Chapter 1 - butterball

Blubber-lubbers, behold!
Bow before bodacious
Babe's big-bellied bod,
Beloved, blossoming, blimping,
Becoming blubbery blueberry,
Bulging bountifully.
Bikini-blasting bubble-butt,
Badonkadonk bouncing,
Blowing-up bombastically, becoming
Beached-whale bathing beauty.
Belly blobbing 'bout
Beneath bowling-ball breasts!
Bye, bye, bones, begone!
Body blooming, built by
Blindly bingeing -
Brainless bakery binges,
Bacchanalian binges,
Black-Forest-cake binges,
Belgian-waffle binges,
Bon-bon binges,
Burgers-and-fries binges,
Brilliant bistro binges,
Birthday-cake binges,
Banana-split binges,
Buttery blueberry bagel binges,
Buffet binges,
Blintz blitzes,
Bingeing Blizzards,
Blooming-onion binges,
Baskin-Robbins binges,
Big-as-your-head burrito binges,
Buffalo-wing binges,
Backyard barbecue binges --
Baked beans, baby-back-ribs,
Becoming beastly-obesely
Beautiful blubber.
Belt-busting belly bulges,
Bra-breaking boobs balloon,
Button-popping bottom broadens,
Becoming Beyonce-ian butt, but . . .

Unbuttoned, undone, undressed,
Unbridled, unbound,
Unique, unconventional,
Unequaled, unforgettable,
Unbelievably ultra-fat!
Ugly-fugly? Uhm . . . uh . . .
Unashamed? Uhm . . .
Unafraid? Uh . . .
Uncertain? Uhm uhm . . .
Underbelly undulates,
Undies unravel!
Unknown Utopia underneath.
Underfed? Uhn-uh.
Undernourished? Uhn-uh.
Unfulfilled? Uhm . . .
Unfit? Unhealthy?
Uh-oh, unfortunately!
Unsatisfied? Uh-oh . . .
Until ultimately uncontrollable . . .

The tubby temptress's
Tummy tonnage triples,
Thunder thighs
Thicken, then they
Tear the tight trousers.
Ta-ta, teeny-weeny tits!
Trimness turns to tubbiness.
Taunters tease, "Two-ton!"
Teasers taunt, "Tubb-o!"
Their teasing, taunting
Traumatizes, then
Tantalizes, then titillates.
Trashing thinspiration,
Teeth tear through the treats,
Tongue tastes them,
Thrusts them to the throat
Then traveling to the tum-tum!
Thigh-gap today,
Tree-trunk-legs tomorrow!
Total transformation,
Thin, toned teens and 20s
Too-soon turning tubby 30!
T-bone steaks, tacos,
Tootsie-Pops, Three-Musketeers,
Too-much Texas toast,
Tortes, Twix, turtle-cheesecakes,
Truffles, Thanksgiving-stuffing,
Third-dinner tortillas, tortellini,
Tooth-decaying tidal-waves,
Tiramisu tsunamis,
Twenty Twinkies --
Their transfats turning
To tummy-flab! Then . . .

Triple-D tits tear
Through the too-tight tanktop!
Those tremendous ta-tas
Turn tubby tart topheavy, tumbling
Toward trayfuls, tablefuls, tubfuls,
Toppling toward tempting trough-fulls!
Totally topping-off!
THC-induced, telephoning take-out,
Tremendously turned-on 24/7!
'Tween thick tapioca thighs,
Tasty twat tingles, twitches,
Teases, tempting
Thrusting tongues to
Taste, twirl, titillate,
Taming tensions, though
Too-soon topping 200-pounds!
Thinking 300 too-too-much,
Though tremendously tempting!
Tight-skinned tummy tearing
Through Taco-Bell T-shirt.
Trembling terror-stricken . . .

Engorged ex-jock enchantress,
Ending exercises,
Entranced, enlarged,
Engulfing each, every
Edible enticement,
Entering, emptying eateries.
Epic Epicurean ephiphanies!
Ever-evil encouragers
Enforce excess eating!
"Enjoy! Enjoy
Eleven enormous eclairs!"
Enough? Ever enough?
Embarrassed everyday and evermore!
Enough? Entirely enough!
Excessive endless eating
Eternally enlarging,
Eyeing eight-egg-omelettes!
Eating emotions!
Effortless eating!
Enviable erotic eating!
Emotional escape eating!
Eleven-p.m. eating-binge!
Eventually explodes!
Enthusiastically enjoying every
Extra-pound, each extra-inch,
Embracing enormity,
Enjoying extra-extra-extra-large
Elephantine enhancements,
Effusive, encouraging enticements,
Ensuring erotic endless . . .

