becoming the little spoon

chapter 1 - the start of something big

Jack had always had a thing for bigger girls, he loved how soft they were and how much of them there was to cuddle. He’d always dreamed of dating a big girl, who dwarfed him, who's lap he could sit on and snuggle up to her belly. He’d always wished of meeting a tall girl who was nice and chunky.

His girlfriend Alice however didn’t reflect this, she was 5”1 and pretty skinny compared to most girls, but she was one of the prettiest girls he had ever met and they got along really well.Jack himself was also into fitness and kept himself in great shape, and that was part of the reason she fell in love with him when they first met at the gym. He fell in love with her beautiful cute face and personality but he had always dreamed of her growing bigger and fatter but he knew it was out of the question, she was super into fitness.She counted all her calories precisely, making sure that she never ate too much, and she never had a cheat day. She went to the gym once a day, focussing on cardio and as a result she was pretty lean, but Jack wished she would turn her abs into a soft pot belly.

However, when she she broke her leg and was unable to go to the gym, there was finally a possibility that Jacks dream could become a reality, but he still needed to get her to stop caring about what she ate, or, he could use his own tricks to help her gain but make her think she was eating healthily.

As she couldn’t walk around as normal Jack had to do a lot of things for her, which included making her food for her. Jack would make her a “protein shake” everyday, but instead of using her usual protein powder, he was using specialist bulking powder. He started using off using a fairly small amount to test whether she would notice, but he slowly started increase it. He also added some to any meal that he could, and was slowly introducing more and more unhealthy food into her diet.

The effects were very gradual, but slowly she was beginning to get a slightly layer of pudge over her previously perfect flat stomach, and as far as Jack knew, she hadn’t noticed. And he wasn’t about to stop on his quest to make her his fatty.
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