bellows farm, the three

chapter 1

Jill, Sarah and Jane worked together at Designs, Inc. a small data/internet company. They were all about to board a plane to make a “make or break” presentation to a company called DynaTech in a town called Bellows Farm, Mississippi.

Jill was slim, though seven months pregnant. She had been diligent about controlling her weight while pregnant. She struggled not to let any cravings or hunger drive her to gain weight. Though in her third trimester, she had managed to only gain fifteen pounds. Her thighs were slim and firm, as was her bottom or booty. She did have a tummy bulge, but quite modest given how far along she was. Her husband, wanted her to let go, at least somewhat and not worry so much about her weight, but Jill didn’t listen.

Sarah, was also slim and the shortest of the three women and the youngest being just hired on full time after being an intern. She was only five foot two inches tall and weighed only one hundred and four pounds. She had a flat smooth stomach/belly, slim, firm thighs and a tight little booty/bottom. She worked out a lot to keep herself slim. She felt is she gained any weight, her boyfriend would break up with her.

Jane was the oldest of the three and the head of the company. She also was very slim, actually you would have to say skinny. She loved to run long distant races, usually ten “Ks”. She wanted to work up to marathons and dieted constantly, as she put it, “I don’t want to carry any extra weight if I don’t have to.” Jane didn’t have time for any relationships outside of work and running.

On the weigh down to Bellows Farm, Jane talked to her associates, as she referred to them. “Ladies, we need to look sharp tomorrow morning, please dress professionally and be prompt.” Sarah and Jill nodded, Sarah asked, “Jane, what about the rumors about people especially women gaining weight in Bellows Farm?” Jane sighed, “Ladies, some people, especially in the Deep South, tend to over eat, I’m sure that’s the problem down here. Just eat as you would at home, get some exercise, though I didn’t see any facilities for working out on the hotel’s website.” Jill piped up, “Where are we staying?” Jane replied, “The Bellows Farm Inn, they have a shuttle to pick us up at the airport and also will take us to the DynaTech offices in the morning and back in the evening, it’s very convenient.”

They arrived at the airport and caught the shuttle to the Inn. Jane led the way as they checked in. Jane was disappointed that the desk clerk was an adorable, plump young woman. She had always felt that overweight people, merely ate too much and that was why they were overweight or fat. Jane asked, “Where are the work out facilities?” The desk clerk giggled, “Oh there aren’t any, I’m afraid. We do have swimming pools, right out here though.” Jane huffed, “Really, that’s surprising to me.” She did remember that the DynaTech people had recommended the Inn and the rate was a bargain. The clerk merely shrugged. She was thinking though, “I can’t weight to see these skinny women in a couple of days,” giggling to herself.

It was hot, as usual, Jane asked, “Did you ladies bring swim suits?” Both Sarah and Jill responded that they had. “Let’s meet down here in twenty minutes and go for a swim.” The three went off to their respective rooms, which were all next door to each other.

Sarah had a bikini with a very small panty, but she thought that Jane wouldn’t mind. Jill had a maternity bikini, since she had watched her weight so diligently, it was almost baggy on her. Jane had a bikini as well showing off her hard body.

They got down to the pool and found some chaises to lie in. It didn’t take long before the heat got to them and Sarah suggested; ”Let’s get in the pool and cool off.” They got in and all three swam a couple of laps. Jill was the first hit with the chemicals and enzymes, she started feeling very hungry in only a few minutes. She brushed off the feeling, but soon was feeling ravenous. She saw the buffet, “Jane and Sarah, I’m really hungry all of a sudden, I’m going to go over to the buffet over there and get something to eat.” She got out and started, nearly running toward the buffet, before Sarah or Jane could say anything. Jane said, “What’s gotten into her, she’s usually so careful about eating between meals?” Sarah was curious too, but she too was now feeling very hungry. “I don’t know either. It is out of character for her to eat this time of day, but I’m hungry now too.” Sarah got out and headed for the buffet.

Sarah looked around for Jill. She was stunned when she saw Jill seated in front of huge plate with macaroni and cheese piled high, two cheese burgers and two bratwursts. Jill had a cheeseburger in one hand taking bite after bite and a bratwurst in the other. A very fat waitress set down a twenty-four ounce glass of sweet tea. The waitress smiled at Sarah, noticing her slim figure, “Young lady, please sit down with your friend, I’m sure your hungry too.” Sarah walked over and sat down, still staring at Jill gorging herself. The waitress brought over a huge glass of sweet tea, “Here dear, drink some of this, I’m sure you’re thirsty.” Sarah took a sip, then chugged the whole glass down, which the waitress promptly refilled. “The same plate for you dear?” Sarah merely nodded reaching for the glass again.
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