chapter 1 - the day begins

She rubbed her belly as she entered the kitchen. Felt absolutely starving. She wasn't really sure how she'd woken up this way, but she couldn't say she didn't like it. Walking over to the fridge she popped open the door and spotted the jug of milk. "Pancakes", she thought. She grabbed the rest of the ingredients and started cooking them up on the stove, smelling the rich aroma wafting from the pan. She closed her eyes and breathed it in, savouring how good it was. As she did so she took a quick chug from the milk jug as well, after all she surely had to have a drink to start the day off with too.

Some of the milk accidentally spilled down her chin as she gulped it down. "Ugh, I'm clumsy aren't I" she thought to herself. She was used to being a bit of a klutz but this time something felt quite... fun about it. She put the milk down, wiped off her chin and then resumed full attention on making the pancakes. Finishing up the cooking, she plopped the stack of pancakes on the plate and drizzled them in butter and rich maple syrup, her favourite kind of pancake topping. She could hardly hold herself back at that moment. Putting the plate onto the kitchen table, she grabbed a knife and fork and the jug of milk and sat down to eat.

Cutting up the pancakes she stuffed piece after piece in her mouth. "Oh god it's so good!" she thought. As she ate she chugged more milk from the jug from time to time, washing down the pancake pieces. She started to breathe heavier, feeling the pancakes and milk filling her belly up. Her belly wasn't exactly flat before, but it was starting to swell out somewhat as she continued to eat. Pancake after pancake in her belly, she finally decided to take a break once she'd eaten them all. "I did good" she thought as she rubbed her belly which was gurgling softly with its contents. Wiping off her lips she put the dishes in the sink, and then went over to the sofa to laze about and watch some TV.

It seems like it wasn't that long later before her belly started grumbling in hunger again. "Hmm?" she thought, "I thought I'd eaten well enough this morning". Rubbing it she got up and went over to the fridge again to look for something else to snack on. Whatever the case it seemed like she just hadn't eaten enough to satisfy herself after all. Finding some leftover pizza she stuck it in the microwave and waited. She always loved pizza and had it fairly regularly, which no doubt had contributed to her belly being less than flat in the first place.

The microwave finally dinged and she popped it open, grabbing the plate of reheated pizza and sitting down on the sofa once more. Shoving pizza slices into her mouth, she felt her hunger abate once again. "Good, this is taking care of it", she thought to herself. She loved the taste of the pizza, all of the warm cheese, toppings and sauce melted in her mouth, making her feel in absolute bliss. Finishing off all of the pizza, she gave her tight belly more of a rub and then put the plate aside to continue watching TV.

Once again after a while her belly started groaning a bit and still ached in hunger. "Wow, what's the matter with me today", she thought as she rubbed it in an attempt to settle it down. It felt tight and full enough, but it just wasn't satisfied enough at all. She just had to have more food and that was it. Getting up she looked in the fridge again finding some soda and a couple of bags of potato chips. "They'll do" she thought, and brought them back to the sofa and started digging into them.

Shovelling the potato chips into her mouth and chugging down the soda to wash all the saltiness down, she felt her belly bloat and swell out with all of the liquid. For some reason though she didn't feel uncomfortably full, her belly seemed to swell out just fine and hold it all in. She shrugged it off and just resumed eating and eating, determined to put an end to her hunger for the day. Before long she'd managed to swallow about two whole bags of potato chips, and had guzzled down the entire bottle of soda. Finally she felt as though she was getting full, so she groaned and laid back on the sofa, her huge gurgling belly on top.

She looked down at her big belly and marvelled at its size. She'd never seen it so huge before. Sometimes she'd had plenty of cravings one day and went on a real binge or two and ending up pretty stuffed overall, but she hadn't had anything happen like this before. She'd just seemed positively ravenous and kept feeling near-empty over and over again. It was so very strange indeed. At the same time though she was coming to enjoy what had happened to her today, both the size of her amazingly stuffed belly and the feeling of gorging herself so very full.

Still feeling a buzz from her last meal she started to doze off. All of a sudden she snapped awake to the sound of her belly, which was once again aching rather badly. "How long was I out?" she thought. "Must have been quite some time to feel like I'm starving again..." She glanced over at the clock and paused in shock - it hadn't been long at all. Rubbing the sides of her swollen belly once again she wondered what was happening to her, but at the same time it felt so good! One part of her wanted to see how big her belly could possibly become from all this. Smiling to herself, she felt it was time for another meal.
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Dicklovesbabs 7 years
I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, this is a great way to end the story. On the other hand, she's clearly just getting started and I want to see what happens next.
Darkwarrior 7 years
Hopefully there will be more as inspiration strikes. You write very well and I'd love to see your descriptions as her hunger continues and her capacity grows.
Dicklovesbabs 7 years
I think this is my favorite story on this site.
Bradypig 7 years
Excellent, more please!
Noarthereonl... 7 years
intriguing introduction smiley
Hallster 7 years
Excellent start