birthday present

Chapter 1

Leona... the name was music on your tongue. Until it turned to poison.

Her bright red dress stood out on the dance floor. Tonight was her birthday, so her thoughts were focused on only one thing: finding her next victim. She scanned the crowded techno club, passing over the heroin-chic tramps without a second glance. They wouldn't do for a birthday present. She wanted something more...

“I’-i’m sorry, but do you have any diet coke?”


Leona grinned as she zeroed in on the insecure fatty at the bar. As they waved at the bartender for a drink, their love handles fell out of their too tight top. They blushed, jerking the shirt back down. The stylish clothes were way too snug for their chubby body. The unfortunately named “skinny-jeans” fell down over their fat ass, and their shirt rode up with every movement. How on earth did they even manage to squeeze their bulk into that outfit?

Slipping up behind the fatty, Leona traced a finger along the exposed inch of flesh between their hem and their waistband. “Hey there, beautiful. Name's Leona.”

The fatty squealed in alarm and jumped away, face burning red.

“Oh come on,” Leona teased. “I gave you my name, don't leave me hanging.”

They swallowed, lost in Leona's vibrant green eyes and impressive cleavage. “B-b-bec…”

“Well, Buh-buh-bec,” Leona slid her hands around Bec's bulging waistband. “Care for a dance?”

Bec nodded dumbly, letting Leona drag them toward the dance floor. Leona used her body to her advantage, riling Bec up with her undulating dance. Just as she hoped, they couldn't take their eyes off her. Bec's dancing grew more bumbling and awkward by the moment, their face a mask of lust. “Sorry,” they panted. “I'm not very good at this.”

“That's okay,” Leona said, whipping them close. “I like clumsy dancers.” She squeezed a love handle. “Provided it's for the right reasons.” She swooped Bec down into a dip-


Bec's shirt seams gave out, sending their belly jiggling out into the open. Face burning, they pulled away from Leona, covering their shame. They stumbled toward the bathroom, wobbling with embarrassment.

Leona grinned. She loved a good chase.
Bursting into the bathroom after them, she slammed Bec against the sinks in a kiss, squeezing and caressing their exposed belly.

“Y-you're not supposed to be in here,” Bec gasped between kisses.

“I know,” Leona said. “But it's my birthday.” She reached around and gave Bec's ass a hearty squeeze. Bec squealed. “And I just found my present.”


Leona refilled Bec's champagne glass. Bec leaned back against her bed frame, head spinning, belly straining against Leona's borrowed cardigan. They looked so perfect against the red silk sheets, the lamplight playing over their chubby cheeks as they lapped the last of the cupcake crumbs off their fingers.

Leona's chef rushed forward with another tray to replace the empty one. Bec’s eyes widened in awe and greed at the fresh selection. “Sorry about them,” Leona said to Bec, playfully slapping the chef's wide wobbling ass as they waddled away. “They just can't stand to see a visitor go hungry.”

Bec nodded vaguely, already reaching for another cupcake. Leona wrapped her arms around them, pushing back against the mattress, both hands cupping their glorious ass. She kissed up Bec's chubby neck, feeling the heat rise as her fingers caressed where none had likely gone before. She untangled her arm to refill Bec's cup-

“No, I -urp- shouldn't,” Bec said. “I'm too much of a lightweight.”

“Well, you’ll never be a heavyweight without some practice,” Leona teased, tipping the glass down Bec's eager throat. Their belly rumbled from the bubbles. Leona laughed, but her eyes were ravenous as she gripped Bec's grumbling gut.

“Here, let me help you finish getting out of those clothes.” Her fingers crawled under Bec's shirt, ripping the seams further, popping the straining button on their jeans. Bec moaned as their flab spilled outward. Their belly rumbled again.

“Still hungry?” Leona grabbed another cupcake, pressing it against Bec's lips. Bec opened obediently, swallowing it whole, lost in the fog of alcohol, lust, and greed. “What an appetite you have,” Leona says, grinning as Bec moaned in ecstasy. “More?”

Before Bec could answer, Leona pressed two more sugary cupcakes into their mouth, kissing their bulging cheeks as they struggled to chew. Bec reached for more, straining over their bulging belly, pant seams groaning.

“No no, little piggy,” Leona laughed. “Let me.” She settled on Bec's lap, pinning them down with her juicy thighs, feeding them tray after tray of cupcakes. Bec's belly swelled bigger and bigger, their ass bursting out of their too tight jeans... Leona tipped the whole champagne bottle into Bec's mouth, pressing them back against the mattress. Bec drank, drank, drank, their eyelids fluttering.

Belly bulging, bottle empty, laying on a bed of cupcake wrappers, Bec finally slipped into a deep, deep food coma. Leona ran her hands over the red, swollen belly. “Chef,” she said. “I think our guest is ready for the straps.”

The chef sighed and wobbled off.

Leona traced the fresh stretch marks, singing softly to herself, “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeee…”
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LovesBigTummy 3 weeks
Fantastic story. I'll have to read your other ones
Lardprincesss 3 weeks
Superb, will it go a few pages?😍😍
BelliesGetti... 3 weeks
So glad you like it! Sadly, this is a short one, only three pages. But I'm working on something longer right now ;D