axel the chef

Chapter 1 - The meeting

Max have 19 years and Axel 18 years.

Max was coming from the basketball game with his team when he came across a black-haired boy sitting in a corner of the showers.

Max: -I should ask him what he's doing here.- Hey! Are you ok?

The boy saw Max and got up.

Axel: Hi.. I´m Axel, I was looking for a boy named Max.

Max: That's me, why were you looking for me?

Axel: The teachers changed my room with you for half a cycle. Now you are my roommate.

Max: Nice to meet you Axel, then we'll see you in our room, I'll go with my team to shower.

Axel: Okey, see you!

Later in Max and Axel's room..

Max: What is that nice smell?

Axel: Oh, hi! You arrived on time, I was preparing dinner.

Max: Wait, are you a chef?

Axel: Yeah.. I am studying gastronomy.

Max: That´s cool, What are you cooking?

Axel: French fries gratin in butter, and steaks in barbecue sauce.

Max: That looks really delicious, I can't wait to eat it!

Axel finished cooking and served the dishes at the small table they had in the room and Max tastes the food.

Max: Wow! this is really good!

Axel: It's good that you liked it. We are just making potato gratin in the class.

Max: Are you kidding? this is the best dish i have eaten so far!

Axel: Well, you're from the basketball team, and I saw you play, you and the team did very well.

Max was concentrating eating the meat and swallowing the potatoes.

Max: -burp- sorry.. yeah I'm on the team and that was our first win. There are still more potatoes?

Axel: Yes, let me serve you more..

After talking for a while about what they did at the beginning of the year, while Max continued to eat so many potatoes and meat that was left of what Axel had prepared, they did not notice the time and night came.

Max: Uff thank you that was a great and very good dinner, I'll go to sleep.

Axel: don't worry, I'll order the rest, see you tomorrow.

In the middle of the night Max had a heavy sleep, he dreamed of Axel giving him a lot of food and having his clothes about to burst, waking up with fright, Max went to the bathroom, and noticed that his stomach had increased a bit from so much food he ate , but he did not care, although he was going to do more exercises the next day, or so he thought. Went back to bed until the next day.

To be continue...

Thanks for reading, the first chapter of this little story, see you in the next chapter.
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