can you hear me now?

Chapter 1


"Hello baby, miss me?" her voice came across silky sweet, "How's my fat boy. Are you eating well?"

"Yes. I'm OK, full" I said.

"You need to eat more for me baby, I'll be home in a couple of weeks"

"If I eat more I'll get too fat to walk two steps," I whined hesitantly but a little thrilled at the thought.

"Oh, I certainly hope so," and I could hear her breathing quicken across the thousands of miles between us.

"I've gotten very big since you were home last." This time my breath quickened as well "Maybe too big. How fat do you want me to get?"

"Oh baby, much fatter than when I was home last. When I get back I want to see that gut swollen forward and your sides wider, your skin stretched tight as your belly pushes up your breasts. Lord, and those fat breasts of yours, they were becoming so feminine. Larger, fuller and as I recall more sensitive."

She knew my hot buttons and I couldn't help but groan as she continued, "Imagine me continuing to feed you as I lick those plump nipples, lightly tugging them with my lips. My hands squeezing, pulling.... what was that?"

"Me, I dropped the phone."

She giggled. "Sit down for me baby, let me imagine you sitting for me. Your belly should be very full and soft. Is it?"

"Yes, very full right now. I've gotten so big."

"Good baby, spread your legs for me so I can get in close. Now imagine you're sucking at my fingers as I begin to suckle those erect nipples, playfully biting them until they are red and swollen. One hand I keep near your mouth constantly feeding you, the other stroking your belly as it inflates. That's a good boy."

"I miss you so much" I bleated, growing hard at the word pictures she skillfully wove in my imagination.

"I'll be home soon my fat baby boy, and you must do what I say. I want you to fatten and grow for me, baby. I know every day you're reaching your limit, but I'm forcing more on you, I want you much fatter."

"Yes," I said softly, "I want to grow fatter for you."

"Are you eating now? I've been checking and you've been getting all the deliveries from the restaurants."

"Yes, but they're sending more than I can ea... "

"You must eat every bite I send or I will be angry. Are you eating now?"

"Yes, just finishing. It's wonderful, but I'm getting..."

"Mmm…I bet that tasted so good…and I bet you’ve got such a round tummy right now…oh, eat some more for me, my fat boy…soon I will be home to lift and massage your underbelly, whisper in your ear how soft and heavy it is getting. Pretend right now I'm kissing the top of your belly."

She made kissing noises, every sound sending shivers through me.

"I'm beginning to work my way down to your belly button," she whispered, "...licking and kissing you with feather-soft kisses. Down, down, feeling your soft fat against my lips, sliding my finger into your deepening navel, hearing you begging me to release you but I don't answer and continue down, down and feel your fat body shiver as I arrive at your underbelly, kissing you there softly, licking you, stroking you until your head is moving side to side, your hips thrusting toward me, begging for release. I finally take your thick shaft in my mouth, and you grunt...such a pig you've become. So full you could burst...barely able to move, you tell me you can't breathe, forced to lie still as the pressure around your shaft tightens from my lips and I suck harder and harder... your big, fat tight...painful. I grab your wide hips as I pull you more into my mouth and you gasp, holding on to your belly as you begin to cum filling my mouth with your sweetness. Unnnnhh..."

I heard her deep, shuddering breath over the phone and I groaned again, hard, erect, imagining her lips on me. Suddenly the doorbell rang, startling me.

"Was that a moan, my fat baby?" she asked with a sly smile in her voice, "I heard the doorbell...I bet that's your dessert. Go and get it from the delivery boy and you can eat it while I'm on the phone."

"But, I'm ..."

"Go open the door baby, get your treat."

"Alright," I said salivating despite my gorged fullness, moving ponderously toward the door. My belly moved back and forth in a great wide arc, barely covered by a light shirt now stretched tight, pushing it down and forcing it to slide plumply against my hidden erection.

The door bell rang again. Urgently, impatiently. Yes I'm coming, I thought, finally reaching the door and sliding back the dead bolts she had installed.

The late afternoon sunlight streamed in through the doorway, blinding me. A small figure was there, silhouetted. My eyes blurred, squinting.

Out of the brilliance a hand reached forward and slid under my exposed belly apron, strong fingers suddenly pressing up into my gorged softness.

What? What? A finger flicked against my erection, the touch like an electrical shock. I'm swallowing hard, blinking from both the blazing sunset and overwhelming sensations surging through my obese body. Then the hand sliding up inside my shirt like a questing snake, my left breast suddenly squeezed like overripe fruit sampled, and then a warm, dark shape moving against me, golden light haloing her head as she stands tip toe and brushes my lips with hers.

Her slim, muscular body glowing, backlit in a corona of light, her other hand closing her cell phone.

"Hello baby, I'm home. Time for dessert."
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Psyman 15 years
Very erotic! I love the contrast between the big bellied man and the petite woman - great phone sex!
16 years
Yes, you've got a lot of talent!!! smiley Absolutely breathtaking written!
Lizzyny 16 years
Nice job! I'm flattered that you dedicated this to me. Glad to be your muse. smiley
Fatlilboy 16 years
That was absolutely erotic genius!! You're going to HAVE to do you have us going. Please was amazingly written.