appetizer one

Chapter 1 - appetizer one

“Can you give me a break?” The bloated blonde lets out a cute gasping huff as she sits back against the booth and closes her eyes. “I just…I just need a little time.” Down below, the stretched skin of her adorable pot belly emerges from under her tight shirt, the belly button reminding me of some small animal cautiously poking it’s head out from the sanctuary of its lair.

“You can take a quick break. Five minutes.” She looks for an out. Stalling. I won’t allow that. I set five minutes on my phone and start the timer, watching it count down before placing it on the table before me.

She belches deeply, and a look of absolute uncertainly crosses her now wide eyes. Confusion plasters itself across her elegant face as her tiny mouth hangs open, deep breaths causing her sizable tummy to rise and fall. I knew that look. She was calculating. How could she fit it all in? I had already assured her that wasn’t something she needed to concern herself with.

“It’s too much. I…I can’t.” She attempts to say more, but is interrupted by another forceful burp.

“You can, and you will. Now finish your plate.” I gently nudge the remaining mashed potatoes towards her. What had once been a heaping mound had been devoured down to a few remaining bites. The steak had long since been gone. “Get it down, and my piggy will get a nice reward and some ice cream.”

She perks up at this, attempting to sit up straight in her chair and causing the small bell on her leather collar to ding with a certain sense of anticipation. Grunting, my girl begins to scoop up the last of the potatoes and shove it into her open mouth. A small dollop falls on her bulging left breast and she uses one finger to shovel it up to join the rest, watching me as she sucks the remnants off her index finger. I make no expression. This is her vying for control and trying to turn the tables. Breeding stock don’t run the farm. They eat and are fucked. And this one hasn’t finished at the trough.

“Good girl.” I take the plate and replace it with a pint of ice cream. Rocky Road. Her favorite. I shove the spoon directly into the container where it stands up straight.

“Fuck. You’re going to make me finish it all, aren’t you? I don’t think I can. My little belly can’t hold it all.” I press the button on my remote and listen as the barely audible buzz of the vibrator inside her rises in tempo and rhythm. It pulses within her, and though she at first attempts to resist and maintain her demeanor the slow, steady build to climax grabs her. Her body stiffens. Those once-toned legs flying together under the table causing her stuffed paunch to rise and push her tits higher. Piggy begins to grunt, her breaths coming in heavy gasps of ecstasy, before giving way to outright moans and whimpers. Her eyes slam shut as the convulsing orgasm washes over her causing her body to tremor. My eyes are glued to the jiggling of her fat tits and swelling middle, both of which eagerly dance for me.

I stop the vibrator, waiting for her to come down from orgasm, and she smiles. An earlier dab of chocolate still resides at the corner of her mouth and I can’t help but return the smile.

“Now finish.”

I watch her belly droop, heavy and full, as she spreads her legs and leans forward. “Yes sir.” With one lithe hand she pulls the spoon from the pint and begins to eat quickly. Her pace impressive.

She may take one more remote session, but I’m sure I can get the last heaping plate in her. She burps again, and I watch her blond hair trail downwards to rest on the table as she positions her head directly over the pint. The spoon moves quickly, digging in and bringing large swathes of creamy sugar past her lips.

I vaguely recall her saying she’d never been larger then a size six when we’d first started dating. Now her ass comfortably fills my chairs. Her hips barely brushing the armrests in passing. It wouldn’t be long before my piggy needed a whole new wardrobe.

I listen to her slurp down the last melted remains of the pint.

All it takes is a little incentive…
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