candy world

Chapter 1 - prologue - welcome to candy world!

Kristen had been looking for a new job for sometime, At 21 years old she was officially unemployed as her previous job, Working in a cafe as a cashier had went down the drain after working there for 3 years, straight out of school, As the cafe had closed down due to the owner taking up retirement, with no one willing to take on the business, She really did like that job, She enjoyed the feeling of engaging with people and getting to know the regular customers

She had been looking for a new job for about a month and a half now, However every job she applied for she didn't get it, There was also a lot of jobs she didn't fancy, Her mother Claire, Had suggested for her to go to collage and take on a cooking/baking course, as Kristen really enjoyed baking, and was pretty good at it to, However Kristen didn't really fancy going to college, as she would rather just work, She was starting to give up hope at finding a new job, Until one day that all changed when she was walking down her local town centre

She had walked past a candy shop that she had seen many times, However something caught her eye, there was a help wanted poster on one of the shops windows, She went up and investigated the poster, "Help Wanted, Candy World is looking for a new staff member to handle the cashier and to serve our customers, With good pay and reasonable hours, We hope that you will enjoy working with us" This was exactly what Kristen had been looking for, It was the same amount of hours that she had at the cafe, But to make it even better, it also had a higher pay than what she earned at the cafe!
Kristen was filled with excitement, She decided to go inside the shop to inquire about the job

Once she entered the shop, She was taking back with how wonderful it smelt, The smell of sweets, Ice-cream and even some cakes was making Kristen really miss her old job, She went up to the counter where a slim woman was busy putting things up on the shelf behind her, Kristen patiently waited for her to finish, Once she had, The woman turned around towards Kristen and asked her if she would like anything, Kristen introduced herself and asked about the poster in the window, and asked if the job was still available, The woman paused for a moment and then spoke, "Sure she said, I had just put that poster up only about an hour ago, I'm actually surprised someone has shown interested this fast, However first things first, My name is Marianne, And i am the owner of this fine shop, Now Kristen, Have you had any past experiences working in a shop at all?"

Kristen replied saying,"Yes i have, i worked at Stella's sweet cafe, The one that shut recently, I had worked there for 3 years" Ah Stella's Cafe, Replyed Marianne, That place was pretty nice, It's a shame that when Stella decided to retire no one took over the place, But hey, She worked really hard for years to keep that cafe running, I'm happy for her, She can finally have a break from things and enjoy herself, Kristen nodded, Yeah, she was a really kind and hard working person, she said, Marianne nodded, "indeed", Marianne looked at Kristen for a moment before she spoke again, "Ok, I think that you are quite cut out for this type of job, Let me just close up shop for awhile while i go over the details of the job with you" And with that Marianne went and closed up shop

In the back of the shop was Marianne's office, She went over the details with Kristen about the job, Now then, Here at candy world we have are own uniform, Can i please have all your body measurements? Marianne asked, Sure replyed Kristen, At 5 foot 6, Kristen had a pretty slender and toned body, As she was pretty active, Weighing in at about 115 pounds, After giving all her measurements to Marianne, Marianne thanked her for coming in, And that she looked forward to working with her, It will take about a week for the uniform to come in, So i guess I will see you first thing here next week she said, Kristen thanked Marianne for the job and that she was very grateful, As Marianne led her out the shop, A huge smile was on her face, She was looking forward to this new job, And Marianne seemed like a really nice person, Simular to her old boss Stella, She was looking forward to working with Marianne, She finally felt like things were staring to turn out for the better, As she walk away from the candy store, Marianne was still hanging around at the front door with a small little grin on her face, She too was looking forward to Kristen working for her

*Authers note

This is my first story i am writing, I will try my best to add chapters to it when i can, Also sorry if it seems a bit wonky at places, Haven't really wrote a story before 😅 But I would just like to say thank you for reading the start of my story, I hope to make this story the best that it can be 😁
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KingHen 2 years
I'm glad you seem to like my story, But unfortunately I don't think I will be continuing to add to it, Sorry about that
Miachu 2 years
Please continue! I see6a lot of potential in this story!
KingHen 3 years
Thx for the feedback, I'll try to add them for future chapters 👍
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Please use periods in your punctuation, this is actually difficult to read.
KingHen 3 years
Thx for the feed back, I am wanting to express the characters that are going to be in my story quite a bit, Hopefully i can pull that off 😅
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Its a good start the only critique i have is that you could try describing the characters in more detail