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Chapter 1 - entry #1: my first night (true story)

Hey there Feederites!

For my first entry, I'm gonna share the experience I had early last year that pretty much brought out my naughty side and sealed my fate as a Daddy Dom. I know what you're thinking..."BlackBear, this is a Feeder site...Why are you sharing something primarily Dom/Sub?" Well, kids, I ain't that much of a feeder yet, but I am more than enough a Dom, so I thought I'd open this door into my life so you see what I'm about. Now HUSH! lol

Now, sexually, my default setting will always be the "Daddy Dom", still dirty and dominant, but a little nurturing, with a "Daddy wants his dirty little princess" kind of mindset. But I've always wanted to explore my darker more primal side. Well I got my chance around the start of 2016

I was talking to this short and sexy, plump and juicy green-eyed submissive girl on Kik for a long while and we dabbled in a little online playtime till we eventually decided it wasn't enough and took steps to meet up and have a little hands-on playtime. She booked a hotel, this real swanky four-star place a ways outta London, and we both waited till that fateful night

I knocked on the door to our room with a bottle of rum, a bottle of Coke and a pair of fake fangs in (I showed them to her on Halloween and she wanted me to wear 'em) She answered wearing a collar, a sexy bit of lingerie and the words "Daddy's Pet" written on those thick thighs of hers. I walked in and cracked open the bottle and after a couple drinks we started making out. Then after a couple more, we just couldn't wait any longer and playtime began

She brought a little suitcase of her toys and I used every one of them on her, one time even binding her up and leaving them inside her on full power and watching her writhe in helpless ecstacy on the bed while I had another drink. Eventually the rum started to get to our heads and we ditched the toys altogether, enjoying our bodies in every way. That's when the animalistic side of me came out

We ended up biting and scratching each other as we fucked like beasts in heat. She was at my mercy and she loved every moment of it, moaning and grunting like mad

"Breed with me, Daddy!" she groaned. "I'm your mindless little piggy! I wanna know nothing else but your cock! Give me your seed and put a baby in me! Feed me till I'm too big to move! Fuck my brains out and make me yours. Make my belly grow bigger for you! I love you Daddy!" She wrapped her soft thick thighs around me so I couldn't pull out even if I wanted to...and, God as my witness, I didn't want to. I fucking came...BUCKETS into her!!

This went on over and over all night. By the time we were done, we were sweating like crazy with a few marks we left on each other to remember us by. She was quivering against me as we made out some more before we passed out. I came so hard and so much, I thought I really did get her pregnant, but she was on the pill, so it was fine

I will never forget that night, We met one more time for a long weekend a couple months after that, but an unfortunate change in circumstances forced us to break contact and we haven't talked or met since. Needless to say it was painful for us both. Haven't had an experience like it since and even now I wish we could've made it work somehow, but thanks to her, I've developed a borderline hunger for the larger lady and also because of her, I'm the dom I am today...The "Daddy" with a Dark Side 😉😈

Whew! What a story, huh? Hope you liked reading this little peep into my life. Till next time always remember...

"Everyone hides a beast inside. Let's see if yours plays well with mine"

Sayonara ;)

- Kik: blackbear26 -

P.S: On the off-chance she sees this...You know where to find me, baby ;) lol
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