canadian thanksgiving

chapter 1

Ah a little bit of truth for a change... you all here know why I can't always tell everyone about these things.

So my boyfriend of 8 years struggles not to get huge. He love to eat, and drink beer, but mostly to eat.

He is a landscaper so he works mostly in the warm months. It's October so he has less to do, and employees to keep busy, so very little physical labor right now. No coming home ready to shower, nope this time of year he come home clean and with a bunch of take out wrappers tucked in his tool box.

Needless to say his belly is jutting out more and more each week. He knows I have a thing for it, so he knows it's all on him to keep it in check. He also loves to stuff. I see how he struggles. He doesn't want to be huge, but he loves to eat, so loves it, and I see him rub his gut when it is full with pure bliss in his eyes. Oh he so loves it, he's just coming to terms with it still.

He'll eat two or three bowls of cereal before bed and drag himself off to lie down, belly round and so tight. He's a bit embarrassed, so many of his girlfriends in the past nagged him to lose weight and not to stuff himself. But I don't say anything I just run my hand over that tight ball and lower to pleasure him while his belly is so full. He groans and lets it bloom forward. On his back so it rounds above him.

He doesn't usually let me talk about it, but he keeps his eyes tight shut and lets me rub his belly and rub his manhood.

In the last week I have gently started talking about how he stuffs and how hot he looks so full and round. He blushed and acted tough then fucked me until I was soo satisfied.

I kept at it, and finally got him to agree to play along for five days, over the Canadian thanksgiving long weekend. The deal is that for 5 days he will let me encourage him to stuff fuller than he ever has, and I will suck him and pleasure him to make sure he's having fun.

Today was day two. After stuffing him so full last night he said he has never felt anything like it and then pleasuring him until he was spent, he woke up this morning so hungry. I made him a breakfast twice as big as usual and followed with a big lunch and then pizza for dinner. I kept bringing him pieces until he has eaten a whole large pizza. Then we retired to the bedroom to get him comfortable on the bed.

Lying on his side with his belly out to the side with a pillow under it was the best way to keep him good with his fat hard gut. Then I got out a 1 litre (quart) tub of ice cream and sat it next to the heater. I brought 4 beer from the fridge and proceeded to reward him with 5 minutes of blow jobs for each beer he chugged. After two beer I brought out the ice cream, now slightly soft, and spooned big mouthfuls into his mouth. After half the tub he started moaning that he was too full.

I gave him a break during which I rubbed oil over his belly and let him relax it more into my hands, letting it really expand and make room. He groaned at how amazing it felt to let his middle be as full as he wants it to be, to indulge himself so well and totally. To be so full that he can't move without moaning. So blissed out.

After a few minutes I asked him if he wanted more sucking. He quickly nodded. I handed him a beer. His eyes focussed for a moment, a look of almost fear, then he tipped back his head and downed the beer. I sucked hard. Then the last beer went in to his gutted middle. He looked dazed, unable to talk or move, just moan in pleasure as I rolled him onto his back and carefully slid down onto his waiting cock, careful not to put pressure on his way over full belly, I rode us both to total release.

So now we have three more days, 2 family dinners to attend and you know he's not going to be able to get a moments rest, eat and eat more and have sex whenever we can. He's letting me weigh him and he's up 4 pounds already. I'm aiming for 10 by Tuesday. So much fun.
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Biglunch 7 months
That sounds heavenly!
Lovinitbig 7 years
Great story. I love reading from the FFAs perspective
Built4com4t 7 years
Love his incentive..i certainly do
Boomer 7 years
I enjoyed it a lot. Are you planning to write a part II? Where you surpass your goal or send him down the road of not return. Just some random thoughts.