Rare, Rubenesque
Rip-rawring rotundity!
Rebuke, revile roundness?
Regret, reduce rolls?
Ridiculous! Reveal rippling rolls!
Rolling, rolling, ROFLMFAO!
Raucously ripping
Round repulsive rear!
Roly-poly revelations!
Roaring raucous,
Reverberating rips!
Ripens round rump rapidly.
Rice-Krispie-treats reward,
Rump roast revolution,
Ravioli requests,
Reunion reception refreshments,
Refried-beans revenge,
Reese's-cups reefer-munchies,
Ratatouille redemption,
Red-velvet-cake rising!
Refrigerator raids!
Relishing relaxation,
Reinforced recliner!
Raunchy, ribald, randy
Redundant rolls,
Rear-end ramming,
Rubbing rolls, rolling rolls!
Rippling rolls replacing
Repulsive rib-bones!
Roundness Redux!
Romantic, racy . . .

Bring before breathtaking
Butterball's bawdy body
Big-man breakfasts,
Bedside brunches,
Boston creams by baker's-dozens,
Big-Macs by bulging bagfuls!
Beneath burgeoning boobs
Buffet-bloated belly burps.
Blimps be blimps!
Budget busted by buying
By barrels-full!
Begone, bony bulimic bullies,
Bigoted bitches,
Bible-thumping bastards,
Busy-body biddies,
Bashing bisexual big-girls,
Belittling blubbery beauty,
Banning bliss! But
Buried beneath belly,
Butterball's busy beaver
Beckons blubber-loving boys,
Bewitches bisexual biotches!
Before bedding big babe,
Beware, boyfriends-to-be!
Behind bulbous body,
Booty-licious butt-cheeks
Becoming basketball-sized!
Buttery buns becoming
Butterball's bum!
Bodice-busting, breathing-hard
Bovine boobs beyond belief!
Buying bigger, biggest blouses!
Brainlessly baking baklava,
Buxom BBW body-builder
Bemoaning bulky BMI!
Bountiful bites become
Bulging bits.
Beyond beer belly blubber,
Betterment by biggie-sizing!
Bare belly blops,
Binge-eating beneath blankets,
Bashfully blurting, "BURP!"
Bed-able, bellybang-able.
By bliss bound,
Bedeviled body becoming
Bedridden by
Bedside brownies,
Ben-and-Jerry binges.
Botticellian birthing-hips,
Bloomer-filling bod
Becoming bottom-heavy!
Bicycle bending,
Bathtub buckling,
Bed breaking,
Bad-girl big-girl blues!
Bygone boniness
Buried by blubbery
Boobilicious boobs,
Bellyflab bunching, blobbing,
Before blessedly burying . . .

All abs away!
Awaken, addictive appetites!
Arise, audience!
All applaud alluring Aphrodite's
Awesome adipose additions
And Amazonian appetite!
All about apple-pie
Ala-mode addiction,
As asinine ass-less anorexics
Argue arrogantly against
Ampleness as art? Absolutely!
All abs are absent, absolutely annihilated!
All aerobics abandoned!
After Ambien, amnesiac
Ate all at all-you-can-eat!
As an aphrodisiac?
Awesomely aroused and
Awkward? Ashamed? Anxious
About arse abundance?
Ambiguities abound!
All, adjust and abolish
Anachronistic anti-fat
All, admire and adore,
Apply accolades!
Adipose affinity!
As an ample angel
Amiably ate any and all
Appetizers, Almond-Joys,
Again a-gaining,
Always adventurous,
Awe-inspiring, Adephagian
Adorable abundance!
As . . .

Lusty lads, lesbians
Lining-up, licking lips;
Love-blub lunatics
Lauding lady's lard!
Letting-out little-black-dress,
Liposuction-less lass,
Lap-band busting,
Ladling lotsa lasagna,
Lane-Bryant's largest
Lacey lingerie,
Limitless lunches leave
Lovely lady lumps,
Lap-filling lard,
Luckily loveable, liberal
Libido largesse, liking
Lollypops, ladyfingers fingering
Luscious love-handles lingering,
Lotta lattes,
Laughing lasciviously,
Lustfully leering,
Lewdly lounging,
Lubbable labia,
Love-longing ladyparts
Lustfully lubricated,
Languorous, lazy,
Letting-herself-gr ow,
Luxurious laying-about,
Leisurely laid,
Libidinous, . . .


).( ~ (.) ~ ( . )

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know this kind of thing is not everyone's cup of tea, but I thought I'd try something different. Try reading it aloud, as a long spilling-out of words. Or read it silently and slowly as a meditation on the beauty of a big-bellied weight-gaining babe!

Inspired by a gut-growing muse known affectionately as Butterball, this poem started with a simple acrostic:

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GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Sonic, Thanks so much for your kind words. My intent is to inspire more writing, not delay it! So get going... write, write, write!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Aww, thanks, bellylover108, for saying that. I don't know about the talent, but it did take a lot of hard work... Appreciate your comment!