Chapter 1 - 'all you can eat'

Looking at your watch you see that you’re twenty minutes early to meet Morgan at the breakfast place.

Oh well, at least I’ve got a book with me to kill some time.

Walking up the stairs to the first-floor restaurant, you walk through the entryway. A friendly waitress leads you to a table. “Have you dined with us before?” she says as you sit down at the nearest chair. “Yea, a few times.” “Great, so you know it’s a one plate limit per visit to the buffet?” She looks at me to make sure I understand. I nod. “Great! what can I get you to drink?”, she whips out a pen from her tight bun and holds it to the paper. “A cup of tea please, I’m afraid I’m a bit early, I’m just waiting for my friend”, you say, as you gesture to the seat across from you. “That’s Ok, it’s a buffet so feel free to go up anytime you like, just call me over when they get here for me to take their drinks order”, she smiles sweetly at me, then replaces the pen into her hair. “Oh, by the way, my name is Janet. Call me over if you need anything”, and with that, she turns to walk back to the bar.

As you take off your coat and set your bag on the chair next to you, you take a moment to survey the restaurant. ‘All day breakfast’ had been around for years, it was a staple of the locals as it was so cheap, and the food was always fresh and delicious. “Here you go, if you need anything else just give me a wave.” Janet sings as she sets the mug brimming with strong tea down in front of you. “Perfect, thanks” you say, smiling back at her. As you reach to the centre of the table to grab the milk, you watch Janet walk across to the table directly opposite you.

“Everything OK over here Chrissy, need another chocolate milk?” Janet says, leaning on the back of a chair. “Oh, yes please Janet. I’m almost halfway through this one!”, “Sure thing Honey”, Janet says as she makes her way back to the bar. As she leaves, you can’t help but stare at the woman sitting across from you. She is one of the fattest women you’ve ever seen.

She must be sitting across two chairs. There’s no way her enormous frame could possibly fit onto one. Not without breaking it anyway.

You continue to watch her, unable to tear your eyes away. She lifts the tankard of chocolate milk to her mouth, draining it at once. Small beads of chocolate milk dribble from the sides of her mouth, and down her wobbling chin. Once empty, she sets the glass at the edge of the table and licks her lips. You see that each of her hands seem to shine with what you can only imagine is grease from the epic serving of breakfast food on the plate before her. After finishing her drink, she beings to enthusiastically shovel forkfuls of sausage, bacon, hash brown, beans, mushrooms, and fried egg into her mouth. She’s so absorbed by eating that you don’t feel rude observing her. Her short brown hair has been tied into pigtails; “appropriate” you think to yourself. Her chubby face wobbles slightly as she rams each forkful into her eager mouth. Suddenly, she changes tactic, placing the fork back on the table, instead reaching for the tower of fried bread strategically placed next to her breakfast plate. Suddenly she begins construction on a breakfast sandwich of champions. First a layer of fried bread, tomato sauce, then six sausages, a few spoons of beans, then a stack of bacon, a fried egg, another squirt of ketchup, then…

No way… is she buttering fried bread?

Placing the final piece on top of her creation, you look back at her face. Her cheeks are pink, and she’s got a wide smile. Placing a chubby hand on the top and squeezing down, you see grease, butter, and beans spill out the sides.

How is she going to eat this without making a huge mess?

You needn’t have bothered asking this question, as she created mess instantly. As she brought the behemoth of a sandwich to her mouth, she opened her mouth wider than you thought possible and took a large bite. As she did, tomato sauce and fat smeared across her cheeks, dropping down onto her white T-shirt which you now noticed was marked with sauce and grease stains.

That’s a brave choice, wearing a white T-shirt knowing that you eat like a pig.

As you notice the stains on her shirt, you can’t help but notice how tight it is. Her arm fat bulged slightly at the arm holes, as your eyes followed her arm back to the sandwich you see the fat wobble as her pudgy hands press the sandwich to her face. Rolls of fat were pressing hard against the material of the shirt across her middle, reminding you of a stack of doughnuts. Each soft ring representing mountains of food this woman has gorged on. After thoroughly inspecting her body, you suddenly remember you’re in public and feel your cheeks turn pink.
Quickly looking back to her face, you can see that she’s… finished the sandwich?

She polished that off very quickly… she must be absolutely stuffed now. I bet she can’t move after that.

Bringing a meaty paw to her face, she wipes her mouth, removing any evidence that she’d just demolished a sandwich large enough to feed a family. However, her stained T-shirt told a different story. “Here you go Chrissy. Wow, that’s got to be a record time for finishing the Chrissy buster” Jenny materialises at Chrissy’s table, brandishing another full tankard of frosty chocolate milk. As she placed it down, you see that it’s been piled high with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. “Yea I know. It seems that my appetite can’t be contained, neither can I,” she giggles as she pats her expansive tummy. Jenny laughs and teasers her “Well your bottomless stomach will always be welcome here. Buffets were made with people with big appetites in mind. Although we might have to extend soon to accommodate for you!” Jenny smiles, squeezing her arm. As she squeezed Chrissy’s arm, you can’t help but imagine what it would feel like to hold it and feel the weight of it. Jenny collects the six plates which have accumulated on her table.

