big pig bakery

Chapter 1 - big pig bakery

It wasn't until Makayla could no longer tie her apron around her waist that she truly noticed how fat she had become.

She had always been a bigger girl; at 5'7" and 195lbs, she sported a chubby belly and thighs that rubbed together so intensely that holes wore in all her pants in no more than a month. She could move around quite easily though, and considered herself an active and hardworking person. That's why she put in so many hours at Big Pig Bakery, her new job a block away from her apartment. The owner of the bakery, a kind man named Daniel, taught her to make the most delicious cookies, cakes, breads and other carb loaded treats she had ever tasted. At the end of the day, he always made sure that Makayla took at least three bags full of leftovers home with her.

"You work so hard here and this is the least I can do in return," Daniel insisted, shoving packages of baked goods into her arms. "Besides, you don't want all this good food going to waste, do you?"

Too polite to refuse, Makayla took what she was given back to her apartment and began incorporating it into her daily eating. Muffins and Danishes for breakfast, thick sandwiches on sourdough for lunch, slices of Italian bread soaked in oil with dinner, half a dozen cookies and a piece of cake for dessert. Thus began her descent into utter fatness. Two brownies became six, a piece of cake became the entirety of it. As the weeks went by, the more Makayla ate and the bigger her appetite became.

It didn't take long for the consequences of her eating habits to appear on her body. First came the appearance of a muffin-fed muffin top spilling over the sides of her too tight panties. The button on her jeans strained against the push of her quickly ballooning gut, yet she didn't think anything of it.

"Must have shrunk in the wash," she thought to herself, sinking her teeth into a bagel topped with half a container of cream cheese.

Even when the button busted a few days later, Makayla just kept eating. Her belly spilled far into her lap when she sat down. Her arms grew heavy, biceps softening into puddles of flab, forearms widening to the point her hands seemed to just poke out of them. Her hips grew to big for average chairs. Her ankles all but disappeared under layers of fat. Her head sat nestled in rolls of neck fat and triple chins wobbled as she chewed more, more, more, constantly shoveling food into her greedy hole. One thing was clear: she was beyond fat. Makayla had become a humongous, obese ball of lard, a product of her own uncontrollable gluttony.

Just when it seemed she couldn't spend more time each day eating, Daniel told her to start snacking while she worked.

"A growing young lady like you needs to keep her energy up." He watched her struggle to catch her breath after walking - or rather waddling- across half the shop. Her work shirt with the bakery's logo of a cartoon pig holding a cupcake on it was at least three sizes too small. It left most of her wobbling stomach exposed, and her arm fat bulged at the sleeves.

"Thank you. I've been feeling very tired lately," she panted. "Would you mind helping me tie my apron? It's hard to reach for some reason."

He took the apron from her and attempted to wrap the ties around her hips. There was enough room before for lots of space left over and now it was about twenty inches too short. "It looks like I'm going to have to run out and get you a new apron. Let's close while I'm gone; you need to take a break. I just finished making a tray of cinnamon rolls. Go to the back and enjoy one."

As Daniel left, Makayla hauled herself to the kitchen. On the counter there was a tray of freshly iced rolls, still warm. She felt her mouth water as she took one and gobbled it down in a few bites. The escasty of eating made surges of pleasure ripple through her massive body. It was incredibly delicious, maybe more delicious than anything she ate before. Her stomach gurgled loud, not yet feeling satisfied.

"Alright, maybe just one more..." She practically swallowed down the next pastry, sucking the sugary icing from her chubby fingers. Then she ate a third, then a fourth...

Half an hour later, Daniel found Makayla spread out on the floor with an empty tray on top her belly and a blissful expression across her extra wide face.

"Just look at you, Makayla! When I said you could have a cinnamon roll I didn't mean you could devour all of them," he scolded as if everything occurring wasn't his exact plan all along. He rubbed her warm, tight belly in wide circles. "What a fat pig you've become! I don't know how you let yourself go like this. You're absolutely shameless." She belched and her whole body jiggled from the force of it. Daniel couldn't hold back a smile. "I bet you're really thirsty after all that sugar and dough, aren't you, porker?"

She moaned a pitiful "yes" between heavy panting.

"You just relax. I have a gallon of cream and a funnel with your name on it."
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