cali gaining girl gets fattened

chapter 1

This is for Caligaininggirl you may remember this and me!

We have talked for some time through Facebook. I was one of the few to notice that you were losing weight not growing. We discussed this a few times but you said your weight goes up and down not to worry. Well I was a little worried because you were becoming one of the cutest little chubby women I had ever seen but you did not like to deal with it in real life. Friends, family and coworkers were starting to tease as well as you now were almost completely without clothes to wear.

You told me you were going on vacation for two weeks and I said I would like to meet you somewhere. I said, “I’ll come out there and we’ll go from there.” I showed up and told you I had plans for us at a cabin in the mountains. You thought this was a good idea, but you did not know what the next two weeks would bring.

The first night we were there I made sure you had a little too much to drink. When you woke up the next day, you were on the floor in your bra and panties in a cage that only allowed you to get on all fours or lay down. You yelled “what are you doing.” I said, “you said you like humiliation and domination and I like you fat so we are going to have all three for the next two weeks.” You said, “OK the joke is up you know I don’t want to really be fat now let me out!” I replied, “piggy this is no joke.”

In your cage was a trough filled with a mushy substance. I said, “now get to fattening up little piggy.” You said, “no, and what is this stuff?” I said, “high calorie weight gain cereal now get eating.”

You said, “no” again so I replied, “I guess I will have to convince you.” I took out a small cattle prod which was set to sting a little but cause no real damage. I said, “let’s start fattening you back up” and touched you with the prod. You still said “no” so you got one more shock. Your eyes watered up a little, but you stuck you face in the trough and began to eat. I said, “now that’s a good piggy don’t stop until I say it’s OK.” You brought you head up with mush spread all over you face and said, “when will that be?” I held up the prod and said, “I’ll tell you.” You stuck your face back in your feeding bowl.

After about an hour you just sort of flopped down in you cage. I knew you could take no more you belly looked like you had swallowed a watermelon. I said, “good pig now you rest we’ll start again in a while.” You cried again, “please let me out.” I paid no attention. I woke you up in a few hours and said, “time to chow down again.” You said, “I am still so full.” I reached in the cage patted your belly and said, “not even close. I have seen that belly much bigger than that. We have to get our little hog big and fat before we can head home.”

This ritual went on several times a day and you got quite used to it and began to be able to eat more and more. You had your cage your trough and a TV so all you could do was eat and grow. At the end of a week, you had about outgrown your panties. They were starting to tear as you had easily put on a good twenty pounds. I slapped your butt and you butt and thighs jiggled for a while. Nice and flabby I thought. I said “you are almost as big as your January and May pictures again. Wait until the rest of our Facebook friends see you. You’re magnificent.”

You said, “I am so fat please let me out.” I said, “what and ruin another week of fattening for our favorite pig?”

Because you were immobile in the cage and eating 1000’s of calories a day the 2nd week worked even better than the first. “You are becoming quite the sow” I said. At the end of the week, you were now nude because you had flat out outgrown your clothes. I opened the cage door. I had to help you to your feet because you had gained so much weight and hadn’t moved at all in two weeks. I got you up on the scale, you had gained 45 lbs in two weeks and were just so fat and round all over. You looked at me, gave me a hug and said “wow, that was fun, next time only one week though and only after I lose some of this lard. Did you have to make me get so fat? I won’t fit anything.” I said, “tubby I’ve got you covered.” I gave you a size 14 dress which fit you well and we headed home.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
I think this story is coming true -- at least the part about her gaining so much. CaliGainingGirl, your photos and your writing are precious. Love this story.
CaliGainingGirl 3 years
OMG did you write this for me? That's so cute! I love it - More.