. Her mom is half german so she has the looks of a modern viking but with softer facial expresions, making her like she wants to kill you with love when you see her. She is at 115 pounds but the sport that she practice (basketball) doesn't make her toned because she was bad at it (except for drilling threes). Long legs, big ass combine amd B cup breasts combien for a very good looking girl. She was definitemy oeae shaped but not that much, itwas slightly noticeable. She had a boyfriend once but he dumped her 3 weeks ago so she was still dealing with it. Rapidly she goes downstairs and sits on the table to eat.
- I made tacos and pizza, eat whatever you want
Micaela wasn't a fan of eating and she never eats too much, but she also doesn't eat too much healthy foods either. Recently her mom has been doing too much food, but she eats it all on her own. She was divorced, but she also had a boyfriend who dumped her last week. Every time someone dumped her, she eats a lot, making her an average women at 160 pounds at 5,5. Maybe a little bit more because of the recent constant stuffing.
Mica ate only two tacos and two slices of pizza
-Honey, you really need to eat more than that.
- I'm not that hungry
- If you don't eat it I am gonna have to, and then I'm going to get fat!
-Well, thats your problem mom. Make less food next time. And also I am going to a party today. We are going to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation.
(Explanation: this story takes place in Chile, a country in South America, so summer vacation begin in december and christmas is in summer. It's really weird but we are used to that)
- You will need to eat more than that if you want to go
- Okay! I will eat it
Later that day she went to Francisca's house
(Explanation: the names will also be southamerican names. Enjoy!)
with some vodka and chilean pisco (Explanation: pisco is a drink like vodka but with more flavor. Search it on google!)
Her cousin will go so it was much more fun with her, she has a really good relationship with her, and she also hasn't seen her in 3 months because she went to an exchange to Germany. When she got there
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