casey's punishement

chapter 1

For Casey it started as an any normal summer day would. She would roll her gorgeous figure out of bed and roll into her favorite pair of short shorts crop top to allow her figure to get as much sun as it could, and her short shorts did an excellent job of showing off the result of years of playing sports and working out which gave her phenomenal toned legs and an ass to kill for. She had a pristine tan and abs. She walked over to her makeup and mirror. Now she was the type of girl that for all intents and purposes didn't need to use make up she was so beautiful. She had a cute little nose, high elegant cheek bones, and naturally plump feminine lips; but those attributes did not stop her from applying a lot of makeup that just made her irresistible. Her friend Lindsey just pulled into the drive way as Casey walked out to go to the mall on that wonderful summer day.

The got to the mall and made their way in sneering and making sly comments about all the fat people in the food court until they finally made it to the fattest one there. Casey was astounded at this mountain of lard sitting in front of her. She had to be five feet tall and ten feet wide with gargantuan breasts and a but with its own gravitation field it had so much mass. Casey said to her friend, "God look at that one she is such a pig." The massive women turned her head and said, "What did you say twig?" a devious grin grew on her gorgeous face and say, "Nothing piggy." And the women said in protest, "I will show you what a pig looks like."

And in that moment Casey felt an odd sensation and people in the cafeteria were giving her weird looks and then she looked down in horror as her figure started to expand rapidly. She squeaked in horror as she grew and the whale in front of her shrank. In a moment she was huge with belly protruding two feet ahead of her and hanging in front of her lard covered knees. Her breasts had to be no smaller then L cup breasts if that bra size even existed. Her gorgeous face was buried in lard and her chin and neck fused together in one giant roll of lard and each of her butt cheeks had to be the size of basket balls. The whale in front of her now former size waltzed up to her and said, "Do you like the new look hog?"

Casey said in a spout of anger, "Turn me back you bitch!" The witch replied. "That's no way to treat a lady hog." And she snapped her finger and her clothes which magically grew wither started to contract to their original size until they snapped off letting her belly fall to the floor and her boobs to dangle at her waist; her tan faded away to as angry red stretch marks crisscrossed her burgeoning figure. Casey started to tear up and, "Please change me back miss." The witch looked at her and said get on your hands and knees." Casey obliged, and the witch replied, "Now Moo and Oink." Casey hesitated and proceeded to Moo and Oink until the witch said, "Get up hog I have seen enough." Another snap rang out and the golden tan returned to Casey's blob like figure and the stretch marks receded as Lindsey returned with a tarp from the hardware store right next to the cafeteria and flung it around her now gargantuan friend. Casey could barely say why when the witch said, "Because women like you need to be made the size of your ego," and walked away.
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