berry brothel: self-service

Chapter 1 - Prolog

Marissa felt the breath leave her body. The bracing cold of the air conditioning washed over her as she entered the casino. It was hot outside on the strip so the temperature change left her vision a little spotty. As Marissa’s vison cleared she felt like she had fallen into a Candyland board. Clusters of lollipop trees grew to the ceiling, surrounded by rings of video slot machines pinging and whirling. a chocolate river ran through the center and the peppermint forest kids arcade blinked toward the back. The Candy Casino was one of the newer buildings on the Las Vegas strip catering to families rather than just male gamblers.
Marissa saw several men look up from the games and give her a once over. Drinking in her tight body model-esce body like one of their overpriced cocktails. Marissa ignored all of this and walked over to a small plain door labeled “inventing room”. She kept herself in shape for social lubrication it provided and little else, the feeling of the tourists checking her out barely registered to her, especially this close to her freedom. Only when she was on vacation could she come here and live her true self,if only for a few hours. Her hand trembled slightly in excitement as she pressed on the door.
The door leads to a back area of the casino. the garish colors and theming giving away to white and gray cinder block and cement floors. a few turns and she came to an elevator which took her down to her final destination, the main lobby of the Berry Brothel. The lobby was decorated comfortably but not extravagantly like the lobby of a movie theater believing the technology and fantasy beyond. Marissa walked up to the counter where a woman sat in front of a computer. This woman seemed normal apart from two rather large details. One her greatly exaggerated curves, breasts that must be at least an Z cup. sitting on a tiny waist and supported by hips, ass and thighs that looked as if they would have trouble getting through a slightly narrow doorway. and Two the woman’s skin was blue bright cerulean. the woman smiled at Marissa “Hi, what can I do for you tonight sugar”.
Marissa was slightly nervous, this wasn’t her first visit to the brothel but it still gave her a nervous thrill to simply ask for what she wanted. “I want a self-service weight gain-humiliation room please” she spoke quickly in a rush, excitement starting to build.
“Sure thing dear” the woman replied, her face placid as if Marissa was ordering a cup of coffee, rather than a chemical induced personalized masturbation session. “Do you want a Human Demon or AI”
“Sorry, Hun just a private joke. Do you want a virtual Dom or a Real one?
“Virtual is fine”
“Male, Female or Andro? Or do you want something more specific? Bitchy cheerleader and the like?”.
Marissa was going to say it didn’t matter to speed up the process, her excitement was getting the better of her, but then she had a thought “could it be me?”
The woman blew a bubble from the gum she was chewing “Sure no problem. Really going all in the self in self-service huh?”
Marissa laughed “yea, I guess I am”
“You want an audience? You get a discount.”
Marissa considered it. “Not this time maybe next one”
The woman nodded, punching a few more keys on her keyboard, her massive breast jiggling with each key she hit. “total is on the receipt. swipe your credit card here. The charge will be for a room upstairs at the casino where you and your belongings will be taken after you are finished.” She produced a paper cup with a handful of pills, a small bottle of water and a temporary tattoo of a barcode. “here take these and then head round back to the clothing check”
Marissa followed the woman’s instructions, swallowing the pills in one handful with the water then heading to choose an outfit for her experience. She chose a white, male undershirt sky blue blouse and a pair of black dress pants. Checking herself out in the mirror, She felt like a young professional that had just gotten off work and was heading home to relax with TV and a glass of wine. After changing, the woman at the clothing check helped her apply the temporary tattoo to her left wrist just above her hand, then scanned it, placing a match on the bag with her clothing then directed her to her room.
The room was small and plain about the size of a corner office. The walls, ceiling and floor were all a glossy black. Extending from one wall was a large table also glossy black ending in a loveseat and end table. The loveseat had been modified and two circles were cut into the seat. The circle closer to the rear revealed a hard point to connect various anal penetration toys that were laid out on the end table. Marissa ignored these. Focusing instead on the hole closer to the edge, which was set up for either vaginal penetration or a vibrating head, which were also laid out on the table. Marissa’s hands were shaking as she selected a vibrator with a pattern setting and mounted it to the loveseat, positioning herself so it would touch between her legs when she sat forward. Kicking off her shoes she made herself comfortable. On the inside of the loveseat were two buttons, one green, one red. Start and stop. Marissa took a deep breath to quell her excitement and pressed the green button.
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XxSecretFatB... 7 months
That place sounds fantastic. Can’t wait for the next chapter
Stranger122 4 days
I wish it was real too