captive for her fantasies

Chapter 1 - the beginning

I am waking up. Slowly, I am opening my eyes. Strange. I cannot see very well. Maybe because I am still sleepy. Wait, though. Something is wrong. This does not seem like my room. The walls are plain white. Am I in a hospital? What has happened to me? I am so scared. I am trying to move, but I cannot. What has happened to me? I have to shout. I am trying to call for help. But wait! Even though I can hear my voice, something is wrong. I cannot form any words. Only nonsense. Oh my God I was in an accident and I am almost blind, paralysed and unable to speak.

Wait, here comes a white figure I see. "hdoanshaaeebdk" What did I even say? Oh, thank God, he seems like he is going to tell me what happened.

"Hello, Tubby. You are probably very curious to know what happened, so let me explain. My name is Master. I found thay you had quite an activity online into kinky blogs. I really enjoyed your writings, and I have to say that I never imagined a girl sharing all these kinks with me. You have some very extreme ones there, girl. Amputation? Total dehumanization? Fattening up fantasies? Quite interesting. So, since we have the same tastes, I thought about giving you a try. It was very hard to find you, since you did not have personal contact info. This is not a problem though, as my best buddy is a hacker. He found you in no time.

Some connections to a private detective made it easy to find you. I watched you, Tubby. I watched you day and night, night and day, very closely. I learned your routine, your life. I learned your everything. I got also very happy to find out you are so beautiful. Beautiful face, tiny body, black long hair, big breast. Just my type.

Now,let me explain some more, my precious Tubby. This will be your name from now on. Expect to be treated like the animal you are. You have no civil rights anymore. Connections to the police helped to imitate your death and never be looked for again. You are going to stay here for the rest of your life. I know that you are quite panicked as you cannot speak, see clearly and move. The answers are a little complicated. The only thing I want you not to worry is your safety. Cruel things will be done to you. You will not control it, accept it. But I will be doing these changes to you myself, while I am a very talented surgeon. Everything that will happen to you is programmatized and arranged.

Now, the answers to your unasked questions. You cannot move beacuse you are simply tied tightly to a bed. Although I have to tell you something more. Your toes and your fingers have been amputated. Yeah, cry, scream, etc but just go with it. You cannot change it. You will not be able to change anything to what I am doing to you anyway, sow. Get used to it. Also, you noticed that you cannot speak. A micro-surgery made that sure. I impaired an area to your brain responsible for your speech. So, no speaking for you again either, my little Tubby. Lastly, your unclear eyesight. I simply impaired your eyesight my sow. I did not want to blind you. I wanted you to have an idea about what is going to happen to you. You will just have blurry vision from now on, forever. Except if I decide to blind you completely one day, of course.

One little addition, Tubby. You will not be fed normally from now on. A feeding tube is inserted through your nose into your stomach. You might experiece of extreme hunger to unbearsble stuffing. You no longer have the ability to control the quality, quantity and time of food. You just feel your tummy stuffing and deal with it.

Now that we had our first meeting, Tubby, I am going to give you a while to think of your miserable situation. I will untie your left hand, since you are righthanded and allow you to play with your tiny clit. I repeat, my little sow. The things that are intended to happen to you are completely out of your hand. You just have to go with it.The things that are already done to you are nothing compaired to what is coming. Also, do not expect me to letting you be aware of what irreversibe changes I have in store for you. Your job is to be an obedient little sow. Bye now, Tubby. Welcome to your rest of your life."

After all of that, he simply walked away. I could not believe what he planned to do to me. Why me? I know, I write some online stories, but it is just a fantasy! He is so cruel, I don t want to be here. I am screaming, but nothing. No response. I am bringing my left hand very close to my eyes. He was right. No fingers. Just little stumps. But why did he amputate my toes, too?

I cannot help it though. I want to touch myself. I try to reach. My hand finds with some difficulty my clit, as I am missing my fingers. My *** is so wet. I start rubbing it and playing with it. But I cannot cum using my left hand. He knows, this is why he untied this one. He must have watched me when I masturbated in my room with this hand, when I wanted to torture myself a little bit. I am just getting turned on more, without the chance of release. My only wish right now is to cum, and I simply hate myself for it. This is really the rest of my life.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Wow! Like her, I am both aroused and repulsed at the same time! Thanks for sharing your talents.
Fatlilboy 7 years
Love every word