blooming belly

chapter 1

It all started 4 years ago when Mel admitted her feelings for me. She was a good bit shorter than me and had a gorgeous round belly I had longed to touch for the 3 years we had been 'just friends'. Mels ex girlfriend would always give her a hard time about her weight and would never call her beautiful, she was always trying to get her to diet and exercise. I hated the way she treated her. When Mel finally admitted feeling for me I couldn't wait to get her tshirt off and see that big ball of lard that I had been dying to play with!

One thing led to another one evening and finally the shirt was coming off... When she took it off I was almost a little bit disappointed. The big bouncy belly I longed for was actually a lot smaller than her clothes made her look. I would absolutely have to do something about that! She had a cute little overhang of flab and her belly sort of bulged out slightly from under her DD boobs. I was so excited for my secret feeding challenge that awaited me.

Mel and I became closer and closer and eventually moved in together for, now I could really get down to business! I would order Chinese food and fried food from the chip shop almost every night for dinner. At lunch time I would deep fry her chicken and chips. She drank 3ltrs of fizzy juice a day.

She began to blow up!

I didn't notice it at first, it was her family that were saying 'oh Mel, you need to watch your weight, you've never been this size before!'. She would always be upset by these comments but then when I took her to bed and caressed her blubber she felt beautiful because she was making me orgasm so hard.

She went from a UK 16 to a UK 20 in a few months. I bought a tumble drier and explained to her that I was shrinking the clothes when I was doing the washing. When I bought her new clothes I would just cut off the label. I took down the full length mirror in our room and replaced it with one she could only see her head and shoulders in.

Of course she noticed that her slight double chin was now a definite double chin. In fact it was beginning to triple! But fortunately for me, Mel can't say no to fatty foods and fizzy juice. Her belly now protruded out beyond her boobs in a perfect ball and hung low over her pussy. She now had loads of stretch marks all over her mass. She looked fantastic! Sex was more difficult as she couldnt get into positions as easy due to the size of her! I could no longer use the strap on when she was on top of me because her fat belly was too big for the strap on to get anywhere near her vagina.

She used to feel self conscious but now because I have complimented her every single day she comes home and takes her top off, puts on a crop top and hot pants and sits about the house. She looks so fat, it's incredible. She even teases me with her belly now because she has worked out how much I love it. She cradles her fat and moans so loud for me, it is such a turn on! She runs her hands up, down and around her wobbly belly, grabbing handfuls and slapping her mass.

Today Mel is a UK 26. She knows she is no longer a UK 16 but she is convinced she is a UK 20. I love watching her try on things that no longer fit. Watching and hearing her struggle to get her jeans fastened even under her belly.

Now when she takes her tshirt off she is a big plus size woman, one that I've dreamed of for so long! I love hearing her out of breath when she walks anywhere and seeing her struggle to put her socks on cus she can't bend over past her beach ball belly. The other day she had to ask me to help her put a tampon in as she could not reach past her large middle. She didn't seem too bothered by it which absolutely thrilled me.

Mel is fat all over. Stretch marks all over. Her arms are huge, her legs are huge, her chin now droops all the way to her chest so you can't see her neck anymore. But that belly is enormous and so sexy. I know I'm a lucky woman. But I want her to keep getting bigger,
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This is so cute, nice writing smiley