Six? I thought we were only allowed one at a time! I guess there must be exceptions for Chrissy, she obviously has no trouble clearing so much food.

Jenny walks away with the stack of plates and the empty chocolate milk glass. Looking back to Chrissy’s table you notice that she’s trying to get up. With a deep sigh, she leans on the table, which creaks ominously, to help her stand up. As she does so, you can finally take in her appearance from head to toe. She shuffles out from between the chair and table, breathing heavily with the effort. It’s obvious now that her tight T-shirt is a few sizes too small as it rides up, revealing an apron of fat hanging over her form fitting leggings. The leggings sit just below her hips, emphasising a sizable muffin top which spills over the material in all directions. As she waddles away from the table, you notice that her rump is as generous as her tummy. The skin-tight leggings cling to each roll, showing off every wobble of her tree trunk legs as she leaves.

She’s probably going to get the bill. Wow. What a show, I’d pay good money to see that again.

You smile to yourself as you finally bring the book out from your bag and set it down on the table. Taking a sip of the tea, you open to the last page you read. Your intention is to lose yourself in the fantasy world of goblins and mages, however, images of this woman stuffing food into her mouth stick with you, leaving you unable to focus. After a few minutes a loud laugh distracts you. It’s Chrissy. It seems she didn’t leave, it was time for the next round at the buffet. In one hand was a plate, stacked high with pancakes, topped with a generous pat of butter. The other arm was hidden as she seemed to be holding it out behind the bar which was hidden from view “C’mon, a bit more than that! What, does it look like I’m on a diet?!” you hear the sweet laughter once more. “Lovely, thanks Hank” “Always a pleasure” you hear a gruff voice say from out of view, you assume from behind the bar. She brings her arm back into view. From here it looks like a mass of beige sits on top of the white plate. You feel your phone buzz in your pocket, distracting you from the lovely sight, and check it “Hey Andy, sorry, I’m running a bit late! I should be there in about twenty-five minutes? Sorry, traffic is awful!”. You roll your eyes.

If Morgan was ever on time, I’d know that hell had frozen over. At least I don’t have to worry about being bored.

You text them back and put your phone away. Looking over to the bar, you flag down Jenny and she comes bustling over “Everything Ok?” “Yeah, my friend is running late, could I have another cup of tea?” “Sure thing, I’ll be back in a jiff” she scoops up the empty mug in front of you and rushes away. As Jenny leaves, you can’t help but look over to Chrissy’s table. She was sitting down now, as she reaches out to pick up the chocolate milk, you notice that she’s panting.
She’s out of breath after a circuit of the buffet. How did she even get up the stairs?
With lots of breaks and heavy breathing I’d imagine.

As she sets the glass down, she catches your eye. Feeling your cheeks burn, you quickly look down.

Oh no, she’ll think that I was staring at her like a total creep.

“Here you go, you need anything else, honey?” “Oh no, that’s great thanks”. Jenny rips you from your inner monologue as she set’s the steaming mug down in front of you and turns to walk away. Chancing a look at Chrissy, you notice that she’s begun to dig into the beige plate you saw her holding at the buffet. As she’s closer now you can see the plates contents more clearly. A generous base of glistening, crispy, fried potatoes topped with a very thick layer of cheese sauce. You see bits of bacon poking out from between the two layers.

Must be a custom order, I don’t remember seeing that offered here before.

Tearing your eyes away from the feast she’s created, you reach to the middle of the table to grab the milk. Adding a splash to your tea, you stir it and bring it to your lips for a sip. As you raise your head to drink the tea, your eyes go straight back to Chrissy’s eating marathon. It’s like your eyes cannot help but stare and absorb in the magnificent sight. In the time it’s taken to add milk to your tea and stir, she’s almost halfway through the plate of potato and cheese. You can see her left hand is now dripping with cheese sauce, while you watch, she takes a moment to lick every bit of cheese she can find off her thick digits, seemingly taking pleasure in sucking each finger clean. As you watch this gluttonous pig before you, a wave of warmth makes its way up your neck and you feel your face become hot and flushed. As Chrissy continues the messy cycle of shovelling mounds of potato, cheese, and bacon onto her fork, then licking her fingers, you can’t help but imagining feeding her yourself. Images flash in your mind of scooping up the potatoes and thick cheese sauce, stuffing it into her voracious mouth as cheese sauce drips down her wobbling chin and disappearing into her cleavage.

“Excuse me”. Her voice rips you from the fantasy land in your mind.

