bar maid

chapter 1

So I have this new job, at an exclusive bar just for men, they do nothing but sit around play card games and drink tons of beer. I have only been at this for about an hr and already I am bored. All I do is take trays of beer back and forth. I decided to try a bit for myself. And my god this is good shit. When ever I had to duck out the back to get fresh clean glasses I would throw one back. After an hr I was already a bit tippsy and I hadn't noticed that flat stomach had rounded out. (Oh I should mention that my uniform is jeans and t-shirt). As I walked out from behind the bar to deliver yet another tray of beers to a table, one of the patrons noticed that I was showing some skin and that my stomach was much noticeably rounder. Pointing at my stomach and giving it a poke. "My my looks like some one has been helping herself to our beer". And with that he made walk to a pillar and tied my hands around it. "You want to drink our beer, then let us help you with that". So they attached a hose to the beer tap and let the beer pour straight into my mouth. I could feel it running down my throat and fill my stomach, making it bloat and stretch, and my jeans were still intact. After 30 mins the man that was holding the beer tap down yelled out that my belly had about 12 litres of beer in it, and let go. Men were chanting bigger bigger and yelling at him for stopping. " gentlemen let this lot of beer settle" he says as his walking over to me and places a hand on my belly and begins to rub it. "Lets, let this lot settle, and we will fill her up again later, I'm sure we can double this beachball belly". No sooner he said that and my belly popped and all the men cheered and began chanting some more. Mean while my stomach feels so heavy and bloated and no doubt feels hard to touch. I try to look down and I can see that my skin is stretched so much that my skin had red and white marks all over it. The man that initiated it came over and ran his hands all over my belly while humming. With his hands either side holding my belly he leans in and whispers in my ear "it ain't over yet"
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Sir Saphiel 4 years
This is hot. smiley I like it.