bloating the sub-piggy to excess

Chapter 1 - piggy prep

Tabitha was so inundated with fat that she was constantly panting in exhaustion from the sheer force her massive, fat-engorged body placed on whatever remained of her frame.

Her Domme Feeder, who had a lust for feeding her as excessively and as unhealthily as possible, was as relentless as she was focused. Her focus was entirely on showing love, affection, dominance and arousal by feeding her like the pig her feedee was portrayed as, in spirit and crude appearance. Tabitha, for the sake of reducing her to a hyper-gluttonous blob that simply consumed food by her hand, was lewdly dressed for the role. She had a pair of novelty pig ears, a replica log snout on her nose, a massive pink gown that still couldn't cover the outermost belly shelf from pouring out of the bottom and spilling out onto the bed between her shins (even further when stuffed or bloated, typically both as she was always pushed to the limits and always was funneled shake after a meal), and a pair of pressure socks colored in pink with hooves painted onto the toes. She loved taking up the role, as she got immense pleasure from being teased for eating like a pig and mindlessly consuming food in a gluttonous trance that is only broken when the force feeding ceases or she's thrown into a coma from intense digestion.

Despite what her body endures on a daily basis, Tabitha was not a gainer at heart. She simply was a submissive to a Domme that had a extremely reckless but enjoyably decadent focus on feeding her. Given that she was fed almost exusivy a crash diet of local fast food, weight gain shake concoctions, and an abundance of assorted snacks to consume between meals to satisfy her gluttonous urge to consume food like ones breathes air. She ate like a pig, was fed like one, and reveled in being regarded as one with playful disdain and teasing. The ridicule she had to endure the day she found out she accidentally achieved immobility was arousing to the point or orgasm and sweating from sheer erotic verbal stimulation.

Given that yesterday was an all-day binge that put her in a digestion coma three times, today was just going to be a liquid day. Shakes, shakes, shakes. Easy to consume, fun to watch the piggy struggle to consume after awhile, perversely gross to watch her fail to suppress vomiting, and erotic to see her massive belly bloat steadily over time with the constant din of gulps, belches and gasps for air between swallowing. Aside from just inundating her with calories and stacking her belly with even more adipose and cellulite from the fattening mass settling in her, it was always fun to see just how much she could endure being filled with before the limit is hit or she spews all over herself.

While she contently waited in bed, immersing herself in her role and attire, she could her Domme blending pints upon pints of today's calorire-stacking concoction. Gainer shake powder, heavy cream, canola oil, birthday cake batter and protein powder. She could only imagine how much weight she'd gain from whatever she managed to consume during the entire funnel feeding session, counting how many pints she'd be able to bloat herself with.
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