blueberry allergy

chapter 1

(Writer’s Note: Stressing it here since I’m not quite sure how to tag this. This story is about blueberry inflation and I know it’s not an overly popular kink on here, so feel free to skip past this!

It’s loosely based off a roleplay I did many, many moons ago now. I had a lot of fun remembering it and it inspired me to write about it. I’d love to find other people who are into blueberry inflation on here, though! It’d be great to roleplay with someone about it. Unfortunately I had to split this into two parts due to the limit but it’s all one chapter.)

Pippa ogled at the muffins her girlfriend had brought home as a sweet treat for them to share together. They tried not to dabble in too many unhealthy foods yet a muffin each wasn’t going to ruin their figures. She licked her lips as she brought the treat to her mouth, taking a large bite out of the top.

A gush of blueberry filling exploded into her mouth, something Pippa wasn’t expecting. By the time she realised what it was, she had already swallowed her mouthful.

Pippa’s face scrunched up as her stomach gurgled, unhappy with what had just entered it.
“Hey…Sweetie? Is this blueberry filling by chance?” Pippa asked, showing her partly eaten muffin to Jane and the blueberry filling that was oozing out of it.

Jane was just about to take a bit of her own when she lifted her head, “Uh, yeah it is why—” Her eyes widened as she realised. “Oh—Oh I gave you the wrong one! You’re supposed to have this one!” She tore a chunk off of the muffin she was holding to double check that hers was in fact not blueberry.

“It—Should be fine.” Pippa reassured; she knew she was allergic to blueberries but wasn’t quite sure on what the reaction was. “I just feel a bit funny, probably just a stomach-ache. I’ll be right back.”

She got out of her seat to throw away the muffin and wash her hands, yet before she tossed it into the bin she eyed the gooey centre. It looked so delicious, too good to throw out surely. She could deal with a sore stomach for a few hours.

Pippa pushed the rest of the muffin in her mouth quickly before Jane scolded her for eating something she was allergic to, brushing off the crumbs from her cheeks before washing her hands and re-joining Jane in the living room.

Jane frowned as she watched Pippa return, “Did you accidentally get some on your nose?” She asked, spotting a bit of blue on the tip.

She couldn’t recall touching her nose, though she reached up to wipe it off. “Is it gone?” Pippa asked but if anything, it looked even worse.

Jane tutted as she rose to her feet, grabbing a tissue and lightly tabbing it on the end of her tongue to wipe at her nose. Surprisingly though, it still wasn’t budging. Upon closer inspection Jane realised it wasn’t just escaped jelly on her nose, it was her actual skin. Blue hue had now spread all across her nostrils and the bridge, fanning out onto her cheeks.

“U—Uh—Honey—You’re…Turn ing blue…!” Jane could barely get her words out, having never seen anything like it before.

Pippa smirked in response, “Good try, but what kind of allergic reaction turns…People…Blue…” She trailed off as she saw her reflection in the window to find that Jane was right, almost her entire face was blue at this point.

She rushed to the nearest mirror in their hallway to inspect her face more closely, with Jane trailing behind her in worry. Even her eyes, which were usually green, had more of a blue tint to them. As the blue crawled up to her forehead, her hair was also starting to change colour at the roots.

Pippa reached up to rub at her face, desperately hoping it was just some kind of dream and it would wipe off but to her horror she saw that the tips of her fingers were also beginning to do the same.

“I-I should call an ambulance—” Jane piped up, being at the mercy of watching her girlfriend turn blue.

“You think!?” Pippa snapped back, gesturing to herself. Her hair was now an electric blue and it was now spreading down her neck past the collar of her t-shirt. Her entire forearms were also blue and no doubt the same was happening to her legs underneath her sweatpants. It was incredibly ironic that she chose to wear a coordinating blue sweat suit this day in particular.

Jane stumbled to go get her phone while Pippa made her way back slowly to their living room. The pain in her stomach had only gotten worse, it producing all kinds of gurgles and growls as it reacted inside of her.

“They think that I’m prank calling them!” Jane rushed back, phone in hand. “They told me to—Hang up or I’ll get fined!”

Pippa groaned as she clutched her stomach, feeling as though it was beginning to fill with…Something. A liquid of some kind.

“That’s…The least of my worries…Right now…” She panted out, squeezing her eyes shut. “Nrmph…I feel funny…”
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