april's growth

Chapter 1

April was so stuffed with food that she couldn’t move a single muscle. Mark made her eat at a local buffet until it closed downtown and then gave her a pair of huge triple deck cakes. He was rubbing her now huge belly which was round and really taut slowly, loving every minute of it.

“Doesn’t feel good babe?” he asked smiling, “Hasn’t this been a great start to growing you out? Soon, you’re gonna get so huge and plump, eating twice or even four times you did today.”

“Oh Mark, I’ve never ate that much in my life,” April replied, moaning in lust, “I feel fatter already. I’m so psyched that I’m putting on all this extra weight just for fun.”

“I have a big surprise for you tomorrow,” Mark said, caressing her body, “Now how about getting some--”

Before he finished his sentence, April was already asleep. Mark rubbed her belly a little more before sleeping on it, dreaming of his fiancée in her huge wedding dress going down the aisle. He always wanted to marry a big girl, and now April was going to make his fantasy come true and so did April herself.

April wanted to become a goddess and her definition of one was that of a huge stature. She was raised to be a skinny girl that was athletic and good at volleyball, However, when she ended up in college, all that began to change. During her sophomore year at a difficult volleyball game, she tore her ACL immensely and was soon told she couldn’t play anymore. April stayed on the team as their manager, and met Mark some time later at a party.

They started dating soon after, going out to eat any chance they could late at night, since they were always busy, April with volleyball and Mark with theater doing tech for all the plays the school had. Since they didn’t live too far from each other, they spent all summer and other breaks together. Mark soon noticed one day that April was really packing on the pounds, falling in love with both her and her growing body. Now, they were living together, Mark doing odd jobs around town in addition to working at a bakery late afternoons while April worked at home filling out paperwork for a local hospital. This particular week was special though because Mark didn’t have anything scheduled for and the bakery was closed for renovations. April had finished all her work for the week, so it was time to relax and be with him.

It was early the next morning when April smelled breakfast and yawned as she sat up and saw the large array of food at a nearby table: big stacks of chocolate chip pancakes with syrup and butter, scrambled and fried eggs covered in both cheese and onions, sweet cinnamon French toast, brown sugar oatmeal, and extra cheese and butter grits along with a big pitcher of cranberry-apple juice to quench her thirst. She saw Mark come in with a tray of buttery biscuits and placed it on the mostly full table.

“Good morning, my darling,” Mark said as he kissed and caressed April a little, “I hope you love the breakfast I made you.”

“It’s gorgeous dear,” April said as he was rubbing her belly, “Is this my surprise you said you had for me?”

“Just part of it. The other parts will reveal themselves later on in the day,” Mark answered getting a huge stack of chocolate chip pancakes for him to feed her, “But now, we need to put a good breakfast in that belly of yours. I got plenty to fill it up.”

April nodded as Mark started her on the pancakes. About two hours later, she was just as huge and swollen as she was the night before, with every morsel of food and drop of any kind of liquid gone inside her. Mark rubbed her belly slowly and was grinning from ear to ear.
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I really like your stories...this one is just as good as the rest smiley Stop reaching into my mind and pulling out fantasies...