bare an dragon heir

chapter 1

Hello. I am Arina Furukawa. I am 24, slim, wear glasses, and have brown hair. Right now I'm wearing a dress. And I am Japanese... also an otaku. I would rather spend my days playing games, buying anime figures and watching anime. But I do work. So I work as a secretary. Easy... that's what i expect... but not.

"Miss. Furukawa we are going to have very important people. People affect your job. Don't fuck it." That bitch spoke to me like I am an idiot... she vice president Espura. And she is succubus. Yea... I know it seems weird but I live in a world where magical creatures coexist with humans like myself. And my boss... a buff dragon. Go by Crim Dragu."

"Hello Miss. Furukawa." Speak of the dragon. "I need you to make copies of the reports in sets of 10." Believe it or not. He is a nice boss... for someone who is 9ft tall. He treats me with respect, he treats all his employees with respect. "Now after you are done feel free to use your break. I might get that lazy slacker to do your job while you take a break."

"Thank you boss." I smile as my boss gives me piles of reports. I went to the copy room but I overheard my co-workers. Talk about their kids... dunno why but I feel envious of my co-workers. I expect this year... I am a mother, or at least pregnant. I love kids and dream of being a mom. I got very envious of my co-worker being a parent or expected parents. I wanted to be a mom around the time I was in high school when I did my job as a babysitter. The first time I held a baby. My motherly instinct kicks in when I hold the baby. Later on... with years passing my desire for a baby grew strong. So yea i am a otaku who wants to be a mom.

"Hey Arina. Everything's ok?" A co-worker asked me as I made more than 10.

"Oh sorry i was thinking something." I tell my co-worker. I took the paper my boss ordered. When I walk in. I hear my boss talk to someone.

"Come on Crim. It's our father's wish for you to have an heir." I peered in and saw another dragon. A slim kind. "He does want you to at least have a baby or two for you have someone pass on the legacy of our clan."

"Yea but you know how hard it is find a fucking mate. You try to have a child Azu." The way my boss sounds is very stressful. Like he has too many things on his plate.

"If you feel that way then go hire a woman to bear your child." Some reason after him says that. I suddenly jumped in as I walked in their conversation.

"Hello... boss. I overhear your talking. And I'm wondering if you can use me to help you bring you a child with my womb." I smile as I look very hopeful for him to hire me to be his personal breeder.

"Uhh... miss. Furukawa. That would be impossible." The way my boss says. Make my heart feel heavy. "Reason why you couldn't be my breeder is because the human body lacks weight because they are pregnant with a dragon. They need to be fat..."

"Then I will gain. Ton... please i want to be a mommy, boss..." I give a puppy look to my boss. Making him feel really guilty. "Please..."

"...uhg!" I watch my boss punch into a wall. Make a hole through it. "Fine... but I give you 2 month to weigh 300 pound." I smiled as I nodded.

"I promised I won't let you regret this Mr.Dragu." I was looking forward to being pregnant. I forget about the fact he punched a hole. I gave him his paper and ran. "I better go and take my lunch break boss!" I hurry along. "I'll be out to eat!" I just spend my time in a cafe trying to eat a lot that I can eat. For the rest of the day I just try to gain weight while working. I stuff my face with chocolate. Drinking sodas. With other foods from vending machines. While I was working. Of course I got a few bad comments from the succubus for vice president.

"Oh wrong. Your lunch is not fulfilling like your life?" Espura laughed at me but I just ignored her. As I keep eating. "Well it's almost closing time. But I need you to organise the paper works. Now piggy." She set tons of paper in front of me.

"Sure." I try my best to don't call her a whore. Despise the fact that is true with fact she work as bitch who do sadist sex stuff... just like any other succubus. Soon I just started to do other paperwork. But I notice my boss is still here. With a worried look. "Hello my lovely boss. Is everything ok?" I ask him while munching on candy.

“Miss Furukawa why do you want my breeding partner anyway?” Mr Dragu said with a worried tone. “It is not important for you to give me a baby. My father just wants me to have a family…”

“yea i over hear on that but this is what i want. I want to be a baby. I want to experience the feeling of my belly growing. Feel a baby kick in my belly. Taking care of a little life depends on you. Watch them grow up as a person. Spend time with them…” I say as I slowly eat my candies. Have feelings of sadness and regrets.

“...I see but why me? Can you go somewhere to be insemination for it?” He stare at me.

“Yea but i want my baby to have a father that cares for it. Not an unknown person sells his sperms for money.” I reply as I keep eating. “Beside with you. Seems a good way to benefit us… ignore the fact I have to gain weight. But ok with it.” I smile widely. Like I am really happy for it.

“Ok Miss Furukawa… but please do your work first. Then eating.” Mr.Dragu was serious.

“Of course.” I went back to work as I noticed my shift is almost over. “Sir. I better go. Look at the time.”

“Oh yeah…” Mr. Dragu look at the clock. Look a bit relieved. “You can go home. I will make Mrs.Geum finish them.”

“Thank you sir.’ I grab my stuff and hurry home. Plan what to eat for the rest of the day. From the thought of it… Somehow excites me. I am strangely looking forward to getting big. A Few minutes of walking. I stop by a fast food place. “Oh… should I?” I question myself but soon reject. “Maybe tomorrow after I get pay.” Few minutes later I got home and started to eat all the meat and junk foods I have. “Oh so. Full… but must keep eating.” I ate for a while. Soon I passed out and dreamt about me being over 200 pound. I was so big but so happy as I saw my boss Mr.Dragu with tons of food, he fed me as he enjoyed it. “Oh so good…” I smiled then I felt something move. “I can feel our son like the foods you make.” I stroke my pregnant belly.

“That good my sexy pig.” My boss hugged me and rubbed my belly. “Thank you for my mate.” He kiss me on the lip deeply. Then kiss my belly.

“Thank you for making my dream come true. Crim.” I was so happy. As I want this dream to last forever.


Wow done… yea i am lazy. But i plan next one about her boss feeder instinct come out as they get very close with Arina het bigger. With longer chapter. Next to.
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Im just wondering if any romance will bloom between her and her boss