cake chess

Chapter 1 - Quick start

This is a duel of two girls in a game of chess on a huge checkered table where both players have different sorts of cakes instead of the chess pieces.

Each cake has a big marzipan figure on top representing the given chess piece AND each one is a different size. The stronger the piece, the bigger, sweeter and more caloric.
Also, each cake is filled with a fat activating serum that speeds up the metabolism multiple times and insures that everything that's being ingested turns to pure fat.

Simply put, the more cake you eat, the faster you blow up.

On the white side there's Beverly that chose very loose bikini (smart move) in which even her D-cup breasts can swing freely. It's so loose, she didn't know how to hold the top and bottom while walking so they wouldn't just fall off of her.

On the black side Lydia. We don't really know what her trick is but Lydia looks very confident, especially when wearing a pretty snug sexy satin lingerie. Her body type seems like hourglass with a bit of bottom.

Let's see how this plays out.

We could wait until one of the girls takes a pawn cake from the other to start gaining, but we decided to boost the start with a surprise coctail we like to call The Ticking Bomb. It can do absolutely nothing at first but, depending on the person, a very volatile fat multiplying enzyme starts doing its job. Within seconds you gain roughly 30lb. If not, it "detonates" with a delay.

And down the throat the ticking bomb coctails go. No we can officially start the game... Wait, oh-oh, what is that? Beverly's breasts started growing right away! It looks like your bomb is exploding right away, girl. Look at those balloons now filling the bikini. Oh my goodness!!! Is all the fat being stored on your chest?? That is a pretty bouncy start, let me tell you. They just keep expanding. They are now in Beverly's lap and spilling all around the top piece! Incredible. One could get lost in those babies.

I think the coctail has finished its job on Beverly and she ended up with some impressive chest - it's a surprise those bikinis are still holding up.

Beverly: "Come on, girl, let's do this!!" Trying to scare Lydia with her first move (Thinking): "Boobs that four people could sleep on won't hold me back. Let's make Lydia grow out that stupid lingerie. I bet it explodes once she puts something into her mouth of that perfectly chiseled face of hers."

Good thing we have robotic arms to move the cakes around, otherwise Beverly wouldn't be able to make her first move. Or she would end up smashing all the cakes in the way with her well risen breast dough.

Lydia answers quickly and doesn't lose her confidence.

Beverly's resting her arms on her breast pillows as she makes an offensive move with a knight overseeing Lydia's pawn that takes that knight right away. Oh-oh, we know what that means. We can witness the feeding mechanism in action not with a puny pawn cake or the rook! This is a full size birthday cake for at least ten people!! She opens wide aaaaaaaaand.... Oooooh, what a huge piece right down the throat. And another! Beverly's eyes nearly popped out. Luckily the cakes are so sugary and fatty they slide into the belly with no problems. A minute later and there's nothing left from that cake!! Impressive.

We can see how Beverly's breasts have spread out, probably because her full belly is pushing up on them.

Will she be more careful next time? Will she get her revenge on Lydia who is still in her fittest shape rocking her skinny lingerie keeping her cool confident face??
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Chrysophase2003 7 months
Fun concept. And I appreciate the mix of science and unapologetic make-believe. But the rate of development is inconsistent, as is the narration. You've got a third-person omniscient narrator, a (TBC)
Chrysophase2003 7 months
2: pair of sports commentators, the two contestants, their speech, and their thoughts. Consider how you denote such people in future. For example, italicize the sports commentators and set them (TBC)
Chrysophase2003 7 months
3: into their own paragraphs, much as the speech of each character deserves its own paragraph. Speech is denoted with quotation marks, ofc, but italics are generally used to indicate direct thoughts.
Chrysophase2003 7 months
4: Stephen King's uses italics this way. But, since the commentators are in italics, maybe use italics inside apostrophes to show thoughts? Regarding rate of events, you are diligent in showing off
Chrysophase2003 7 months
5: Lydia's growth and fight against it (though hearing her thoughts as it happens would help), but Lydia being overwhelmed and breaking is quick and sudden. Why did she give up? Why was she competing
Chrysophase2003 7 months
6: if losing a single piece on the board would be so bad for her? Even amateurs know sacrificing pieces is necessary to secure victory. So, what was their motive? What drove them?.Was the prize differ
Chrysophase2003 7 months
7: different for each contestant, was it a 1 wish for anything kind of deal? And what audience are the commentators speaking to? Try to "flesh" out such scenes by describing the location. That way
Chrysophase2003 7 months
8: the reader will be able to more easily visualize events instead of seeing the 2 characters in either a void or the kind of infinite white from the Matrix. "Guns...Lots of guns."~Neo
Chrysophase2003 7 months
9: It shows an imagination and nascent talent. You simply need to practice and hone the fundamentals of prose so that your imagination and talent burn brightly for all to see and appreciate.