case 18: the growth experiment

Chapter 1 - Entry 1

“After I arrived with the samples you were the first person to catch my eye, and now you’re the person with the best results. I suppose obesity is in the genetics after all. I’m not supposed to tell you of the others; a doctor can’t release their patient’s private information… I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not really a doctor. Numbers 3 and 7 barely gained anything, number 13’s heart couldn’t bear the excess weight, and number 1… my dear number 1. You are my number 1.”

Patient 1
Reason for Visit: Weight Loss
Diagnoses: Overweight
Weight: 198 pounds
Candidate for Test Program: Prime Candidate
Treatment: Begin experimental program
Instructions: Take daily supplements and eat everything included in the provided meal plan

“You weren’t even that big! Just look at you now in comparison. We moved you in here with false hopes of achieving that beach body you desired, but we had experiments to do. At first we gave you salads and grilled chicken (infused with our special ingredient), but as the meds did their job, we started adjusting things. Our formula put you into a deep trance–the one you just woke up from– and you were quite responsive to our efforts. We started filling that pathetic little body of yours with things such as chips and soda to its capacity every day. It was honestly shocking to see how much you could pack it in and how fast you were packing it on. This is when we made a discovery.”

Patient 1
Reason for Visit: One Month Mark Overnight Observation
Diagnoses: Obesity
Weight: 224 pounds (26 pounds gained)
Treatment: Continue experimental program
Instructions: Take daily supplements and eat everything included in the provided meal plan

“We decided to try something new on you: what if you took a dose right before bed? The results were better than we could have hoped. You were only a size XL at this point, but I decided to have you sleep in size 2XL pajamas that night. You took the supplements and went to bed.
Only moments later we heard the gurgling; I hadn’t even left the room yet when you started to grow. Your pudgy belly was becoming more and more prominent, swelling outward with every passing moment. I couldn’t help but watch intently. The rest of you was starting to swell quite quickly alongside that new belly you’d sprouted. Your ass started to lift the rest of you higher into the air, your flabby tits would make any model jealous, and your thighs and arms fought to keep up with the rest of you. Your growing body was fighting against the PJs that were baggy just minutes ago when… pop! Pop! Pop pop! Pop! The buttons on that shirt finally had enough and took their turns flying across the room and a tidal wave of blubberous fat poured out of the now-open garment. You just kept swelling up, almost like a movie. I, of course, couldn’t keep my hands off that marvelous fat. The best part is, when you woke up, you just kept gorging yourself like the greedy glutton you’ve become. With this new growth, it was time to weigh in again.”
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