belle’s fantasies

Chapter 1 - care

Belle had just woken up in the morning right next to the love of her life, Danny. They had both fallen asleep after a hard week, but with it finally being the weekend, she was ecstatic to get a start on her plans.

She hopped out of bed and threw on Danny's hoodie to make breakfast for them. Though she wasn't the best cook by any means, she loved to care for Danny. She had a feedism kink. The thought of having this kink scared her so she did everything she could to figure out where it rooted from. When she finally figured out it was from the negligence she underwent in her childhood, she felt less ashamed. Danny has no idea about the kink. Belle know he would at least be supportive but she was terrified that if she told him, he would not indulge in the food she makes anymore. She simply loved to watch, and observe him as he fed himself because it made her feel like she was being trusted by him, and also as if she was keeping him healthy and spoiled, things she never got as a child.

As she whipped up some pancakes and cooked some sausage, made eggs, toast, and poured complementary chocolate milk, she smiled in pleasure at the thoughts of once again tending to Danny. The table was set and she went in to wake Danny. He was laying on his side and he was in a far deeper sleep than she could imagine. It took her a couple shakes to awaken him, which was uncomfortable because she was very shy. He greeted her sweetly and grabbed her by the waist to hug her. She told him she had made breakfast for them and he gave her a sincere look as he tossed the blankets off of his body to expose this olive skin of his torso.

I walked him into the kitchen and sat him down, and we began to eat our meal. He slouched in comfort as he ate everything i set fourth for him. He exclaimed he was starving because he hadn't eaten the night before after he got home from work. He seemed to be very grateful for Belle's kind gesture.

Belle finished her meal several minutes before Danny. She continuously slipped he leftover food still on the table under his chin for him to dive into next, and she watched in desire as his belly expanded to begin to reach over the waistband of his shorts.

He finished around one hour later. He leaned back in his chair and rested one hand on his belly. "That was amazing," he said as he gestured Belle over to embrace her once more. He stood up and hugged her neck, and she wrapped her arms around him, feeling for his nonexistent love-handles. Somewhat disappointed, she decided it was time to tell Danny what she really desired. She walked him over to the couch so they could talk.
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