being fat in the year 2050

chapter 1 - the reaction

DISCLAIMER: This story is a sequel to “Dreaded Doctor Appointments.” If you haven’t read that story, it is recommended that you do before reading this story.

“What the hell?!” Maddie exclaimed as she dropped her purse in the doorway. She had just gotten home from the doctor’s office.

“That was so embarrassing,” she said. Maddie walked over to the refrigerator and got some yogurt.

“Obese? No way am I obese!” she said in denial.

Maddie sat on her couch and turned on the TV. She watched Netflix for a few hours before deciding she should go pick up some dinner from some place. She chose to get a salad from Wendy’s as it was “healthier” in her eyes. She had every intention of losing weight.

“185 pounds... How gross...” she thought while eating her salad.


“195.41 pounds,” Peggy said. Maddie couldn’t believe that she had the same doctor as her mother. She considered getting a new doctor just because of how much she hated Peggy.

“Do you remember what I said a month ago?” asked Peggy.

“To lose weight,” Maddie replied.

“Well obviously, but do you remember what else I said?”

“That I’m obese?”

“Yes, and...?”

“And that if I didn’t lose weight you’d take drastic measures?”


“Well what does that look like?”

“You’ll see,” replied Peggy.

“How soon will I see...?” asked Maddie.

“Soon enough. You know Maddie, your family is an interesting one. As far back as I know, everybody in your family has been obese. Is this a coincidence? Because it’s not genetic.”

“Look, Peggy, I have no idea. I’m tired. I want to leave.”

“Okay, okay. I see you want to leave so you can feed that 40-inch belly of yours.”

“What?! Not at all. I just want to go home,” answered Maddie.

“Alright, alright. Stay here. I’ll be back in a minute,” said Peggy, standing up and exiting the exam room.

“40-inch belly? What kind of doctor says that?!” whispered Maddie.

She lifted her shirt up and looked down. She stood up. She could see her feet. That was her test, if she could see her feet, she wasn’t fat. The door opened. Maddie quickly pulled her shirt down, but Peggy saw.

“That’s fine, Ms. Sorensen, you can keep your shirt up for me.”

“Why?” she asked.

“I want to feel around for any bumps or abnormalities.”

“Uh... Okay,” said Maddie.

Peggy was holding something behind her back. She stepped up to Maddie who was holding her shirt up.

“What’s that behind your back?”

“Oh, nothing,” replied Peggy. Quickly she brought her arms forward and wrapped something around Maddie’s waist, clicking it together and releasing all in one swift motion.

“W-What?!” said Maddie, letting go of her shirt and stepping back, stumbling. The device made a loud clicking noise and played a chime.

“I’m sorry Ms. Sorensen, but I said drastic measures would be taken.”

“What the hell...?”

Maddie lifted up her shirt. A device was wrapped around her waist.

“What is this thing?” she asked.

“It’s called the ‘Belly Belt.’ It’s a new technology that is put on overweight patients to monitor and guide their weight loss.”

The device looked like a seatbelt, but at the center of the device, right at her belly button, was a metal box with a screen. At the moment, the screen read, “40.4.”

“What does 40.4 mean?”

“That’s how big your belly is. 40.4 inches. It’s a reminder that you need to lose weight.”

“This is a joke... right?”

“No, not at all.”

“Okay, well how do I take it off?”

“You can’t. That’s the point.”

“This is unfair! This is against the law, surely!”

“As your general physician, my goal is to help you be as healthy as possible. This device helps me do that.”

“I can’t wear this everywhere! You can see it through my shirt.”

“Well, Ms. Sorensen, that’s the point. It’s a constant reminder to lose weight.”

“Take it off. Now,” demanded Maddie.

“I can’t do that, Maddie. I’m sorry but this is proven to be the most effective way to encourage weight loss,” said Peggy.

“Fine. I’ll wear your Belly Belt and lose the weight so you can take it off. I’ll show you!”

“That’s the spirit, Ms. Sorensen. I’ll schedule an appointment for a month out to monitor your progress.

“Sounds good.”

Maddie exited the exam room, looking down at her belly. She folded her arms to cover the belt that could be seen under her shirt. She knew the first thing she was gonna do was start a gym membership.

Maddie walked into the women’s locker room at the gym. She faced away from everybody as she changed into her gym clothes. She made sure to bring a shirt to wear over her Belly Belt. She locked her valuables in the locker and turned around. She tried looking down but couldn’t help but notice another woman in the corner of the locker room. She was wearing a Belly Belt. The number on the device read “47.6.” Maddie looked down. The woman came up to her.

“What were you looking at?” asked the woman.

“I-I wasn’t looking at you,” lied Maddie.

“Liar. Is there something you want to say to me?”

“J-Just c-curious go what that is c-covering your belly button, that’s all.”

The woman lifted her shirt up to reveal her Belly Belt.

“They call it a Belly Belt. They’re putting these on all the fat people in this country, surprised they haven’t put one on-“ the woman reached and grabbed Maddie’s belly, feeling the device.

“Oh. Seems like you do have one,” said the woman.

“Look around, anybody who seems close to overweight is packing one of these around. I like to guess the number and look when they’re changing. Looking at you, I’m guessing you’re a 38.”

The woman lifted Maddie’s shirt.

“40! Wow, no wonder you’re here.”

Another woman walked over.

“She’s a 40?” the other woman asked.

“Yep. I’m surprised too.”

“Guess mine!” asked the other woman.

“42,” guessed Maddie.

The woman lifted her shirt.

“I wish! 45 for me,” she said.

“Well thank you girls for the educational lesson, but I need to hit the treadmill,” said Maddie. She exited the locker room and went to the treadmills. She put in her wireless ear buds and turned on the treadmill. She tuned in to a TV show she was interested in and started running.

“Working hard, big girl?” asked the thin woman on the adjacent treadmill. Maddie nodded. Her face was red and her heart was beating fast. Her 10 MPH pace was too fast and she knew it.

“Trying to shrink the number on your Belly Belt?” asked the woman.

Maddie turned off the treadmill and took out her ear buds.

“How do you know I have a Belly Belt?” asked Maddie.

“I can see it. Right there,” the woman said, poking at Maddie’s belly.

Maddie, embarrassed, stepped off the treadmill and walked back to the locker room. She was done.

Later that night, Maddie was showering. It felt weird to be naked but wearing something strapped tightly around your middle. She stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror. She dropped her towel and looked at herself.

“Geez... A Belly Belt. How embarrassing,” Maddie said. She used her hands to move around the fat of her belly. She was grossed out and embarrassed. She couldn’t wait to lose enough weight to take it off.
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