chapter 1

Intro: Hi, I'm Michael and this is the first chapter about the future with my feedee Bre. Currently, she's about 5' 6" and a pudgy yet small 160 pounds. She has the largest hips and ass around for a girl her weight, so you can only imagine what her proportions will grow to. When she finally reaches obesity and beyond, she'll be the classic pear shaped girls with an ass that doesn't fit any chair.
This story begins four years from now when we both are out of college and I have a stable job to fatten her properly.

Bre and I reside in a large, luxurious apartment that is otherwise normal as on has no way of knowing the feeding naughtiness that goes down here. Of the two bedrooms, one has a king bed that Bre and I sleep on together for the time being. The other contains a special metal reinforced king bed for Bre when she becomes too fat for the two of us to sleep together any longer. Though this is only our second month living together, Bre already weighs in at 205 pounds. Of the $7,000 I make per month, $4,000 goes into her special fattening diet. Bre roams the apartment daily in a bra and panties since there is no use buying her clothes that she will quickly outgrow. It's 9 pm at night which signals her fourth and final feeding session of the day. This one includes a 2,000 calorie weight gain shake, plus a meat lovers pizza. She hastily finishes this huge amount of calories as I rub her gut which is now tight as a drum. I marvel over her stretch marks that have all made an appearance after her rapid weight gain these past two months. She rips a huge burp as I play with her ever-growing gut. "Michael, in all honesty, how fat do you want me?" she asks curiously as she glances at the empty bed.
"I dunno little piggy, what do you have in mind?"
"I've always dreamed of being over 600 pounds babe. Is that too fat for your liking?'
"You bet it's not. I'll make sure you pass 600 EASILY." I smirk and she leans over to kiss me.

More coming soon! Please leave any comments/suggestions/questions that you have
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Karenjenk 5 years
I like this and would maybe like Bre to resist the idea of gaining... at least gaining so much
Theswordsman 5 years
Definitely continue and maybe make it to where she bursts out of her clothes and ends up breaking some firniture as she gets bigger.
VeryFunny 5 years
Pacing is kinda weird. You have some overly descriptive stuff, then a feeding. Apart from that, should turn out good.