Oh shit. Caught. Maybe if I just pretend, I was zoning out or something? God, was I drooling? Get a grip!

“Sorry, everything OK?” you say, using all the willpower you can muster to try to sound cool and collected.

“Uhh… yeah. Could you help me out?” Chrissy holds up a maple syrup pourer which seems to be empty. Your brain stutters as it comprehends what’s going on. Your eyes flick to the table in front of her. While you were fantasising about shoving cheese sauce in that big mouth, Chrissy had finished the potato feast and had moved on to the stack of pancakes. You see that the tall stack of pancakes is already shiny with maple syrup.

She wants more??

You grab the maple syrup from your table and walk across until you’re standing next to her. Suddenly you’re overwhelmed with the desire to put the jar of syrup directly in her mouth to watch her guzzle the sweet liquid. You offer her the jar but instead of reaching out to take it she looks up with it, a confident smile on her face.

“Do you mind?” she nods towards the pancakes and leans back. From this new angle, you observe that her t-shirt has rolled up as she sat down, allowing her protruding gut to spread across her lap, almost obstructing her legs from sight. What little you can see of her legs shows the strain of her thick legs as they stretch the fabric to its limit at her inner thigh. You also notice that she is indeed spread across two chairs. Chrissy pulls her arms back from the table, resting her interlocked hands on her stomach. This movement sends ripples across the soft, wobbly expanse of her belly.

She wants me to pour the maple syrup on her pancakes. Is this real?!

After only a moments hesitation you begin to pour maple syrup over the already saturated pancakes. You glance up at her while doing so and notice that she’s licking her lips. As she reaches out and grabs the pancake on top with her hands, you stop pouring.
“No, don’t stop”, she says thickly, chewing her first gargantuan bite. “If you insist.” you muster as you resume pouring syrup on the pancakes. The show is even better up close, from here you can see the fat covering her belly, arms and chins wobble as she greedily devours the first pancake. With syrup trickling from the sides of her mouth and down her chin, you want nothing more than to pick up another pancake and cram it into her gluttonous face. She swallows the last bite and reaches for the chocolate milk, lifting it to her mouth, she takes a deep gulp. The whipped cream on top spreads across her cheeks but as she places the drink down with one hand, she uses the other to press the cream into her mouth, lingering while sucking it off her finger. Burrrp.

“Oh, excuse me. I think I ate that a bit too fast” she covers her mouth with a very innocent expression on her face. Gesturing towards your hand, which was currently hovering over the pancakes, she smirks “All tapped out. Oops, made a bit of a mess!” Looking to your hand, you see that the maple syrup container is empty. The pancakes are swimming in syrup, some overflowing the plate and onto the table beneath, creating shallow pools. “Oh” you say, reaching to get some napkins “I guess I was a little… distracted” you say, feeling your face turn red for the hundredth time today you glance up at her face. “Don’t bother with the napkins” Chrissy swipes up the maple syrup with her fingers and brings them to her lips.

I can’t do this anymore!

“Uhh… excuse me” you clumsily set the maple syrup container on the table and look at your feet to hide your glowing face. Turning from the table, you rush to the nearby bathroom. Thankfully it’s empty, and you make your way to the sink. Turning on the cold tap you make a cup with your hands, leaning down to splash the cool water across your face. After repeating this a few times, you dry off with a paper towel. Staring at yourself in the mirror, you take a few deep breaths.

Is it just me or did she seem to enjoy that too? What a woman. I’d love nothing more than to feed her and fatten her up even more. Just think, If I was with her, she wouldn’t even have to get up, I’d just bring her plate after plate. Ok, cool down. Go back out there and just ask for her number!

Giving yourself a confident nod in the mirror, you take one last deep breath and walk towards the door. As you leave the bathroom you notice that Chrissy’s seat was empty. She’s disappeared, along with the rest of her pancakes.

She can’t have gone up for more, there’s no way she could eat another bite after all that.

As you sit down at your table, you notice Jenny, the waitress, coming across to you. “Still no friend, huh?” “Yeah, they’re always late, but they should be here any minute!” while you’re talking to Jenny, you can’t help but scan the room for Chrissy, after all she’s hard to miss. “Looking for someone?” Jenny says with a coy smile. “Oh, er, no.” You say, embarrassed. “Chrissy asked me to give this to you, she’s gone back to work” Jenny handed me a slip of paper that had been ripped from her own notepad. It was covered in greasy fingerprints but in neat writing was a phone number, just underneath was written ‘How about you watch me have dinner sometime? Who knows, maybe you can admire me from the same table. Chrissy x’. After reading the note you look up and see Jenny walking back to the bar. You see the doorway open and in comes Morgan.

Stuffing the note into your pocket, you stand to greet your friend and make a very keen mental note to text Chrissy as soon as possible.
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