big girl on camp (preview)

chapter 1

It was 7am sharp and the buzz of excited college students filled the air. Several buses pulled into the car park to a chorus of cheers. While days and nights spent studying awaited them, the weekend ahead was an early promise of summer fun and friends. O week had officially arrived!

Feeling my back seize up from the wait I stretched before nudging Carl.

“Where’s Stella gone?”

He raised an eyebrow at me before gesturing towards a familiar face. In the span of 1 and ½ hours she’d somehow managed to wrangle herself a small group of friends – a shy looking girl and a comparatively far more animated guy. We both laughed and I shook my head. An extrovert would be putting it lightly, but I was secretly thankful. I’d always admired her ability to befriend nearly anyone, it saved me putting my foot in my mouth.

“That woman could talk her way out of a fucking inquisition aye,” he bit his tongue.

“I know right, I don’t know how she does it.”

Carl had grown uncharacteristically quiet before putting his hands in his pockets.

“She’s one of a kind.”

Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow, but I left it alone when I saw Stella coming back with her two new friends. They introduced themselves and I immediately saw what drew Stella to Dennis. The pair dominated the conversation with growing excitability over what was in store for O week camp. Inez pushed her hair out of her eyes before giving us all a soft “hi”.

Not wanting her to feel left out Carl and I respectively asked what she was most looking forward to this weekend and what she was studying. She seemed to perk up a little and talked about her interest in film and theatre, listing off a few names that went over my head but seemed to pique Carl’s interest. Before I could ask what mise en scène was I was cut off by a loud whistle.

“Hello and welcome O week camp crew!” a nasally voice cut through the wall of noise “I’m sure we’re all very excited, but first things first we do have a few ground rules to ensure this camp goes as smoothly as possible. Firstly, we only accept beer, cider and premixed alcohol at the site – if anyone is carrying spirits or hard liquor of any kind please speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Needless to say, that was the quietest the students had been since their arrival. I heard Stella giggle quietly and gave her a playful shh. She poked her tongue out at me as the co-ordinator listed off some of the other rules.

“No drugs and no leaving the premises without notifying a camp leader, who will introduce themselves once we’re there. Finally, in the spirit of safety and inclusivity, we are asking for no more than 2 people per tent so please find a tent buddy now. That is all!”

In a group of 5 we were met with the problem of having to find another partner. Almost certain we wouldn’t get away with three of us in a tent I volunteered, fairly confident that Stella and Dennis were going to pick each other and figuring that Carl might as well stick with Inez – he was better at getting to know people than I was and I couldn’t see her feeling comfortable trying to find a new tent buddy.

Carl patted me on the back in gratitude before I looked for a new partner. Three girls to my left started having an argument whilst the guys ahead were clearly a group of four… which is when I noticed her.

She was short but easily twice the breadth of the other girls on campus, with even the chubbier ones looking comparatively slim to this blubbery babe. She was wearing a tight-fitting canary yellow crop with sleeves that sat off her shoulders. Her sleeves pinched her upper arms leaving some of her arm fat squeezed in and the rest spilling over the top of the cut-off and spilling off her arm like wobbly wings. This pampered piggy had such ample padding that multiple layers of back fat were visibly constricted by her top, leading down to her soft flaring hips that sloshed with every movement she made.

Her light blue shorts sat just below her waist, as to whether this was intentional or just the result of her ample ass forcing her shorts down with every waddling step, I wasn’t sure. They only covered a small portion of her jiggly thighs, so I could only assume she was comfortable enough in her body to show it off. That or she was in complete denial of how big she was, after all those clothes were starting to really struggle to keep her modestly covered.

I couldn’t decide which I liked more.


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