bad boss

Chapter 1

I know my boss likes it, the way I shamelessly squeeze my plush body into my tight business clothes. He's got a massive hard on every day after he walks in my office. He can't hide it. I watch it grow as he begins his daily tease.
"God you're getting so hot" he touches my belly, I feel his cock pressing into my ass through his pants and my skirt. "I love watching you getting so fucking fat" his cock throbbed as he whispered to me, I know he would take any opportunity to fuck me. "I think it’s the best thing about this job" I thought I was going to squirt as he grabbed my soft wide hips firmly, bouncing me against his boner as if he was fucking me. His hands wandered up my sides and ripped open my button up. He grabbed my breasts, pinched and pulled my hard nipples. I gasped, as he squeezed my nipples milking me like a cow as he whispered "I know you want me. I know you love the way I look at you. You are going to be my personal office fucktoy just a few more pounds. Don't think I caught on? You're gaining for me. I can tell by the way you look at me. Waiting to see how I react." He suddenly grabbed my hips and forced me over on my desk. My skirt ripped as my thighs suddenly spread, I spread them further knowing he was about to start fucking me. "God you are desperate for me" My pussy throbbed and oozed for him, covered by my soaked thong. He slowly slid my panties off, his cock was already pressing against my wet swollen pussy lips. He slid his hard cock between my lips, probing my tight eager vagina "do you want me to fuck your pussy?"
" I know I want you to. I know you are always watching me." I blushed, as he spread my ass and pressed his throbbing erection against my swollen pussy.
"You want to know why I hired you?" He began slowly pushing in, stretching my tight pussy, I couldn't hold back my moans "I knew you would be willing to fall for me and graze all day watching me eyeing your fattening body." He grabbed my soft wide hips and rammed my vagina. His cock stretching me as pleasure washed over me. "I know you've caught me jerking off as your shirt buttons pop because you lust for me. Does it turn you on? Does fattening yourself up for me make your pussy wet? I don't know I'll be able to keep my cock from your pussy if you keep it up. You're already the only person who I fantasize about and you don't disappoint. You do it so fucking well, eating makes you want to be impregnated."
I couldn't speak, he's 100% right. I want my pussy milking his enormous cock. He knew, I just moaned as he grabbed my hips and began steadily fucking me.
" I'm the boss and I don't care if you get pregnant. You're mine, sweetheart, I'm going to fuck you til you get so fat you can't walk. When you get that big I'll make sure that you keep it up, you will be my ultimate fantasy sweetie. " I felt him getting harder as he spoke. His cock stretching me I thought I was going to bleed. He pressed his hips against my ass, his enormous balls embracing my throbbing clitoris. "Good girl, I can't believe I held off all this time" he fed me more as he caught his breath " don't worry I love fucking bed ridden heifers more than anything else, smiling as I couldn't hide how much it turned me on. He really wants me to get that massive, "You never carried a child in this amazing body, your pussy is so tight" His cock throbbing, as he reached the point of no return. He hes going to cum in me . I wrapped my thighs around him tightly and forced him in deeper climaxing as I felt each spurt
"YES YES GOOD GIRL I was waiting for a woman like you my whole life" the compliment drive me to climax again as he pressed his cock in as deep as he could nearly filling me up to the point of oozing out.
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