big beefy businesswoman

chapter 1- biggest day of my life

Hi I’m Caroline, the owner of Chapman Pharmaceuticals and this is the story of how I took over from my father as the tycoon of the organisation. It’s fair to say it was a life changing experience in more ways than one

I had always been very close with my father, from an early age he was passionate about protecting the health of the people. He graduated from university with a degree in health and social care and this would eventually lead to him setting up Chapman Pharmaceuticals. When I was born he went to great lengths to ensure that I knew how to look after my health in later life and i would start to take an interest in the work he did. I eventually became his heiress to the owner role of the company when he decided to move on.

That day eventually came when I was in my mid 30’s. My father was now approaching the retirement age of the mid 60’s and it was time for him to hand the reigns over. I knew the day was coming but I still wasn’t prepared for the day that he officially announced his retirement. “Caroline” he said afterwards “this company is now yours, I’ve had a good run but now it’s time for me to step down and go and enjoy my retirement”. Even though I knew it was coming it still hit me like a shockwave. “Father I am honoured to be continuing the family business and I promise that I will not let down”

There was one thing missing from my life though. While I loved protecting the health of the public I also wanted to become a big girl. I was always a slim and trim woman mainly because of my mother who wanted to keep my weight in check. However she didn’t know that I would sneak down to the kitchen every night and have a mini-feast in my bedroom because I was so good at tidying the mess I made. What I didn’t know at the time was my father knew I liked this fattening sensation and while he didn’t agree with it he just wanted to see me be happy. After I’d promised I wouldn’t let him down he replied “I have no doubt that my BIG girl is going to be a BIG success in running my company” he laughed. I had no idea why he was putting so much emphasis on the word big but I thought nothing of it and I started to turn his head office into my personal quarters. It’s fair to say I added a bit more colour to it than he ever had.

When I was finished I settled into the big red chair as the new boss of Chapman pharmaceuticals, unaware that this was only going to be the first big change in my life....
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