bakery bliss

Chapter 1 - realizations

Something was happening to Nick. As he watched Zoe balance the cash register for the night, he felt entranced by her.

He had loved her for years. They met at culinary arts school and instantly hit it off. Nick was a talented pastry decorator and Zoe loved finding and creating the most delicious recipes. Together, they made the most decadent and aesthetically pleasing baked goods on campus. They were married months after they both graduated and soon set up a bakery with a lovely apartment above it where they happily settled into married life.

Zoe had always been thin. Even through culinary arts school, she had kept to a trim 115lb. She worked out every morning and ate smartly. Even when testing her newest delicacy, she was gentle with portion size, trying only a mouthful of whatever she had made. It was her signature move to leave behind a trash can littered with baked goods that only had a single bite taken out.

But the bakery proved more trying. She insisted on testing every batch to ensure quality. Not to mention the stress of running a new business when neither of them had done it before. They had so little time some nights they just ordered take out. Over the six months she and Nick had owned the shop, her figure was starting to show the consequence of this new life. She wasn't fat by any sense of the word, but she was soft. Nick thought that she had gained between 5-10lbs. He admired her filled out cheeks, her rear end that took up just a bit more space than before on the chair she sat on, and the tiny mound of flesh that rested over the top of her shorts.

Even when they made love, he found the changes to be delightful. He loved having something soft to grab, kissing her belly and feeling it have some give, not to mention what he could do with her fuller breasts.

He felt aroused as he drank her in. His eyes slowly looked her up and down, loving her every detail. Zoe reached up and tucked her brown, wavy hair behind her ear and as he followed her motion, he realized she was talking. He shook his head to pay attention.

"... more flour and eggs," she finished looking over at him with a smile.

"Sorry, love. What was that last part?" Nick smiled sheepishly.

"I said we need to make a bigger order of flour and eggs. The shop has been consistently getting more customers and I want to be sure we can keep up with demand."

"Easy, I'll call the vender tomorrow and make sure we increase our weekly order." Nick smiled then bit his lip and watched her hop off the chair, her butt ever so slightly jiggling.

He was so content with their life, so enamored with everything Zoe. But this change about himself as she was changing seemed to stick in his head like a fly on fly paper. Maybe that was why at the grocery story he found himself hesitating in the milk isle.

His hand hovered over the 2% milk he normally grabbed for their morning cereal. A rack above it sat whole milk. His thoughts imagined a Zoe even softer than she had become thanks to more mindless eating. He imagined the small lump that sat over the tops of her pants straining the button.

He snatched the whole milk.

Suddenly, he was rushing through the store, always opting for the fattier version of whatever he was buying. He ducked his head as he moved, feeling like he was getting away with something and not wanting to be caught. With every fatty thing he grabbed, he imagined Zoe placing it in her mouth and rubbing her belly in joy.

After the list was filled, he grabbed a bag of chocolate covered raisins, a treat Zoe could never resist.

As every item was rang up, Nick realized how turned on he was. He couldn't wait to get home to his wife.
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LitMistress 4 years
Hey juicy, thanks for the support of this one! Maybe one day I'll look at it, but I want to finish at least one of the two newer ones first. Hopefully I find the time to finish all!
Juicy 4 years
It’s such a shame you haven’t continued this story... Won’t you reconsider?
Zurea 7 years
Hope you decide to continue this wonderful tale!
Wisconfa 7 years
Excellent ! Keep the story going !
GhostPepper 7 years
You have an excellent writing style. The characters and dialogue are wonderful. I can't wait to read more!
Jazzman 7 years
This is terrific. Such a nice presentation of the characters and nice pacing. Please continue.