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chapter 1

In the small town of hurricane ran a successful business known as Fredbears family diner run by 2 men Henry Emily who created the ideas robots and what not. The other William afton was more so the business side of things. William had a bit of an idea to run a solo side business using his own robots and after pleading with Henry they decided to make a side gig of Fredbears known as circus baby's pizza world however that got shut down for 'gas leaks' and renamed circus baby's rentals. The business consisted of 4 main robots being sent out to parties and it was very successful. However William went mad over the death of his daughter and decided that others should suffer similar fates. He used his robots to distract and contain the kids to kill later all except one. William knew that parents would keep a watchful eye on the kids so he devised a scheme. In the town of hurricane most adults were sad and lonely men. So to take advantage of this he made ballora a animatronic specifically programmed to 'distract' adults with her sexual themes.

Today was a very special day for the Harris family as it was his kids birthday. His kids name was Jenny and she was 7 years old today. Ethan Jenny's dad mourned the loss of his wife Maria Harris who died in complications in childbirth. However he raised Jenny well and today was her birthday party with a twist: her favourite animatronic funtime foxy was being delivered to the Harris residence.
"Where is he!!" Yelled Jenny, stamping her foot on the kitchen floor. "He'll be here soon darling I promise" said Ethan looking down at his watch. "THUD THUD THUD" went the door as Jenny's eyes lit up with excitement. "He's here!!" Screamed Jenny as she ran from the kitchen door into the hall and opened the door. Outside was a middle aged man with a fazbear's uniform with a picture of circus baby on his back. He held a clipboard and too his sides were two wooden boxes. "Elo there luv is your father home?" Questioned the man in an accent vacant from hurricane. "Yes he's here" said Ethan catching up to Jenny. "Wait? Why are there two crates?" Asked Ethan as the man wheeled said crates inside. "Oh well ere's the thin you buy 1 you also get thi's otha 1." Said the man as he handed Ethan the clipboard to sign at the man opened the boxes. Inside one lay the humanoid fox that Jenny was so obsessed with. In the other was a 'different' robot. It looked human with features unlike any other robot from the rental facility. It looked to be wearing makeup with blue cheeks and purple lips. Her eyes seemed to also be closed for some reason maybe because it was offline even though foxys weren't. It also had large breasts that looked like breastfeeding mothers. It was very revealing as well as the bra it was wearing showed off the top of its boobs. It had a flat stomach and slender arms and legs. However it had a thick ass with the robots blue panties showing off its wide butt. Ethan was horrified as he looked at this robot. "What is this some kind of joke?" He said looking back at the man as he shrugged. "Look i'm only doing me job" he said taking back the clipboard. "If ye eally don't like it then put in the closet!" He finished hoping in his moving van with the words "circus baby's rentals" engraved on it. "All right thanks i guess" muttered Ethan as he waved off the man. "Daddy can I turn on foxy now?" Said Jenny as Ethan looked back at her. "Alright" said Ethan as he walked inside.

