bulking with coach

chapter 1: a good p.e. lesson

Another uneventful day of school was about to end, and my classmates and I made our way over to P.E.

Now, I didn't LOVE physical education, I was never very fit nor did I feel any need to be, but it could be fun sometimes. Our PE teacher/coach, Mr Kerman, was the type you'd see in memes: middle aged ex-jock whose days on the field are long over, as shown by the respectable gut he wore. But I liked him, he was very friendly and made sure that the less sporty kids weren't expected to do as well as the fit ones. Which definetly helped a TON in making PE more enjoyable for me.

This afternoon we'd be playing American Football, a sport I wasn't particularly familiar with (not that that was an exception) And I sorta did my best to keep up with everything that was going on, but I barely managed to catch and throw the ball to my teammates.

At one point coach got us all together for some talk about strats and how to push and defend better.
"And don't forget, when you're defending, the biggest tool you have is your weight. The attacker will push you, and all you have to do is not get pushed back"
Yeah. weight. I got some of that.
"Let's see if we can get someone to demonstrate. Any big guy think he can push me back?" He said that in a cocky tone, challenging anyone to stand up to him. Ain't no way in hell I was going to make a fool out of myself in front of everyone. His eyes locked with mine for a second as he looked around the group and for a brief moment it looked like he was about to call on me, when someone piped up. "Yeah I'll try" Kyle. My saviour. The biggest, most athletic guy in class.

As Kyle stepped up to face coach, I eyed both of them.
Kyle was slightly taller than the average-heighted coach, but even with his rather muscly build, he had to be outweighed by at least 30 kg. Sure enough, when the jock collided into the teacher, Mr Kerman didn't budge.
"And now that I'm sure he won't move me, I can start pushing back" With some slight huffing and puffing on his part, he started pushing back Kyle, who was helpless against coach's sheer mass.
"Now split into teams of two and practice that"

Great. The one thing I was worst at. Finding a partner. The minute of people shuffling around and spreading out left me empty handed. I was probably gonna have to third wheel with one of my friend's groups. Before I started moving, coach walked up to me.
"Looks like you'll have to practice with me, if that's ok with you. Or would you rather join someone elses group?"
I was thankful for the choice he was giving me, but I really didn't fancy budging into an existing duo.
"That's fine I don't mind doing it with you"
Coach smiled. "Heh, happy to be option B"

Not quite sure what to do next, I took a few steps back. Looking up, I saw Coach had gotten himself into a ready position. "Ok, now don't hold back and just run into me" Well, if only it were that easy. Not like I'd have to factor in where my hands would go, what side I would throw at him, or any side at all. I really was hopeless when it came to sports.
Finally, I decided it was best to at least do anything and get it over with, so I took a few steps at him and rammed him with my shoulder.
Obviously, it didn't do much. I mean, if Kyle wasn't able to do anything how would I. But it still felt good to be pushing against the older man, and have him push back. It almost felt like I was being productive.

It was over to soon as he stepped back to consider what just happened.
"Well, that was good for a start, but really don't be afraid to put your whole weight into it. A guy like you should be able to give me some more trouble than Kyle"
Those words bounced around in my head for a second. Was he calling me fat? I mean no shit. I wasn't exactly thin or anything, but I'd describe myself more as chubby. And anyway, who was he to talk? He looked like he hadn't run a mile in years.
My face must have betrayed me, because coach added on: "I'm just saying you have a solid build for football, it's not a sport that requires beanstalks, sometimes it needs bigger guys"
That made sense I guess. Obviously he wasn't calling me fat, he'd never be that rude.
"Well I guess maybe I should become a football player when I'm older" Not something I actually wanted but oh well.
"That's the spirit! Now charge at me again!" coach said triumphantly.

So I ran at him once more, this time with a bit more power, butting into him and placed my hands on his sides. We shoved into each other for a bit, and even though he was slowly pushing me back, I could feel that he was using more of his own power, as well as wrapping his arms around me.

For a moment, I closed my eyes and it felt like I was a kid again, roughhousing with another kid, or perhaps cuddling a stuffed animal. Coach felt soft under my touch. He also smelled pleasant, an aroma of McDonalds and Coke mixed with his body odor wafted into my nose.

I frowned. Is that really the type of thoughts I should be having in this situation? Oh well. It was over anyway, Coach straightened up and patted me on the shoulder. "That was a lot better. How about you see me after the lesson and we talk about signing you up for something?"
Still thinking about his scent, I didn't really catch what he was saying. "Yeah sure whatever" was my response.

"Great!" With a final pat on my back, he turned around to call everyone to the entrance. As he walked away, I caught myself staring at his backside. Never really noticed it, but there was something pleasant about his outline - he looked strong and solid, yet soft and inviting.

I shook my head. Now was not the time for fruitless thoughts.

*author's note:

thanks for reading to the end so far.
I will be continuing this story whenever I feel like it. Make suggestions below.

I want the two of them to eventually get together sexually and romantically, but for the time being I'd like to just write a story about a (in the closet) teen/young adult and a friendly and encouraging coach who also doesn't quite understand his own sexual feelings.
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Sir Doge 1 year
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