being obliged to eat

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BRIEF ACCIDENTS CASE #04: Being Obliged to Eat

Post Title : "a friend of mine who always ate what people offered her"

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posted : Thursday, 16 November 2017
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"Being obliged to eat

Reading this thread reminds me what happened to one of my friends. Story time I guess.

So we all know you're obliged to eat whatever your host has gone to all the effort of preparing for you. What's worse is when they've put love and care into whatever they've made. It's simple: you refuse, you risk offense. So imagine what happens when you, and most of the people you know, happen to mostly be cooks. And another simple thing; when you eat more than you need, you notice it.

This is actually what happened to one of my friends. Her name starts with a D, but let's just pretend she's Daisy. She is literally surrounded by food makers and food lovers. Not only does she love to cook. Her boyfriend at the time loved to cook. Her mother and father aren't cooks, but her grandma was a professional a cook before she retired, so you can imagine what visits are like. One of her friends cooks. Her godmother isn't a cook but apparently buys way too much food and keeps feeding her whenever she visits. One of our mutual friends, let's call her Marissa, has really nice parents who insist on cooking meals whenever someone comes over, and they don't let you leave without trying just about every single homemade product they have (and trust me, it's a lot... I went there one time and afterwards I couldn't believe how sick I felt, it just kept coming lol).

Daisy is kind of a funny girl. She seems really switched on most of the time, but then at the most random moments she seems to get oblivious. I'm not sure if she puts it on or not, but for example when our group of friends all started to reach that age when your metabolism starts to slow, which wasn't even that old really, mid twenties, she didn't act like she realised what was happening. Or like, even when we were younger, she didn't seem to react normally to guys. She'd test them, like, by asking them certain questions, and then whenever she got an answer it was like she wouldn't know what to do with it. Or just didn't want to do anything with it. But with other things, she will be the first one to point out that she's noticed it. It's strange. She's one of my good friends, though, so I'm not being critical or anything.

Actually I should describe her. She's an okay height. Not as tall as a full grown guy, but taller than me (I'm sorta short tho, cos I've got a short torso (I sorta hate it :[ ...) She's got a pretty face, too, kind of like, I don't know how to describe it, but she reminds me sometimes of a stronger jawed Anne Hathaway. It's not like her cups are huge or anything, but she got enough attention in school and I'm really jealous of her long legs :(((((((. It feels weird to be typing about her this way, but the story is about her changing appearance, so... I sorta have to.

The first time I noticed Daisy's habits was when five of us were sleeping over at hers one night before graduation, studying for our finals. Her parents weren't home, we had the house the ourselves, and aside from just hardcore studying (we were good students), there was so much food. Now that I think of it, it's amazing the supply never ran out. But basically we had way too much into the middle of the night and passed out after giggling at the size of each other's bellies.

Closer to graduation, I noticed she kept bringing these like really big containers of food in for lunch. She'd have one for morning break and one for lunch, and then some for going home as well. Who needs all that? She said it was just leftovers from home, but now I realise it was more likely stuff she'd taken home from others people's places or made herself. But anyway, on graduation day she did something that still confuses me. She showed up for the awards ceremony, which was held in a massive auditorium the school rented out from nearby, and pulled me aside into a corridor near the restroom to talk privately. She looked really worried. I thought, hey, has something bad happened? Instead she asked if it looked like her clothes fit. I asked why. She said 'I think I've gained weight, have I gained weight?' and then she held her arms out and did a twirl looking really frightened.

I have to be honest about these things, so I didn't mess around, I just told her it looked like she had a bloat, but that was all, and that she'd probably be fine and it was nothing to worry about. So basically I said a watered-down Yes.

Then she stopped being nervous and acted like nothing happened. And I know that she knew she had a little belly, and all, so why did she ask me all nervously, and then when I said "yes", why did she act completely different?

The next time I really noticed was a few weeks later at a party to say goodbye to all our classmates. Her outfit was a pair of baggy denim shorts and a pale blue button shirt tied in a knot. It wasn't so obvious yet, but under the shorts you'd notice her legs looked softer.

Of course she ate heaps at the party.

And probably more for the next months. Me, Daisy and a few other girls went on shopping sprees during pre-Christmas sales at a few malls. We visited one each day for three days.

Day one she showed up late and I didn't think to really notice anything about her.

Day two was the longest. We bought a bunch of cute outfits, and I remember thinking she was a certain size but thinking nothing of it. We ate at the foodcourt and I did, however, notice she brought a tub of cake with her. She said her grandma made it.

Day three we mostly spent time eating good food. The clothes we did buy were cute as though. Actually, that reminds me, I was so embarrassed, but we were waiting for her outside a changing room to see what a pair of these black, high-waisted leather jeans looked like on her. She matched it with a white drape croptop that met the waistband exactly. When she came out she did one of her twirls. So... We'd just had a big lunch. (She ordered food AND ate the leftovers from a barbeqeue her family had cooked last night). So I think that's why when she came out and twirled, the hook on the zipper came undone and everyone saw it! She had a pot belly! Nobody really said anything. She said oops and went back in, then gave up the outfit and kept telling us she hadn't done the button up properly.

I only saw her once again before easter; we were both busy finding work. We both remembered what happened at the mall, but we just laughed about it, it was all good. Then Easter arrived and I swear it was like she gained weight in front of my eyes.

The day before Easter she gave me a lift to a friend's party and must have forgotten to get rid of all the chocolate egg wrappers in her glove box and CD compartment. There were even some left on the floor!!! I remember looking at her in a new light, and realising her belly looked at bit more poofy, and how her legs looked sort of round in tights.

Then, after Easter, all our old friends went to the beach to meet up. (Here in Australia autumn goes into April, so it was still hot). I don't know if she knew what she looked like in her bikini or not, because it was like she knew but didn't care. Her belly was now chubby enough to have pokie love handles, and a roll when she sat down. Her ass wasn't as firm as it used to be. I remember we were all sitting in a line on a bench eating lunch. Once again, Daisy ate the food she ordered AND """leftovers"""" ; from home (which was a container of PUDDING by the way!!!!). By then we were back into a our normal gear, though some of us to lesser extents. Daisy just put shorts on and wrapped a towel around her upper body. Then she got too hot and dropped it, letting her belly show. One of our friends, let's call her Angela, likes to say whatever she's thinking. She said, 'You've got a food baby!' then poked Daisy's belly, and when her finger actually sank into soft fat, she said, 'What the? You've put on actual fat!'

Then Daisy (love her to bits) just swiped Angela's hand away and said nothing about it.

Couple of weeks later, I was there when someone bought it up to her boyfriend at the time (let's call him Harry). I think we expected him to be offended, or get really awkward, but he just shrugged it off.
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