bad influence

chapter 1

Kennedy Walters started her Wednesday off the way she usually does: with a huff and a pop.

The wide 18-year-old dropped herself into the driver's seat of her father's new Audi Q5. The sudden movement and grandiose weight drop caused the high school senior to groan and immediately reach for the button of her high waisted jeans -- it was crucial that she give her physique some space to breathe whilst sitting.

Having completed her first morning routine, slightly winded from the walk from door-to-driver's seat, Kennedy fired up the engine. The car hummed to life and the buxomly bloated blonde felt the tumble of the engine rumble across the soft adipose of her overfed adolescent figure. The radio blared to life with the most recent Top 40; Kennedy stifled a burp of her morning breakfast. Her mother had "whipped up" some oatmeal with berries and almonds.

That simply wouldn't do for the 272-pound femme fatale.

As she twisted her view to turn out of the driveway, Kennedy felt the waist of her jeans dig vigorously into her belly. The seams protested the expanding angles of the young beauty, her jeans clearly submitting an application to size up ASAP. She felt her arms tighten at the opening of her vintage tee, her open top button providing some space for her soft white tummy to protrude.

Once on the road, the big beautiful blonde was singing to her heart's content -- a strong voice, at that too! She hummed and belted with pleasure, as she knew where her travels would lead her this morning commute.

The golden arches appeared in all majesty as Kennedy turned off her suburban side street and onto the main drag. It was a quick turn followed by another, but she had made it many times before.

Kennedy had never been a small girl. As a child, she was plagued by baby fat as some girls are -- but in her freshman year of high school, her mother rejoiced when the dirty blonde shot up several inches and came into her own. The weight redistributed into naturally heft places, giving her a sizeable chest and noticeably wide rear end. Her waist cinched and her mother's smile returned when looking at her daughter.

By senior year, she was a very different picture. Her autonomy grew -- she learned how to drive, got her own job, and she began to own her routine and do what she pleased. That, was a dangerous game. Over the course of two years, Kennedy exploded from a meagre 5'5", 155lbs to the grotesque 272lbs (and counting) that she sat at today. Alcohol, fast food, bingeing. She just let herself go, and she owned it.

She was no doubt the biggest girl in her grade. Perhaps this perception was worsened by the realization that she had been a healthy average not three years prior. Her boyfriend Landon watched his average girlfriend erupt into an enormous BBW with an appetite that showed no signs of slowing. He himself was no skinny-mini, but the breaking point eventually emerged when Kennedy realized he couldn't afford to keep up with her extensive consumption lifestyle. She dumped his ass, telling him to call her again when "he had lost the braces and gained a proper job."

On that fateful September morning, Kennedy drummed on the steering wheel in annoyed anticipation. The line-up to McDonald's was always rammed at this point -- but the days of parking and ordering inside were long gone for her. She had stopped leaving her car to pick up food after she crossed 200lbs; too much exercise.

"An order of flapjacks, two hashbrowns, a Sausage McMuffin and a blueberry turnover. To drink? Chocolate milk please!" She bubbled in her faux-cheery-cutesie voice.

Once paid and pounding through the hashbrowns, she skidded onto the main drag with determination: 7:52am. School started at 8:55am, so she was playing a risky game.

Kennedy NEVER got coffee from McDonald's. It was gross. She had to drive the extra 12 minutes to the Dunkin' Donuts across town and get the extra-large Iced Coffee, just to be sure. That would last her until lunch!

Drive-Thru again. Order again, cheery and fake: "Hiya! An XL Iced Coffee with Caramel and Chocolate sauce, and hmmm..."

She stared at the remnants of her McDonald's meal. Her stomach gurgled.

"...the Homer Simpson Donut and a Sausage breakfast sandwich with hashbrowns and ketchup puh-leeeeze!"

That should tide her over.

School had been so stupidly stressful this month. Kennedy couldn't tell if it was her personality or her physique that had driven her friends away over the summer. She found herself oddly alone in the cafeteria and hallways. She didn't care though. They were just being stupid cows anyway.

She sat in the parking lot, running gas without a care. Her dad would fill it up later. She painted her nails and checked on her eye-makeup, then shut the engine off.

8:22am. Still so much time. Ugh. Might as well go tackle that History quizlet package before class. Despite being a grade-A-beeyotch, Kennedy was an exemplary student. She knew how to play the game.

Descending from the throne of the Audi, Kennedy felt her wide, wobbly legs hit the hard pavement. She stretched upward, arching her belly and curving its full proportion outward. With noticeably more effort and significantly less room between her button and her belly, she struggled up her jeans. Her three breakfasts sat in her tummy, making the titanic blonde feel lethargic and gross; not to mention the strip of fat that plumed over the tight denim material!

As she waddled through the doors and into the caf, the AC of the building washed over her sweaty self with grace. It was quiet in the school, still too early in the year to be stressed.

When she walked into the cafeteria nearly thirty minutes before class, there was only one other soul alone in the room. At the first table was a new, unfamiliar face: a brunette with soft highlights sat staring at a timetable, her phone face up on the table. She was wearing black leggings and a black band tee; a stark, opposing contrast to Kennedy's blue denim and white too-tight-t-shirt. She was probably the same height as Kennedy, with brown droplets for eyes and a small upturned, cutesie nose. Kennedy noticed the pink hue of her lipstick and the lack of makeup.

Just the two of them, alone.

Kennedy thought of her stupid friends. What if she didn't need them anymore? What if rather than being ousted, Kennedy spun the narrative? What if she found NEW friends? This new girl needed guidance, and Kennedy needed a new bestie.

So, on September 29, 2022, Kennedy Walters walked over to that table in the cafeteria. Lowering herself onto the bench with a strong groan and snap from the cheap plastic, she dropped her bags and put her fat hands on the table softly.

The girl looked up: "Oh, hi!"

"Hiya!" Kennedy beamed. "I'm Kennedy - Ken, if you'd like. Are you new here?"

The girl smiled and tucked her dark hair over one ear. Her eyes flickered to Kennedy's massive chest and waist, noticing the bend of the bench from the titanic teen's widest ass-et.

Kennedy in turn also checked her out: she was slight, that's for sure -- but her chest was bursting through her shirt. This girl must have been 140lbs, tops, but most if it was in her bra. She kept it hidden under a rounded neck. When she smiled, she revealed big white teeth and a tinkling bell of a laugh. Kennedy was struck by her natural prettiness. She was this little button of a brunette beauty.

"Hi Kennedy -- I'm Melissa. First day!"

Kennedy smiled, perhaps over grinning.

"First day! Well, you're lucky. I'm your first new friend. I'll show you how we do things around here."

Melissa laughed and said, "Oh thank god, I was terrified I was gonna have to put up with icebreakers."

Kennedy shook her head, and in her best Hollywood producer voice. "Stick with me, and you'll be big kid!"

Melissa laughed and they shook hands. And with that, her fate was sealed.
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I love the word "chesticles"! πŸ˜† Love ya story πŸ™‚
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Tremendous story
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