bellysex (part 1)

Chapter 1 - 1

"Young fit guy seeks bouncy plump girl for lots of fun. Call me on 077** ******."

Leafing furtively through the local paper, Joe was thrilled to see that his advert had made it in this week. He dropped the paper on the table as he heard footsteps in the hall, and seconds later his girlfriend El shut the living room door behind her, smiling as she saw him reading that same old copy of his favourite rock magazine.

"Surely there isn't a single word in that thing you haven't read."

Joe put the magazine on the coffee table, on top of the newspaper. "I like to re-read," he smiled nonchalantly. He ran his eyes appreciatively over El's slim body. She really was beautiful. Blue eyes shone vibrantly amid her curly blonde hair, her marble-chiselled shoulders and rounded breasts shaking as she giggled. Her flat stomach shimmied towards him as she crossed the room, and for a moment he imagined that it was a plump little potbelly, bouncing along with her breasts as she walked. He dismissed the tingle in his crotch as the illusion disappeared.

The day was hot and she was wearing only a blue bikini-top and khaki shorts, her smooth thighs captivating as they brushed softly together. She sat down next to him on the soft leather sofa and he put a lazy arm around her, stroking the pliant skin of her waist.

"I love days like these," she murmured huskily. "Nothing to do, except... enjoy each other's company..."

In moments they were kissing hungrily, and he felt the rise and fall of her succulent breasts as they pressed eagerly against him. He freed them from their soft blue prison and began to kiss her pink nipples, lapping his tongue over the smooth skin of her quivering bosoms as she ran her hand over his crotch, grasping through the fabric at the hardness that was growing there. He unbuttoned her shorts and, with a wiggle of her hips, both they and her white knickers lay crumpled on the floor. His clothes soon joined them and his hot cock was in her mouth, her breasts jiggling as she worked him. After a few minutes he lifted her onto his lap so that she sat astride him on the large sofa, his fat dick pressing gently against her stomach. She was panting like an animal and her boobs heaved freely. Slowly she raised herself up so that the throbbing red head just touched the hungry pink lips of her shaven pussy. And then, slowly, she began to lower herself onto him, her thighs tightening around him as his shaft slid slowly inside her. As he filled her she released a little squeal of pleasure and lust, and he began to pump her hot pussy, thrusting deep inside her as she rose up and sank down in a rhythmic motion like a ship riding on powerful swell waves. Now she was on her back, her legs hooked over his shoulders so that her stomach was scrunched up, almost giving it the appearance of quaking rolls of fat. He pumped her boiling hot loins ever harder, and she climaxed again and again, the waves of pleasure breaking over her body and filling her ears with roaring noise, mingling with her own heedless squeals of pleasure. Finally, transfixed by her folded stomach and shaking breasts, he exploded, pumping his red-hot load deep inside her and forcing her to a writhing, gasping orgasm that was even greater than those that had come before.

After her screams had died away they lay together on the sofa, his hand resting on her belly. He pressed his fingers gently into the firm flesh, imagining once again that it was encased in a layer of delectable fat, a rounded little paunch rising and quivering plumply with every breath.
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