cartoon belly

chapter 1

Katie had come home from her junior year of college, with a case of the freshman fifteen. Unlike other co-eds in her predicament, Katie really liked the new pounds on her figure. She loved the way her bikini panties cut into her new love handles, how her bottom cheeks now peeked out of the leg openings and how nice and round her thighs were now. She especially liked her new “tummy bulge”.

Unfortunately for Katie, her work-out nut mom did not appreciate Katie’s new figure. Her mom was really getting annoying about wanting Katie to work out and lose the new pounds.

Katie had gotten an internship at a food brokerage firm downtown. She wanted to see what the business world was like. She had never heard of the food brokerage industry before getting the internship through her college advisor. She really liked her new co-workers and there were some pretty hot guys at the office too. One she really wanted to meet was one of the marketing guys, only a few years older than she was. His name was Matt. He was the newest guy on the sale/marketing team, having just graduated from college this spring.

Katie had to “dress up” for work. The company encouraged the “in-house” staff to be as well dressed as the outside sales force. Kathie had to wear dresses or skirts and panty hose too. Fortunately for Katie and her co-workers the office was well air-conditioned.

Katie’s freshman fifteen (actually closer to twenty five) was a result of having an obese roommate. Carol was really nice, though quite heavy (over two hundred pounds and the same height -5’2” as Katie) she was very pretty. She took good care of herself with excellent hy-gene. Carol was really into being overweight and obese. Her parents were both very heavy, so no grief from home for Carol about her weight at all. She was an avid follower of the online weight gain community, logging on every day to several sites. It did not take long for Carol to show Katie some of her favorite sites.

Katie was surprised how turned on she got looking at girls and guys displaying to growing bellies and bottoms on the sites. Though both girls were ‘straight” they started to wear less and less clothes while in their room. It soon became just panties and a t-shirt, and of course Carol always had a good stash of rich treats to snack and nibble on. Katie was soon putting on weight. It didn’t bother her at all, in fact the more weight she put on the more turned on her body made her. Carol was always very complimentary of Katie’s figure too, which helped.

Katie started to go to many of Carol’s favorite sites on her own laptop. One of her favorite fantasies was eating so much as to get a huge round “cartoon belly”. She loved the work of several of the weight gain artist on DA, especially Axel Rosered, Binge Chan and Cakehorder. Katie got into bingeing later in the spring semester, which added to her weight gain. She really loved the results of her binges with her belly bloated out.

Katie got home from work on a Wednesday evening. Her mom had a salad ready for her dinner. “How was your day dear?” “Fine Mom.” Replied Katie. “Salad again Mom, really, I’m starving.” “Katie, you need to lose some weight. You had such a nice figure when you left for college last fall. I can’t believe you gained so much weight this year.” Her mom admonished. Katie dutifully ate her salad. Her mom bugged her to go for a run or use the treadmill in the basement, but Katie managed to decline without starting another rant about her weight. She watched tv for a while, hoping to sneak into the kitchen for some snacks, but it was slim “pickings” given her Mom’s shopping habits.

Katie went up to her room and logged onto “Fantasy Feeder” for a little enjoyment before going to bed. She surfed through photos and descriptions of guys and girls gaining and enjoying themselves overeating and bingeing. She logged into DA and started looking at some of her favorite artists work and started to get turned on looking at amazing, huge round bellies and wide, round bottoms. She also logged onto DA. She loved to check out the weight gain art, especially drawings of girls and women with huge round bellies, either bulging straight out from their bodies or sagging down spreading their legs apart while they stuffed themselves. “God I wish I could have a huge round belly, that just expand as I eat and eat!” Katie thought to herself.

Katie thought, “I’ve got to get to bed, there is a big meeting tomorrow morning with the marketing staff.” She climbed into bed, wearing a t-shirt and a bikini panty.

Her mom came in really early and woke her up. “Katie dear, time for breakfast, you must be starving, dearest.” Katie got up and followed her mom down to the kitchen. Katie thought, “This is weird, Mom never asks about how hungry I am. We never eat in the kitchen or anywhere else for that matter in just panties.” Katie felt her tummy fat jiggle walking down the stairs and reached under her t-shirt and gave her belly a pat.
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