case 12

Chapter 1

I was laying on the couch about to tap the order button when I heard a commotion from out back. It must be some kind of animal. I get up, which is harder to do nowadays since putting on all that quarantine weight. I pull my snug 2xl shirt down to cover my smooth belly as I head outside.

Standing there is a person I’d never seen before, “hello?” I ask into the darkness. I approach the figure to see who it is, perhaps a friend in need or a stranger with bad intentions. I’m quite close to the figure now and as I go to tap their shoulder I hear a scream from a couple streets down, making me turn my head. Just as I did, I felt a sharp pain in my hip. “Son of a bitch!” I yelled out and looked down to see I had been jabbed with a large syringe full of glowing blue liquid. I went to fight my attacker, but they vanished like a ghost in the corner of my eye. I ran back in the house to dial 911 but the line was down. With that, I went back to the couch and hit the order button on my food delivery app.

I woke up after what seemed like hours to my doorbell ringing, oh shit, my food is here, I thought. I got my plump ass off the couch and walked to the door to retrieve my food. It felt harder than usual, but it was probably because I had just woken up from a nap. I opened up the door to find a thin, dark man who’s face went from blank to slight shock when I stepped out. “I’ve got your order,” he said.

“Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.”

“Of course, have a great night… also, may want to wear something different to greet someone at your door.”

He said that last part as he was getting back in his car, which left me confused. I don’t know how, but it took him saying that for me to finally look down. Oh my god, how did I get so big? I’ve had bloating in the past, but this wasn’t that. I couldn’t get the shirt I was wearing pulled down past my belly button anymore. My heart began pounding as I waddled back inside.

I went to the bathroom to step on the scale and check the damage. I stepped on the scale, but I had to try very hard to see over my newfound belly. As the scale was loading, my body seemed to expand larger to the point where I couldn’t see the number no matter what I did. I whipped around to check myself out in the mirror and my suspicions were correct; I was expanding by the second! I then tried to get back to the living room to get my phone but got stuck in the doorway out. I pushed and grunted and fought my way out until part of the doorway broke off and I fell flat on my rounded gut. As I hit the ground, I felt a painful yet pleasing sloshing within me.

Now in the living room, my only task was to stand up. This, however, was an impossible feat. I expanded so much that my arms and legs could not be on the ground at the same time. I was growing into an almost spherical shape, sort of like a water balloon. And like a water balloon, I was growing so big, round, and tight that you could see a luminescent blue liquid sloshing around within me.

The pain was starting to come in now, how is it possible for me to grow any more than this? Please give me a sweet release! At this moment there was a loud boom, but it wasn’t from me. What could that have been? Before I could wonder anymore, I felt a surge of growth throughout my body. I was already touching two walls, I was anticipating the other two would come soon.

And they did. My back was pressing against the ceiling while my head was being shoved into a wall. I surely couldn’t keep growing.

Then came the cracking. The walls came crumbling down, and I was just hoping simultaneously that I would and wouldn’t burst. A lot of the pain subsided with the house gone, but what I saw here was truly terrifying.

I knew at this point I was bigger than my house was before it was destroyed. I wanted the sweet release of popping or waking up from this blissful nightmare. In the dark, I saw what looked like the same blue liquid running down the street, then across the street at my neighbor’s house… or what was my neighbor’s house. All that remained was rubble and what looked like a swimming pool’s worth of that blue liquid everywhere. This could only mean one thing…

I looked in the direction of where I heard the scream earlier that night to see a big blue ball at least three times the size I thought I was. I still hear his screams, but they’re muffled. He keeps screaming more and more when there’s a silent pause, then BOOM! It would be a beautiful sight if that glowing blue liquid explosion didn’t come from a man’s demise, and if I didn’t know that man from backyard barbeques.

Panic began to settle in when the wave of blue rushed me, pushing me upright but also getting a good amount in my mouth and down in me. This seemed to have an effect because I was once again growing but at an accelerated rate. As my head was pushed higher into the air, I noticed that the delivery boy’s car was still here and that there seemed to be something blue pushing up against all the windows. As my body grew bigger and bigger, it got closer to the car, eventually touching it. I think he’s trapped in there, I hope he can burst out.

Unfortunately for the delivery boy, he wasn’t able to burst out of the car before my expanding body took the car over. I feel myself growing bigger and bigger, then I feel something squish and pop under my sheer mass. The liquid that overtook that poor driver was now also running down the street.

I’ve gotten to the point where all I can see is some of the night stars, my blue spherical body, and a few other growing masses in the distance. I don’t know how I can get much bigger. The sloshing is near constant, the pressure hurts so good, and my skin is tighter than I ever thought it could be. I feel the pressure stop building up inside and then–
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