beautiful bobbie the bartender

chapter 2 valentines day

I did not see Bobbie again until yesterday. Once again her little bar in the back was hopping with customers. Bachelor parties and a group that included her boyfriend and his pals out for a night of gambling. She sported an all new much longer hair style with a color job included. I complimented her and she was gracious as always." I just had it done last night. I'm not sure if I like it" she said. I assured her that it was very becoming and looked terrific. And that was not All that looked terrific.
Bobbie had not lost a single ounce in my estimation. Perhaps she was pushing 160 by now. Her boyfriend happened to stop by for a drink and sat right beside me.He was a match for her in the looks department and you could tell there was a reason they had been together for years. They had a genuine affection for one another that showed. This made me wonder to myself what the young man's thoughts were about this rather sudden and profound transformation.
This is the conjecture part of the story. How did she manage to gain 20 or 25 of those 30 lbs in just 4-5 months? Were they able to go out more as a couple and therefore have more drinks and dinners out? Was Bobbie home alone more during the day now that both boys are in school? Has her metabolism at 34 suddenly grinded to a screeching halt?
And what about her man. Her lover of 8 years? What were his thoughts out loud or to himself. What was it like behind closed doors? An FA would have joyfully played with her tummy and fairly good sized love handles. An FA would say how much softer and better she feels during intimate times. Or just maybe he is thrilled either openly or in secret about her vastly changed and improved breasts. This I will never know. I can only play scenarios out in my mind.
This along with the fact that she is seemingly having Zero success in reducing leads into Fantasy of what could occur in the months before Beach Season. Bikini Season at the Delaware and Maryland Resorts. And what will happen when Memorial Day rolls around and Bobbie Is once again in charge of the outdoor bar. The outdoor bar where short shorts are the standard and required outfit. Short shorts and low cut sleeveless lightweight tops.
This is where the story turns to Fantasy.
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Jazzman 8 years
Thanks JM
It all depends if gets bigger by maybe Easter. I will probably stay away from there until then. Maybe she'll have 165 and the fantasy coming true.
JM Ross 8 years
Coming together so well. I can't wait for the next installment.
Jazzman 8 years
Thank you Beautiful. My story reading friend. Your Opinion means the World!