3 hours later.
The party inside was mad as all of Jenny's girl school class had shown up as they all played games with the robot. "Foxy foxy lets play hide and seek" Yelled a little girl named rose. She was Jenny's best friend and was only 3 months ahead of her. "Yeah foxy!" Yelled the rest of the crowd as foxy and the kids ran outside. "Ok I'll be it first" said foxy as all the other kids ran and hid. As this happened the robot's programming told it that Ethan was staring. Ethan, like any good parent, would keep an eye on the robot, unsure if it was completely safe. The fox's programming sent a distress signal to the feminine robot of the home. Ethan had followed the man's advice and kept Ballora in a closet of the house. "Ethan" called a voice coming from behind Ethan. The voice was unfamiliar however it scared Ethan so much that he physically jumped and looked behind him to see ballora. "Wait, what how did yo-" said Ethan before ballora grabbed his hand and ran to his master bedroom swinging Ethan onto the bed. "What are you doing!" Yelled Ethan confused and scared about what this robot was doing. "I'm pleasuring you" she said seductively as she jumped onto Ethan burying his face in her cleavage. Despite the robot being made of metal the 'skin' of the robot was soft and squishy. With her being a ballerina this lightness and her ability to move fast was 'normal'. Ethan suddenly felt hot as this sexual robot lowered herself onto him. "Don't be alarmed" said the ballerina in a low husky voice. Ethan was alarmed and he tried to get ballora off him instead his hands touched her breasts. "Oh!! Mr Harris I didn't know you were so sexy" she moaned jiggling her breasts on him. Ethan, confused as to how a robot could reasonably jiggle, decided to ignore that as he grabbed her face and slowly pushed her off. Ballora landing on her feet opened her body and took out a metal pole. She twirled it and Ethan watched as the top and bottom of it slid out. She then used it to grab Ethans color and pushed him to the closest wall to herself. "Oh Ethan don't ruin this perfect performance!" Said ballora as she placed down the pole like a stripper. As Ethan opened his eyes the ballerina was twerking in his face making it hard to get up. All Ethan could see was the pendulum-like movements of the ballerina's ass. Her butt was perfect as it jiggled severally as her blue panties covered just the right amount of ass. "Oh you naughty boy i hope you're enjoying yourself" she stated as she began doing more complicated moves as she rode up and down the pole giving Ethan enough time to get up. Just enough to see her butt as she slid on the pole. "Looks like someone's ready to mingle" said ballora as she continued to jiggle her butt in front of Ethan. Ethan decided to play along in hopes of getting out of here. "Yes I am" said Ethan, slapping the ballerina's ass. The ballerina made many moans as her ass was developing red marks (somehow?). "Oh oh oh Ethan honey" said the ballerina as she flipped up right and started grinding on him. Ethan, actually feeling attracted to this, started moving back and forth while holding Ballora's ass cheeks. "Oh yeaaaaaaa ye yes yes" moaned ballora seductively as she grabbed Ethan and threw him back to the bed. "Oh Ethan, imagine how much fun you're gonna have with this!" Moaned ballora as she stuck her hand down her cleavage and removed a remote and flung it to Ethan. "What the?" Said Ethan as he looked at the remote. It seemed to have 4 sliders on it. One with a diagram of boobs with the slider on 5/10. One with a diagram of an ass with the slider on 3/10. One with a diagram of a belly with the slider on 1/10. And one of a picture of a woman's face in pleasure with the slider on 9/10. "Dearie you can control my size with that" she said seductively as she turned to him leaning on him and shoving her bosom in his face. Ethan Curious turned the slider on breasts to 8. "Oh Ethan! Oh yes Ethan!" Moaned ballora as Ethan heard the sounds of fabric tearing. Ethan felt something soft surrounding him. As Ethan moved his hands around, Ballora let out moans and squeals all the while Ethan searched frantically for a solution. Ethan eventually got up out of the ballerina's cleavage and saw that her bra had snapped showing off all her jiggling bosom. "Oh dearie I hope you're enjoying yourself!" She said seductively, putting her hands on her breasts and cupping them. Ethan was staring at the robots breasts all the while watching them jiggle as the ballerina started doing a suggestive dance with her breasts making sure Ethan never let his eyes wander far from her cleavage. Ballora then realising that Ethans eyes were growing bored decided to give him an up close performance. Ballora unzipped his pants releasing his bulging member as she surrounded him with her healthy melons. "Oh oh oh" moaned Ethan as Ballora moved her melons in a sexual manner. "Uh uh uh" ballora moaned as she grabbed Ethans member and consumed it. Ethan started laying back as ballora started licking his member. "Mphh nice cock Ethan" muffled Ballora as she continued sucking him off. Ethan watched as Ballora's erect nipples started lactating all over him. Ethans pleasure leads to him not wondering how a robot is lactating. "I'm cumming!" Moaned Ethan as he blasted into the ballerina's mouth. Ballora's jaw unhinged as Ethan took his member out.
"Your sexy Ethan I want you inside of me" said ballora as she turned around and got on all 4s with her ass on full view in front of Ethan. Ballora had a thicc bubble butt with her skimpy thong. Ethan was impressed however despite this Ethan eventually got bored of this and pulled out the slider. He looked at the menu and slid the slider on her butt to 6. "Oh Ethan!!!" Moaned ballora as she felt her ass grow out exponentially forming a shelf behind her. She turned around and he wanted to see how this robot truly worked. Her hypnotic ass took up the entire bed with each bulbous bean bag cheeks glistening with sweat. "Oh Ethan honey give it to me!" Yelled ballora as Ethan got hard by just looking at the sex craved machine. Ethan slid his erect member into her doughy cheeks. "Oh yeaaaaaaa baby" said Ethan as he groped balloras left cheek kneading the flesh. "Oh yes, harder daddy!" Moaned ballora seductively as Ethan slapped her right ass cheek leaving another bright red mark. "Oh oh oh uh uh oh yes daddy" Moaned ballora as she felt a sensation unlike any other. As Ethans 6 inch member slid into her. As her blue hair was pulled back from her head.

Ethan had been fucking her dodgy style for about 10 minutes before ballora ran out of power. "Dad dad!" Yelled Jenny as she ran up the stairs into the bedroom. Ethan wasn't stupid so he made sure to lock the door while he fixed the room up. Approximately 3 minutes off calling. "Dad! We can't find rose!"
Ethan got nervous…. As not only was a child missing but a robot that was nearly 6 feet tall was standing naked behind him. "Uhh I will figure it out". Said Mr Harris as he rang the police

Later that day the party was over and the delivery man came back to collect the robots. "So did you have fun sir?" Said the man as he carted away the robots not questioning why the ballerina was naked (Most likely from how common this experience was) "yes yes I did"
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